Robert Reed - USGS (FORT)

Title: Research Wildlife Biologist

FORT Affiliation: Invasive Species Science

Duty Station:
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Room 3158

Phone: 970-226-9464





Year Title Type
IN PRESS Genetic analysis of a novel invasion of Puerto Rico by an exotic constricting snake Journal Article
2013 A novel parasitic flatworm (Spirometra sp.) infection in Brown Treesnakes on Guam Abstract
2013 Assessing localized Brown Treesnake suppression on the Guam National Wildlife Refuge via trapping inside the wildlife barrier Abstract
2013 Growth rate variation in juvenile BTS, and why we should care about it Abstract
2013 Population recovery of BTS after a simulated application of toxicants: A project update Abstract
2013 Factors affecting defensive strike behavior in Brown Treesnakes provoked by humans Abstract
2012 Severe mammal declines coincide with proliferation of invasive Burmese pythons in Everglades National Park Journal Article
2012 The big squeeze: pythons and mammals in Everglades National Park [Audio podcast] Podcast
2012 Ecological correlates of invasion impact for Burmese pythons in Florida Journal Article
2012 Divergence in morphology, but not habitat use, despite low genetic differentiation among insular populations of the lizard Anolis lemurinus in Honduras Journal Article
2012 Consumption of bird eggs by invasive Burmese pythons in Florida Journal Article
2011 Alien reptiles and amphibians: a scientific compendium and analysis, by Fred Kraus [Book Review] Journal Article
2011 Boiga Irregularis (Brown Treesnake) Journal Article
2011 Burmese Pythons and other giant constrictors Book, Pages in
2011 Individual and demographic responses to simulated elevated prey densities in Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on Guam Abstract
2011 Boiga irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Predation attempt by crab Journal Article
2011 Canine detection of free-ranging brown treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2011 Boiga irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Predation attempt by praying mantis Journal Article
2011 Python sebae (Northern African Python or African Rock Python) Journal Article
2011 A field test of attractant traps for invasive Burmese pythons (Python molurus bivittatus) in southern Florida Journal Article
2011 Challenges in identifying sites climatically matched to the native ranges of animal invaders Journal Article
2011 Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor) Journal Article
2011 Cold-induced mortality of invasive Burmese pythons in south Florida Journal Article
2010 Invasive reptiles and amphibians: global perspectives and local solutions Journal Article
2010 The World Congress of herpetology and animal conservation: excerpts from the 6th World Congress Journal Article
2010 Is the Northern African Python (Python sebae) Established in Southern Florida? Journal Article
2009 Giant constrictors: Biological and management profiles and an establishment risk assessment for nine large species of Pythons, Anacondas, and the Boa Constrictor Open-file Report
2009 The results of nocturnal visual surveys are influenced by lamp properties Journal Article
2009 Giant constrictor snakes in Florida: A sizeable research challenge Science Feature
2009 Prey preferences and prey acceptance in juvenile Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) Journal Article
2009 Giant constrictor risk assessment: Frequently asked questions Science Feature
2009 What parts of the US mainland are climatically suitable for invasive alien pythons spreading from Everglades National Park? Journal Article
2009 Science seeks to stem snake surge [Audio Podcast] Podcast
2008 Morelia spilota spilota (Diamond python). Reproduction Journal Article
2008 Canine team detection of free-ranging radio-telemetered Brown Treesnakes Abstract
2008 Spotting cryptic critters in the dark: Headlamps meet the closed population Abstract
2008 Food preferences and food acceptance in juvenile brown treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) Abstract
2008 Habitat alteration increases invasive fire ant abundance to the detriment of amphibians and reptiles Journal Article
2007 Size-based trends and management implications of microhabitat utilization by Brown Treesnakes, with an emphasis on juvenile snakes Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Coniophanes imperialis (Black-striped snake). Diet Abstract
2007 Diet composition of the invasive cane toad (Chaunus marinus) on Rota, Northern Mariana Islands Journal Article
2007 Emoia atrocostata (Littoral skink) Journal Article
2007 Distribution, habitat, size, and color pattern of Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (Sauria: Teiidae) on Cayo Cochino Pequeno, Honduras Journal Article
2007 Climate matching as a tool for predicting potential North American spread of Brown Treesnakes Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Partnerships for Science: A “Virtual” Institute for Invasive Species Research and Management Science Feature
2002 The brown treesnake on Guam Science Feature
2001 New lizard records for the Mariana Islands Journal Article