Nina Burkardt - USGS (FORT)

Title: Social Science Research Analyst

FORT Affiliation: Social and Economic Analysis

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Room 2152

Phone: 970-226-9275





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Year Title Type
2015 Coping with earthquakes induced by fluid injection Journal Article
2015 A survey of Bureau of Land Management employees on collaboration and alternative dispute resolution Open-file Report
2013 Fort Collins Science Center, Policy Analysis and Science Assistance Branch Fact Sheet
2012 Disputes over science and dispute resolution approaches: a survey of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation employees Open-file Report
2012 Science strategy for Core Science Systems in the U.S. Geological Survey, 2013–2023—public review release Open-file Report
2010 Resolving disputes over science in natural resource agency decisionmaking Report
2009 Stakeholder evaluation for Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge: Completion Report Open-file Report
2008 Mathematical models frame environmental dispute [Review of the article Useless arithmetic: Ten points to ponder when using mathematical models in environmental decision making] Journal Article
2008 Technical Memorandum No. 86-68211-09-01: An exploration of Bureau of Reclamation approaches for managing conflict over diverging science - Institutional solutions for water resource conflicts workshop, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 24-27, 2007 Report
2008 The virtues of Q methodology in natural resource planning and decision making Abstract
2006 Negotiation training courses for natural resources professionals Fact Sheet
2006 Watershed management councils and scientific models: Using diffusion literature to explain adoption Journal Article
2006 Using role analysis to plan for stakeholder involvement: a comparison of three workshops Journal Article
2006 Pigs on the plains: institutional analysis of a Colorado water quality initiative Journal Article
2005 Watershed management and organizational dynamics: nationwide findings and regional variation Journal Article
2005 Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge visitors: behaviors and attitudes about recreation opportunities Journal Article
2005 The effects of urgency to reach agreement on the process and outcome of multi-party natural resource negotiations Journal Article
2004 Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge: a survey of visitor experiences: report to respondents Open-file Report
2004 Background and applications of the Legal-Institutional Analysis Model (LIAM) for management of infrastructures Proceedings, Pages in
2003 Use of the Legal-Institutional Analysis Model to assess hydropower licensing negotiations Abstract
2002 Instream flows for riverine resource stewardship Book
2002 Role analysis to initiate citizen involvement: a case study of the Wyoming grizzly bear management planning process Journal Article
2002 Success of the North Umpqua River relicensing negotiation: A completion report Report
2001 Thoughts on motivational problems in networks Book, Pages in
2001 The importance of defining technical issues in interagency environmental negotiations Journal Article
2000 Paradise confounded: the status of Alaska's instream flow program. Review of "Annual Summary of Instream Flow Reservations and Protection in Alaska" by Christopher E. Estes Journal Article
2000 Salient technical issues for resolving hydropower conflicts involving instream flow Proceedings, Pages in
2000 Thinking outside the lines: parks and the quality of life in area communities Journal Article
2000 Use of the 'Legal-Institutional Analysis Model' for resolving environmental disputes involving hydropower Proceedings, Pages in
1999 Decision analysis tools: use of the Legal-Institutional Analysis Model, Chap. 9 Book, Pages in
1998 Desire to bargain and negotiation success: lessons about the need to negotiate from six hydropower disputes Journal Article
1998 A policy model to initiate environmental negotiations: three hydropower workshops Journal Article
1998 Negotiation and Decision-Making Proceedings, Pages in
1997 Power distribution in complex environmental negotiations: does balance matter? Journal Article
1996 Quants and wonks in environmental disputes: Are scientists experts or advocates? Book, Pages in
1996 What makes a hydropower negotiation successful? Journal Article
1995 Technical clarity in inter-agency negotiations: lessons from four hydropower projects Journal Article
1995 Highlights from the Eastman Falls Hydroelectric Project Report
1995 The effect of power on inter-agency negotiations Report
1995 Rules for success in environmental negotiations Proceedings, Pages in
1994 Technical understanding in successful environmental negotiations Proceedings, Pages in
1993 Highlights from the Ashton-St. Anthony Project Case Study Web Site/Page
1993 The Evaluating Decision Processes Study: Lessons from a facilitated focus group Journal Article
1993 Tailoring research findings to meet user needs: Lessons from a facilitated focus group Report
1993 Assessing the "need to negotiate" in FERC licensing consultations: a study of two hydropower projects Journal Article
1993 Introduction: the greater Yellowstone ecosystem: biosphere reserves and economics Journal Article
1990 Self and organizational efficacy of front-line managers in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Journal Article
1990 Opportunities to protect instream flows and wetland uses of water in Florida Report
1987 Opportunities to protect instream flows in Colorado and Wyoming Report

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