Kathryn Schoenecker - USGS (FORT)

Title: Ecologist

FORT Affiliation: Ecosystem Dynamics

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 970-226-9329

Email: schoeneckerk@usgs.gov


Current Research


Research Publications

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Year Title Type
2015 Selection of vegetation types and density of bison in an arid ecosystem Journal Article
2014 Influence of nonnative and native ungulate biomass and seasonal precipitation on vegetation production in a great basin ecosystem Journal Article
2012 Ecology of bison, elk, and vegetation in an arid ecosystem Thesis & Dissertation
2011 Ungulate Herbivory on Alpine Willow in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado Journal Article
2010 Revisions of rump fat and body scoring indices for deer, elk, and moose Journal Article
2004 A comparison of three fecal steroid metabolites for pregnancy detection used with single sampling in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) Journal Article
2004 An animal location-based habitat suitability model for bighorn sheep and wild horses in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Montana, and Wyoming Report, Pages In
2004 Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis)survivorship and habitat studies in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and surrounding lands, Wyoming and Montana, 2000-2003 Report, Pages In
2004 Bighorn sheep habitat suitability assessment of the greater Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: a higher resolution analysis Report, Pages In
2004 Effects of elk herbivory on vegetation and nitrogen processes Journal Article
2004 Vegetation monitoring of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming, 2002 Report, Pages In
2003 Do ungulates accelerate or decelerate nitrogen cycling? Journal Article
2002 Human disturbance in bighorn sheep habitat, Pusch Ridge Wilderness, Arizona Journal Article
2002 Sustainability of vegetation communities grazed by elk in Rocky Mountain National Park Report, Pages In
2000 Managers' summary - ecological studies of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, 1992-1997 Book
1997 Attitudes toward a proposed reintroduction of Mexican gray wolves in Arizona Journal Article

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