Jonathan Friedman - USGS (FORT)

Title: Research Hydrologist

FORT Affiliation: Aquatic Systems

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 970-226-9318



Current Research


Research Publications

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Year Title Type
2016 Debris flow occurrence and sediment persistence, Upper Colorado River Valley, CO Journal Article
2016 Using NDVI to measure precipitation in semi-arid landscapes Journal Article
2015 Alternative standardization approaches to improving streamflow reconstructions with ring-width indices of riparian trees Journal Article
2015 Distribution of invasive and native riparian woody plants across the western USA in relation to climate, river flow, floodplain geometry and patterns of introduction Journal Article
2015 Processes of arroyo filling in northern New Mexico, USA Journal Article
2015 Use of <sup>2</sup>H and <sup>18</sup>O stable isotopes to investigate water sources for different ages of Populus euphratica along the lower Heihe River Journal Article
2014 Dendroclimatic potential of Plains Cottonwood (Populus deltoides Subsp. Monilifera) from the Northern Great Plains, USA Journal Article
2014 Effects of riparian vegetation on topographic change during a large flood event, Rio Puerco, New Mexico, USA Journal Article
2014 Effects of woody vegetation on overbank sand transport during a large flood, Rio Puerco, New Mexico Journal Article
2014 Hybridization of an invasive shrub affects tolerance and resistance to defoliation by a biological control agent Journal Article
2013 Long-term change along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park (1889-2011) Journal Article
2013 Tree-Ring Records of Variation in Flow and Channel Geometry Journal Article
2012 Genetic and environmental influences on cold hardiness of native and introduced riparian trees Proceedings, Pages in
2012 The influence of chilling requirement on the southern distribution limit of exotic Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) in western North America Journal Article
2011 Assessment of tannin variation in Tamarisk foliage across a latitudinal gradient Journal Article
2011 Genetic and environmental influences on leaf phenology and cold hardiness of native and introduced riparian trees Journal Article
2009 Erosional consequence of saltcedar control Journal Article
2009 Influence of flow variability on floodplain formation and destruction, Little Missouri River, North Dakota Journal Article
2008 Latitudinal variation in cold hardiness in introduced Tamarix and native Populus Journal Article
2006 Transverse and longitudinal variation in woody riparian vegetation along a montane river Journal Article
2005 Dating floodplain sediments using tree-ring response to burial Journal Article
2005 Delayed effects of flood control on a flood-dependent riparian forest Journal Article
2005 Dominance of non-native riparian trees in western USA Journal Article
2005 Use of individualistic streamflow-vegetation relations along the Fremont River, Utah, USA to assess impacts of flow alteration on wetland and riparian area Journal Article
2004 Vegetation responses to dam removal Journal Article
2002 Extreme floods, channel change, and riparian forests along ephemeral streams Journal Article
2002 Potential responses of riparian vegetation to dam removal Journal Article
2001 Effects of physical disturbance and granivory on establishment of native and alien riparian trees in Colorado, USA Journal Article
2001 Water management and cottonwood forests along the South Platte River, Colorado Report
2000 Floods, flood control, and bottomland vegetation Book, Pages in
2000 High flow and riparian vegetation along the San Miguel River, Colorado Report
2000 The disparity between extreme rainfall events and rare floods: with emphasis on the semi-arid American West Journal Article
1999 Mortality of riparian box elder from sediment mobilization and extended inundation Journal Article
1998 Foreword Journal Article
1998 Research considerations for biogeomorphology Proceedings, Pages in
1997 Constraints on establishment of plains cottonwood in an urban riparian preserve Journal Article
1997 Flood dependency of cottonwood establishment along the Missouri River, Montana, USA Journal Article
1997 Water management and cottonwood forest dynamics along prairie streams Book, Pages in
1996 Channel narrowing and vegetation development following a Great Plains flood Journal Article
1996 Fluvial process and the establishment of bottomland trees Journal Article
1996 Historical perspectives on riparian ecosystems of Colorado Proceedings, Pages in
1996 Test of a hydroperiod relation to predict changes in riparian vegetation Proceedings, Pages in
1996 The role of vegetation and bed-level fluctuations in the process of channel narrowing Journal Article
1995 Effects of salinity on establishment of Populus fremontii (Cottonwood) and Tamarix ramosissima (Saltcedar) in the southwestern United States Journal Article
1995 Geomorphic requirements for establishment and maintenance of cottonwood forest Proceedings, Pages in
1995 Plains cottonwood regenerates from natural seedfall on disturbed, irrigated sites NBS Information Bulletin
1995 Regeneration processes and conservation of riparian forests in the Great Plains Proceedings, Pages in
1995 Restoration of riparian forest using irrigation, artificial disturbance, and natural seedfall Journal Article
1994 Effects of gravel mining on natural cottonwood stands Proceedings, Pages in
1994 Establishment, sex structure and breeding system of an exotic riparian willow, Salix X rubens Journal Article
1994 Geomorphic processes determine instream flow effects on cottonwood regeneration NBS Information Bulletin
1994 Modeling effects of flow alteration on riparian vegetation Report
1994 Relating riparian vegetation to present and future streamflows Journal Article
1994 River salinity has little influence on establishment of cottonwood and saltcedar. Research Information Bulletin 94-95 NBS Information Bulletin
1993 Flow recommendations for maintaining riparian vegetation along the Upper Missouri River, Montana Report
1993 Reproduction of an exotic riparian tree willow, Salix fragilis (L.), in Colorado Proceedings, Pages in
1991 Riparian Vegetation of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Colorado: composition and Response to Selected Hydrologic Regimes Based on a Direct Gradient Assessment Model Report