Terry Waddle - USGS (FORT)

Title: Hydrologist

FORT Affiliation: Aquatic Systems

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 970-226-9386




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Year Title Type
2012 PHABSIM for Windows user's manual and exercises Open-file Report
2011 Sensitivity analysis of data collection and aquatic habitat modeling techniques utilized at the Fort Collins Science Center [Poster] Presentation
2011 Macroinvertebrate response to flow changes in a subalpine stream: Predictions from two-dimensional hydrodynamic models Journal Article
2011 New Developments in Instream Flow Science and Tools at the Fort Collins Science Center [Poster] Presentation
2010 Field evaluation of a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model near boulders for habitat calculation Journal Article
2010 Environmental flow studies of the Fort Collins Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey—Cherry Creek, Arizona Open-file Report
2009 USGS river ecosystem modeling: Where we are, how did we get here, and where are we going? A report from the USGS River Ecosystem Modeling Work Group Scientific Investigations Report
2008 Smart River GIS for improved decision making Science Feature
2008 Streamflow and endangered species habitat in the lower Isleta reach of the middle Rio Grande Open-file Report
2008 Development and application of a decision support system for water management investigations in the Upper Yakima River, Washington Open-file Report
2007 A decision support framework for water management in the upper Delaware River Open-file Report
2007 Simulation of flow and habitat conditions under ice, Cache la Poudre River — January 2006 Open-file Report
2004 Quantification of habitat patch persistence in rivers affected by hydropeaking Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Summary of Studies Supporting Cumulative Effects Analysis of Upper Yellowstone River Channel Modifications Open-file Report
2003 Effects of flow regulation on shallow-water habitat dynamics and floodplain connectivity Journal Article
2003 IFIM and the balancing act for water Science Feature
2003 Effects of channel modification on fish habitat in the upper Yellowstone River: final report to the USACE, Omaha Open-file Report
2003 Modeling channel modifications to reduce habitat for T. tubifex Proceedings, Pages in
2003 Proceedings of the International IFIM Users' Workshop, June 1-5, 2003, Fort Collins, CO Proceedings
2001 Habitat measurement and modeling in the Green and Yampa Rivers Report
2000 Habitat measurement and modeling in the Green and Yampa Rivers Report
2000 Comparison of one and two-dimensional open channel flow models for a small habitat stream Journal Article
1999 IFIM Nyuumon (Translation of two documents into Japanese: The Instream Flow Incremental Methodology - A Primer for IFIM and Stream Habitat Analysis Using the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology) Book
1999 Multi-criteria decision support system for Bureau of Reclamation reservoir operations / Theme E: multidisciplinary applications and assessment frameworks Proceedings, Pages in
1999 Including long-term biological index performance in a multi-criteria Decision Support System Proceedings, Pages in
1998 Development of 2-dimensional habitat models Proceedings, Pages in
1998 Habitat indexes for assessing the potential effects of flow regulation on fish communities in the Missouri and Yellowstone River Abstract
1998 Integrating microhabitat and macrohabitat Proceedings, Pages in
1997 Two-dimensional habitat modeling in the Yellowstone/Upper Missouri River system Proceedings, Pages in
1997 Use of fish population models in instream flow management Proceedings, Pages in
1996 Importance of the temporal aspects of habitat hydraulics to fish population studies Journal Article
1995 The search for an optimum flow regime using a salmon population model Proceedings, Pages in
1995 Technical clarity in inter-agency negotiations: lessons from four hydropower projects Journal Article
1995 Compilation of Phase I reports for the Klamath River Basin: report for Technical Work Group of the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force Report
1994 Managing reservoir storage for fish production Proceedings, Pages in
1994 Technical understanding in successful environmental negotiations Proceedings, Pages in
1994 A Salmon Population Model for Evaluating Alternative Flow Regimes Proceedings, Pages in
1993 A methodology for quantifying and valuing the impacts of flow changes on a fishery Journal Article
1993 Managing Reservoir Storage for Instream Slow Proceedings, Pages in
1992 Are High and Low Flow Habitat Values Really the Same? Proceedings, Pages in
1992 A Method for Instream Flow Water Management Thesis & Dissertation
1991 A Water Budget Approach to Instream Flow Maintenance Proceedings, Pages in
1990 Calibration of an Effective Habitat Time Series Proceedings, Pages in
1990 Application of a Water Budget for Instream Flows Proceedings, Pages in
1989 Water temperature data analysis and simulation for the Salmon River, Oswego County, New York, Summer, 1986 Report
1989 Formulation of feasible water management regimes for habitat maintenance Journal Article
1986 Introduction to stream network habitat analysis Report