Brian Cade - USGS (FORT)

Title: Research Statistician (Biology)

FORT Affiliation: Trust Species & Habitats

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 970-226-9326



Current Research


Research Publications

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Year Title Type
2017 Efficacy of SpayVac® as a contraceptive in feral horses Journal Article
2016 Trophic magnification of organic chemicals: A global synthesis Journal Article
2015 Assessment of surface water chloride and conductivity trends in areas of unconventional oil and gas development-Why existing national data sets cannot tell us what we would like to know Journal Article
2015 Model averaging and muddled multimodel inferences Journal Article
2012 Estimating risks to aquatic life using quantile regression Journal Article
2012 Genetic and environmental influences on cold hardiness of native and introduced riparian trees Proceedings, Pages in
2012 Genetic diversity and species diversity of stream fishes covary across a land-use gradient Journal Article
2011 A sampling and analytical approach to develop spatial distribution models for sagebrush-associated species [Chapter 4] Book, Pages in
2011 Detectability adjusted count models of songbird abundance [Chapter 6] Book, Pages in
2011 Estimating equivalence with quantile regression Journal Article
2011 Estimating geographic variation on allometric growth and body condition of Blue Suckers with quantile regression Journal Article
2011 Foaling rates in feral horses treated with the immunocontraceptive porcine zona pellucida Journal Article
2011 Genetic and environmental influences on leaf phenology and cold hardiness of native and introduced riparian trees Journal Article
2011 Quantile equivalence to evaluate compliance with habitat management objectives Journal Article
2011 Trophic magnification of PCBs and its relationship to the octanol--water partition coefficient Journal Article
2010 Assessing conservation relevance of organism–environment relations using predicted changes in response variables Journal Article
2010 Influences of immunocontraception on time budgets, social behavior, and body condition in feral horses Journal Article
2010 Measuring Bulrush culm relationships to estimate plant biomass within a Southern California treatment wetland Journal Article
2009 Spectral distance decay: Assessing species beta-diversity by quantile regression Journal Article
2008 A quantile count model of water depth constraints on Cape Sable seaside sparrows Journal Article
2008 Estimating fish body condition with quantile regression Journal Article
2008 Fundamental limits to the accuracy of deuterium isotopes for identifying the spatial origin of migratory animals Journal Article
2008 Macrophyte decomposition in a surface-flow ammonia-dominated constructed wetland: Rates associated with environmental and biotic variables Journal Article
2008 Quantile regression applied to spectral distance decay Journal Article
2006 A permutation test for quantile regression Journal Article
2006 Evaluating redband trout habitat in sagebrush desert basins in southwestern Idaho Journal Article
2006 Rank score and permutation testing alternatives for regression quantile estimates Journal Article
2006 The effect of multiple stressors on salt marsh end-of-season biomass Journal Article
2005 Determinants of woody cover in African savannas Journal Article
2005 Linear models: permutation methods Book, Pages in
2005 Quantile regression reveals hidden bias and uncertainty in habitat models Journal Article
2005 Vegetation changes over 12 years in ungrazed and grazed Conservation Reserve Program grasslands in the Central and Southern Plains Report, Pages In
2004 Isolation of Snake River islands and mammalian predation of waterfowl nests Journal Article
2003 A gentle introduction to quantile regression for ecologists Journal Article
2003 Quantile regression models of animal habitat relationships Thesis & Dissertation
2002 Evaluation of a habitat suitability index model Proceedings, Pages in
2002 Influences of spatial and temporal variation on fish-habitat relationships defined by regression quantiles Journal Article
2002 Selection of nesting habitat by sharp-tailed grouse in the Nebraska sandhills Journal Article
2001 Effects of emergency haying on vegetative characteristics within selected Conservation Reserve Program fields in the Northern Great Plains Journal Article
2001 Establishment, growth, and early survival of woody riparian species at a Colorado gravel pit Journal Article
2000 Estimating effects of constraints on plant performance with regression quantiles Journal Article
2000 No consistent effect of plant diversity on productivity Journal Article
2000 Paradigm shifts in theory and methods: regression quantile analysis enables new insights for ecology Proceedings, Pages in
2000 The role of landscape and habitat characteristics in limiting abundance of grassland nesting songbirds in an urban open space Journal Article
1999 Estimating effects of limiting factors with regression quantiles Journal Article
1997 Comment: Cautions on forcing regression equations through the origin Journal Article
1997 Comparison of tree basal area and canopy cover in habitat models: subalpine forest Journal Article
1996 Modeling stream fish habitat limitations from wedge-shaped patterns of variation in standing stock Journal Article
1996 Permutation tests for least absolute deviation regression Journal Article
1996 Randomization tests for multiple regression Journal Article
1995 Predicting biomass of beaver food from willow stem diameters Journal Article
1995 Spatial analysis of sandhill crane nesting habitat Journal Article
1993 Differential migration of Blue Grouse in Colorado Journal Article
1993 Estimation of Lipids and Lean Mass of Migrating Sandpipers Journal Article
1992 Use of Wildlife Habitat Models for Habitat Management planning Proceedings, Pages in
1990 Use of wildlife models for habitat management Proceedings, Pages in
1990 Winter Use of Douglas-Fir Forests by Blue Grouse in Colorado Journal Article
1986 Habitat suitability index models: Brown thrasher Report
1985 Habitat suitability index models: American woodcock (wintering) Report
1985 Habitat suitability index models: Ruffed grouse Report

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