Michael Scott - USGS

Title: Research Ecologist

FORT Affiliation: Aquatic Systems

Duty Station:
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Room 3008

Phone: 970-226-9475

Email: scottm@usgs.gov




Year Title Type
2013 Long-term change along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park (1889-2011) Journal Article
2013 Riparian restoration in the context of Tamarix control [chapter 23] Book, Pages in
2012 Forty years of vegetation change on the Missouri River floodplain Journal Article
2012 Cottonwood tree rings and climate in western North America Abstract
2011 Long-term change in perennial vegetation along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park (1889-2010) Journal Article
2011 Stratigraphic, sedimentologic, and dendrogeomorphic analyses of rapid floodplain formation along the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, TX Journal Article
2010 Theory, methods and tools for determining environmental flows for riparian vegetation: riparian vegetation-flow response guilds Journal Article
2009 Assessing the extent and diversity of riparian ecosystems in Sonora, Mexico Journal Article
2008 Some guidelines for helping natural resources adapt to climate change Journal Article
2008 Planning riparian restoration in the context of Tamarix control in western North America Journal Article
2007 Field-based evaluations of sampling techniques to support long-term monitoring of riparian ecosystems along wadeable streams on the Colorado Plateau Open-file Report
2007 Early vegetation development on an exposed reservoir: Implications for dam removal Journal Article
2005 Dominance of non-native riparian trees in western USA Journal Article
2005 Effects of ungulate browsing on post-fire recovery of riparian cottonwoods: implications for management of riparian forests, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming. 2005 Progress Report Administrative Report
2005 The importance and future condition of western riparian ecosystems as migratory bird habitat Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Use of individualistic streamflow-vegetation relations along the Fremont River, Utah, USA to assess impacts of flow alteration on wetland and riparian area Journal Article
2005 Riparian willow restoration along the Illinois River at Arapaho NWR, Colorado. 2005 Annual Progress Report - SSP03R603 Administrative Report
2005 Cottonwood in the Missouri Breaks National Monument Fact Sheet
2004 Human alterations of riparian ecosystems Book, Pages in
2004 Riparian ecosystem assessments Book, Pages in
2004 Vegetation responses to dam removal Journal Article
2003 Physiological and morphological response patterns of Populus deltoides to alluvial groundwater Journal Article
2003 Relating geomorphic change and grazing to avian communities in riparian forests Journal Article
2002 Implications of flood pulse restoration for populus regeneration on the upper Missouri River Journal Article
2002 Potential responses of riparian vegetation to dam removal Journal Article
2002 Conservation and restoration of semi-arid riparian forests: a case study from the Upper Missouri River, Montana Book, Pages in
2001 Water management and cottonwood forests along the South Platte River, Colorado Report
2000 Channel incision and patterns of cottonwood stress and mortality along the Mojave River, California Journal Article
1999 Responses of riparian cottonwoods to alluvial water table declines Journal Article
1998 Preliminary results from comparison of cottonwood communities upstream and downstream of Fontanelle Dam on the Green River, WY Report
1998 Responses of riparian cottonwoods to alluvial water-table declines Proceedings, Pages in
1998 Foreword Journal Article
1998 Fluvial disturbance patches and cottonwood recruitment along the upper Missouri River, Montana Journal Article
1998 Downstream effects of dams on channel geometry and bottomland vegetation: regional patterns in the Great Plains Journal Article
1997 Flood dependency of cottonwood establishment along the Missouri River, Montana, USA Journal Article
1997 Water management and cottonwood forest dynamics along prairie streams Book, Pages in
1997 Constraints on establishment of plains cottonwood in an urban riparian preserve Journal Article
1997 Riparian cottonwood response to watertable declines Journal Article
1996 Fluvial process and the establishment of bottomland trees Journal Article
1995 Plains cottonwood regenerates from natural seedfall on disturbed, irrigated sites NBS Information Bulletin
1995 Restoration of riparian forest using irrigation, artificial disturbance, and natural seedfall Journal Article
1995 Western Riparian Ecosystems Book, Pages in
1995 Germination and establishment of the native plains cottonwood (Populus deltoides Marshall subsp. monilifera) and the exotic Russian-olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) Journal Article
1995 Geomorphic requirements for establishment and maintenance of cottonwood forest Proceedings, Pages in
1994 Establishment, sex structure and breeding system of an exotic riparian willow, Salix X rubens Journal Article
1994 Geomorphic processes determine instream flow effects on cottonwood regeneration NBS Information Bulletin
1994 Relating riparian vegetation to present and future streamflows Journal Article
1994 Modeling effects of flow alteration on riparian vegetation Report
1993 Establishment of Populus deltoides under simulated alluvial groundwater declines Journal Article
1993 Flow recommendations for maintaining riparian vegetation along the Upper Missouri River, Montana Report
1993 Hydrograph characteristics relevant to the establishment and growth of western riparian vegetation Proceedings, Pages in
1992 Regeneration of Plains Cottonwood under Experimental Conditions NBS Information Bulletin
1991 Predictive models of riparian vegetation response to altered streamflow Report, Pages In
1991 Predicting the response of woody riparian vegetation to changes in instream flows through integrated monitoring of stream hydrology and riparian vegetation Report, Pages In
1991 Riparian Vegetation of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Colorado: composition and Response to Selected Hydrologic Regimes Based on a Direct Gradient Assessment Model Report
1990 Riparian areas -- green ribbons of diversity Report
1990 Altered Flows and Created Landscapes in the Platte River Headwaters, 1840-1990 Book, Pages in
1990 The Effect of Developmental Activities on Water Quality Functions of Bottomland Hardwood Ecosystems: The report of the water quality workgroup Book, Pages in
1990 Synthesis of soil-plant correspondence data from twelve wetland studies throughout the United States Report
1989 Correspondence between vegetation and soils in wetlands and nearby uplands Journal Article
1989 Disturbance-mediated accelerated succession in two Michigan forest types Journal Article
1988 Landscape analysis of woody riparian vegetation along a portion of the Cache La Poudre River, CO Proceedings, Pages in
1987 Regeneration patterns of northern white cedar, an old-growth forest dominant Journal Article
1987 Response of wetland herbaceous communities to gradients of light and substrate following disturbance by thermal pollution Journal Article
1985 Plant water status relationships among major floodplain sites of the Flathead River, Montana Journal Article
1985 Disturbance in a cypress-tupelo wetland: an interaction between thermal loading and hydrology Journal Article

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