Amy Yackel Adams - USGS (FORT)

Title: Research Statistician

FORT Affiliation: Invasive Species Science

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 970-226-9489




Research Publications

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Year Title Type
2016 Detection rates of geckos in visual surveys: Turning confounding variables into useful knowledge Journal Article
2016 Extremes of heat, drought and precipitation depress reproductive performance in shortgrass prairie passerines Journal Article
2015 Brumation of introduced Black and White Tegus, Tupinambis merianae (Squamata: Teiidae), in southern Florida Journal Article
2015 General herpetological collecting is size-based for five Pacific lizards Journal Article
2015 Heterodon nasicus (plains hog-nosed snake) diet Journal Article
2015 Stability of detectability over 17 years at a single site and other lizard detection comparisons from Guam Journal Article
2015 The influence of disturbed habitat on the spatial ecology of Argentine black and white tegu (Tupinambis merianae), a recent invader in the Everglades ecosystem (Florida, USA) Journal Article
2013 Effectiveness of bait tubes for Brown Treesnake control on Guam Journal Article
2013 Selective predation by feral cats on a native skink on Guam Journal Article
2012 Do predators control prey species abundance? An experimental test with Brown Treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2012 Weather effects on avian breeding performance and implications of climate change Journal Article
2011 Canine detection of free-ranging brown treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2011 Modelling detectability of kiore (Rattus exulans) on Aguiguan, Mariana Islands, to inform possible eradication and monitoring efforts Journal Article
2011 Potential misuse of avian density as a conservation metric Journal Article
2011 Scented guide ropes as a method to enhance brown treesnake (Boiga irregularis) trap capture success on Guam Journal Article
2010 Are there optimal densities for prairie birds? Journal Article
2010 Modelling detection probabilities to evaluate management and control tools for an invasive species Journal Article
2009 Distribution, density, and biomass of introduced small mammals in the southern Mariana Islands Journal Article
2009 Evaluating abundance estimate precision and the assumptions of a count-based index for small mammals Journal Article
2009 Evaluation of trap capture in a geographically closed population of brown treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2009 The results of nocturnal visual surveys are influenced by lamp properties Journal Article
2007 Population-specific demographic estimates provide insights into declines of Lark Buntings (Calamospiza melanocorys) Journal Article
2006 Introduced rodent and shrew densities and distributions in the Mariana Islands: implications for Brown Treesnake control and management Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Modeling post-fledging survival of lark buntings in response to ecological and biological factors Journal Article
2005 Nest survival relative to patch size in a highly fragmented shortgrass prairie landscape Journal Article
2005 Population demography of lark buntings: Post-fledging survival, fecundity, and breeding decisions Thesis & Dissertation
2004 Nest survival estimation: a review of alternatives to the Mayfield estimator Journal Article
2001 Movements and survival of lark bunting fledglings Journal Article
2000 Functions of perch relocations in a communal night roost of wintering bald eagles Journal Article
1999 Devaluation of non-experiments in the current ecological paradigm Journal Article
1998 Devaluation of non-experiments in the current ecological paradigm Journal Article

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