Craig Allen - USGS (FORT)

Title: Research Ecologist

FORT Affiliation: Ecosystem Dynamics

Duty Station:
Bandelier National Monument
15 Entrance Rd
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Phone: 505-672-3861 x720




Research Publications

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2015 Patterns and causes of observed piñon pine mortality in the southwestern United States Journal Article
2014 Unsupported inferences of high-severity fire in historical dry forests of the western United States: response to Williams and Baker Journal Article
2013 An integrated model of environmental drivers of growth, carbohydrate balance, and mortality of Pinus ponderosa forests in the Southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2013 Carbon stocks of trees killed by bark beetles and wildfire in the western United States Journal Article
2013 Key landscape ecology metrics for assessing climate change adaptation options: rate of change and patchiness of impacts Journal Article
2013 Post-fire wood management alters water stress, growth, and performance of pine regeneration in a Mediterranean ecosystem Journal Article
2013 Projected future changes in vegetation in western North America in the 21st century Journal Article
2013 Quantifying tree mortality in a mixed species woodland using multitemporal high spatial resolution satellite imagery Journal Article
2013 Temperature as a potent driver of regional forest drought stress and tree mortality Journal Article
2013 The Malthusian–Darwinian dynamic and trajectory of civilization Journal Article
2013 Watering the forest for the trees: an emerging priority for managing water in forest landscapes Journal Article
2012 Statement of Dr. Craig D. Allen, U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, U.S. Senate, 17 August 2012 Report
2012 The macroecology of sustainability Journal Article
2011 Extended megadroughts in the southwestern United States during Pleistocene interglacials Journal Article
2011 Response of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: A collaborative research approach [Chapter 8] Book, Pages in
2011 Salvage logging versus the use of burnt wood as a nurse object to promote post-fire tree seedling establishment Journal Article
2010 A global overview of drought and heat-induced tree mortality reveals emerging climate change risks for forests Journal Article
2010 Climate-Induced Tree Mortality: Earth System Consequences Journal Article
2010 Forest responses to increasing aridity and warmth in the southwestern United States Journal Article
2010 Growth, carbon-isotope discrimination, and drought-associated mortality across a Pinus ponderosa elevational transect Journal Article
2009 A conceptual framework for dryland aeolian sediment transport along the grassland–forest continuum: Effects of woody plant canopy cover and disturbance Journal Article
2009 Addressing the vulnerability of western mountain ecosystems and water resources to climate change with RHESSys, the Regional Hydro-Ecological Simulation System Report, Pages In
2009 Bark beetle outbreaks in Western North America: Causes and consequences Proceedings
2009 Climate-induced forest dieback: An escalating global phenomenon? Journal Article
2009 Historical and Modern Disturbance Regimes, Stand Structures, and Landscape Dynamics in Piñon–Juniper Vegetation of the Western United States Journal Article
2009 Options for National Parks and Reserves for adapting to climate change Journal Article
2009 Thresholds of climate change in Ecosystems: Final Report, Synthesis and Assessment Product 4.2 Report
2009 Tree die-off in response to global-change-type drought: Mortality insights from a decade of plant water potential measurements Journal Article
2008 Development of the mixed conifer forest in northern New Mexico and its relationship to Holocene environmental change Journal Article
2008 Geographic patterns of ground-dwelling arthropods across an ecoregional transition in the North American Southwest Journal Article
2008 Holocene vegetation and fire regimes in subalpine and mixed conifer forests, southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2008 Mapping "old" versus "young" pinon-juniper stands with a predictive topo-climatic model Journal Article
2008 Mechanisms of plant survival and mortality during drought: Why do some plants survive while others succumb to drought? Journal Article
2008 National Parks Report, Pages In
2008 Paired charcoal and tree-ring records of high-frequency fire from two New Mexico bog sites Journal Article
2008 Paired charcoal and tree-ring records of high-frequency Holocene fire from two New Mexico bog sites Journal Article
2008 Preliminary review of adaptation options for climate-sensitive ecosystems and resources - A Report by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Change Research Report
2007 A stand-replacing fire history in upper montane forests of the southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2007 An overview of the Valles Caldera National Preserve: the natural and cultural resources Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Cascading events in linked ecological and socio-economic systems Journal Article
2007 Historical and modern disturbance regimes of Pinon-Juniper vegetation in the western U.S Report
2007 Interactions across spatial scales among forest dieback, fire, and erosion in Northern New Mexico landscapes Journal Article
2007 Response of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: the Western Mountain Initiative Popular Article
2007 Spatial nonlinearities: Cascading effects in the earth system Book, Pages in
2007 Two Middle Pleistocene Glacial-Interglacial Cycles from the Valle Grande, Jemez Mountains, northern New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
2006 A 21st century perspective on postfire seeding Journal Article
2006 Re-seeding research will help in cheatgrass battle Journal Article
2006 Response of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: the Western Mountain Initiative Popular Article
2005 A landscape perspective for forest restoration Journal Article
2005 A thousand years in the life of a landscape Book, Pages in
2005 Nonlinear dynamics in ecosystem response to climatic change: Case studies and policy implications Journal Article
2005 Regional vegetation die-off in response to global-change-type drought Journal Article
2004 Cross-scale interactions, nonlinearities, and forecasting catastrophic events Journal Article
2004 Ecological patterns and environmental change in the Bandelier landscape Book, Pages in
2004 Effects of seeding ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) on vegetation recovery following fire in a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forest Journal Article
2003 Ecohydrology of a resource-conserving semiarid woodland: Effects of scale and disturbance Journal Article
2003 Fire in the west: It's no simple story Journal Article
2003 Where have all the grasslands gone? Popular Article
2002 Cascading effects of fire exclusion in Rocky Mountain ecosystems: A literature review Series
2002 Ecological restoration of southwestern ponderosa pine ecosystems: A broad perspective Journal Article
2002 Economic and ecological impacts of abrupt climate change Book, Pages in
2002 Lots of lightning and plenty of people: An ecological history of fire in the upland southwest Book, Pages in
2002 Rumblings in Rio Arriba: Landscape changes in the southern Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico [Chapter 12] Book, Pages in
2002 Runoff, Erosion, and Restoration Studies in Piñon-Juniper Woodlands of the Southeastern Jemez Mountains Report
2002 The heart of the Rockies: Montane and subalpine ecosystems Book, Pages in
2002 The importance of rapid, disturbance-induced losses in carbon management and sequestration Journal Article
2002 Watershed restoration in degraded pinon-juniper woodlands: A paired watershed study 1996-98(9) Report
2001 Fire and vegetation history of the Jemez Mountains Book, Pages in
2001 Runoff, erosion, and restoration studies in pinon-juniper woodlands of the Pajarito Plateau Book, Pages in
2000 Would ecological landscape restoration make the Bandelier Wilderness more or less of a wilderness? Journal Article
2000 Would ecological landscape restoration make the Bandelier Wilderness more or less of a wilderness? Book, Pages in
1999 Applied historical ecology: Using the past to manage the future Journal Article
1999 The use of repeat photography for historical ecology research on the Baca Ranch in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico Report
1998 A ponderosa pine natural area reveals its secrets Book, Pages in
1998 Drought-induced shift of a forest-woodland ecotone: Rapid landscape response to climate variation Journal Article
1998 Elk reintroductions Book, Pages in
1998 Landscape changes in the southwestern United States: techniques, long-term datasets, and trends. Chapter 9 Book, Pages in
1998 Southwest Book, Pages in
1998 Viewpoint: Sustainability of pinon-juniper ecosystems - a unifying perspective of soil erosion thresholds Journal Article
1998 Where have all the grasslands gone? Fire and vegetation change in northern New Mexico Popular Article
1997 Spatial patterns of prehistoric and historic fires in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico [Abstract] Journal Article
1996 Elk response to the La Mesa fire and current status in the Jemez Mountains Report, Pages In
1996 Fire effects in southwestern forests: Proceedings of the second La Mesa Fire symposium; 1994 March 29-31; Los Alamos, New Mexico. RM-GTR-286 Report
1996 Fire history and climatic patterns in ponderosa pine and mixed-conifer forests of the Jemez Mountains, Northern New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
1996 Overview of fire history in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
1996 Overview of La Mesa studies Report, Pages In
1996 Runoff and erosion from a rapidly eroding pinyon-juniper hillslope Book, Pages in
1996 Runoff and erosion on the Pajarito Plateau: observations from the field Series
1995 A drought-induced shift in a forest/woodland ecotone: rapid response to variation in climate Journal Article
1995 Landscape-scale fire history studies support fire management action at Bandelier Journal Article
1995 Pinyon-juniper woodlands. Chapter 6 Report, Pages In
1994 Ecological perspective: linking ecology, GIS, and remote sensing to ecosystem management [Chapter 8] Book, Pages in
1993 Natural Resources References Report, Pages In
1993 The Pajarito Plateau: A Bibliography Report
1993 The Setting Report, Pages In
1990 Landscape ecology--a concept for protecting park resources Journal Article
1989 Changes in the landscape of the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico Thesis & Dissertation

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1989 Changes in the landscape of the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico Thesis & Dissertation