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2014 Fort Collins Science Center Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Science Accomplishments Open-file Report
2013 Ecosystems Dynamics Branch: interdisciplinary research for addressing complex natural resource issues across landscapes and time Fact Sheet
2012 The Fort Collins Science Center [Brochure] Report
2012 Where eagles nest, the wind also blows: consolidating habitat and energy needs [Science Feature] Science Feature
2012 Fort Collins Science Center FY2011 Accomplishments Report Open-file Report
2012 Blackrock: biological hotspot and hotbed of collaboration [Science Feature] Science Feature
2012 Investigating global change, environmental response, and adaptation: Jill Baron's 30 years as an ecosystem ecologist Science Feature
2012 Snakes in the wrong places: Gordon Rodda’s career in invasive species research Science Feature
2011 Seeing the forest and the trees: USGS scientist links local changes to global scale Science Feature
2011 Cranes and Drones: Strange airfellows? Science Feature
2011 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2010 science accomplishments Open-file Report
2010 Tailor made: Web applications for natural resources science and management Science Feature
2010 Tattered wings: bats grounded by White-Nose Syndrome’s lethal effects on life-support functions of wings [Audio Podcast] Podcast
2010 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2009 science accomplishments Open-file Report
2009 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2008 accomplishments Open-file Report
2009 Giant constrictor risk assessment: Frequently asked questions Science Feature
2009 FORT scientist’s name in NEON: Helping to light the way for understanding ecological change Science Feature
2009 Science seeks to stem snake surge [Audio Podcast] Podcast
2009 Wind energy: A scare for bats and birds [Audio Podcast] Podcast
2009 Riverine science at the Fort Collins Science Center Web Site/Page
2009 Following Sirenia’s song: The meritorious journey of research zoologist Thomas J. O’Shea Science Feature
2009 Giant constrictor snakes in Florida: A sizeable research challenge Science Feature
2008 Western Mountain Initiative: Predicting ecosystem responses to climate change Fact Sheet
2008 Fort Collins Science Center: Ecosystem Dynamics Branch Fact Sheet
2008 Stalking snakes: Days (and nights) in the life of a Brown Treesnake rapid responder Science Feature
2008 Climate change: The science of impacts Science Feature
2008 Searching for snakes: Agencies join forces to reduce impacts, stop spread of invasive Brown Treesnake Popular Article
2008 Publication Brief for Resource Managers: Range-wide patterns of Greater Sage-Grouse persistence USGS Series
2008 USGS maps show potential non-native python habitat along three U.S. coasts Web Site/Page
2008 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2007 science accomplishments Open-file Report
2007 America’s wild horses and burros: Research for management Science Feature
2007 Publication Brief for Resource Managers: Evaluating the potential for watershed restoration to reduce nutrient loading to Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon (USGS Open-File Report 2007-1168) Web Site/Page
2007 Energy, land use, and sagebrush ecosystems: Finding the delicate balance Science Feature
2007 Fort Collins Science Center: 2006 accomplishments Open-file Report
2006 "HIP" new software: the Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process Fact Sheet
2006 Godwits on the go: Using satellite technology to track migrating marbled godwits Science Feature
2006 It's in the air: The ecological effects of nitrogen deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park Science Feature
2006 Satellites used to track bird movement and preserve species Popular Article
2006 Satellites track bird movement and preserve species Journal Article
2006 “HIP” new software: The Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process Science Feature
2005 Conservation of sagebrush ecosystems and wildlife Science Feature
2005 SWIN-WAFER: One-stop source for fire and water data in the Southwest Science Feature
2005 FORT researchers meet the challenges of re-establishing the endangered black-footed ferret Science Feature
2005 Ecological forecasting: A strategic partnership to predict and manage biological invasions Science Feature
2004 Flying by night: USGS scientists put technology to work on bats Science Feature
2003 IFIM and the balancing act for water Science Feature
2001 Linking migratory shorebird habitats: The power of stable isotopes Science Feature
2001 Taking the long view: Using satellite images to assess wildfire effects Science Feature

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