Natalie Sexton - USGS (FORT)

Title: Wildlife Biologist (Human Dimensions)

FORT Affiliation: Policy Analysis & Science Assistance

Duty Station:
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Room 2136

Phone: 970-226-9313





Year Title Type
2013 Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2012 Using the web to gather and disseminate human dimensions data: Examples from the 2010/2011 national wildlife refuge visitor survey Abstract
2012 Communicating climate change - A case study of visitors to national wildlife refuges Abstract
2012 The State of Human Dimensions Capacity: Current Needs and Training Opportunities Abstract
2011 Landsat imagery: A unique resource Science Feature
2011 Appropriate uses and considerations for online surveying in human dimensions research Journal Article
2011 The users, uses, and value of Landsat and other moderate-resolution satellite imagery in the United States—Executive report Open-file Report
2009 Regional economic analysis of current and proposed management alternatives for Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2009 Stakeholder evaluation for Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge: Completion Report Open-file Report
2009 Social and economic considerations for coastal and watershed restoration in the Puget Sound, Washington: A literature review Open-file Report
2008 The virtues of Q methodology in natural resource planning and decision making Abstract
2008 Community survey results for Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge: Completion Report Open-file Report
2007 Q Methodology: A Tool for Facilitating Public Discourse in Natural Resources Decision-making. Workshop Summary Proceedings
2007 Understanding knowledge and perceptions of bats among residents of Fort Collins, Colorado Open-file Report
2007 Environmental effects of off-highway vehicles on Bureau of Land Management lands: A literature synthesis, annotated bibliographies, extensive bibliographies, and internet resources Open-file Report
2007 Visitor and community survey results for Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: Completion report Open-file Report
2007 A human-dimensions review of human-wildlife disturbance: a literature review of impacts, frameworks, and management solutions Open-file Report
2006 Science for planning: it's more than just the biology! Popular Article
2005 Visitor Survey Results for the Souris River Loop National Wildlife Refuges: Completion Report Open-file Report
2005 Stakeholder survey results for Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge: completion report Open-file Report
2005 Visitor and community survey results for Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse: completion report Open-file Report
2004 Measuring experiences in parks and protected areas Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Alternative transportation on public lands: striking a balance between resource protection and visitor experience Abstract
2004 Summary of Studies Supporting Cumulative Effects Analysis of Upper Yellowstone River Channel Modifications Open-file Report
2002 Selected Effects of the Conservation Reserve Program on Program Participants: A Report to Survey Respondents Open-file Report
2001 Citizen knowledge of and attitudes toward black-tailed prairie dogs: Completion report Open-file Report
2001 Quality of Life on the Colorado Plateau: A Report to Camera-Survey Collaborators in Southeast Utah Open-file Report
2001 Citizen knowledge and perception of black-tailed prairie dog management; report to respondents Open-file Report
1996 The importance of water to Rocky Mountain National Park visitors: an adaptation of visitor-employed photography to natural resources management Journal Article
1995 Visitor employed photography at Rocky Mountain National Park: a valuation technique Journal Article
1994 Pictures of the park: photo survey studies public values Journal Article
1994 Methods for Evaluating Wetland Functions Report
1994 Effects of Section 404 permits on wetlands in North Dakota Report
1993 Highlights from the Ashton-St. Anthony Project Case Study Web Site/Page