Jeffrey Morisette - Cooperator - CSU

Title: Scientist

FORT Affiliation: Invasive Species Science

Duty Station:
Fort Collins Science Center
2150 Centre Ave
Bldg C
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: 303-968-8986





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Year Title Type
2014 Regional distribution models with lack of proximate predictors: Africanized honeybees expanding north Journal Article
2013 MODIS Phenology Image Service ArcMap Toolbox Open-file Report
2013 Using habitat suitability models to prioritize invasive plant species surveys Journal Article
2011 Improving national-scale invasion maps: Tamarisk in the western United States Journal Article
2011 Bounding species distribution models Journal Article
2011 Invasive species and climate change Proceedings, Pages in
2011 Using phenology in predicting the northward expansion of the Africanized honey bee Abstract
2011 Applying remote sensing to invasive species science—A tamarisk example Fact Sheet
2011 An enhanced TIMESAT algorithm for estimating vegetation phenology metrics from MODIS data Journal Article
2011 Phenology Book, Pages in
2010 Toward a standard nomenclature for imagery spatial resolution Journal Article
2010 Ensemble habitat mapping of invasive plant species Journal Article
2010 Resource for Advanced Modeling (RAM) Science Feature
2010 Drought-induced vegetation stress in southwestern North America Journal Article
2010 Assessing the Accuracy of Landscape-Scale Phenology Products: An International Workshop on the Validation of Satellite-Based Phenology Products; Dublin, Ireland, 18 June 2010 Journal Article
2009 The USA National Phenology Network Land Surface Phenology/Remote Sensing Phenology Program Presentation
2009 Iterative modeling for invasive species Abstract
2009 Atmospheric Correction at AERONET Locations: A New Science and Validation Data Set Journal Article
2009 Tracking the rhythm of the seasons in the face of global change: phenological research in the 21st century Journal Article
2009 Using LiDAR and Quickbird Data to model plant production and quantify uncertainties associated with wetland detection and land cover generalizations Journal Article
2009 Evaluation of Ensemble Habitat Mapping to support National Park Service decisions on the fire management and invasive plant species control Abstract
2009 NASA and USGS invest in invasive species modeling to evaluate habitat for Africanized Honey Bees Journal Article
2009 Using satellite-based phenology data for invasive weed species habitat modeling Abstract
2009 Mapping invasive tamarisk (Tamarix): a comparison of single-scene and time-series analyses of remotely sensed data Journal Article
2009 Temporally smoothed and gap-filled MODIS land products for carbon modelling: application of the fPAR product Journal Article
2008 Validation and intercomparison of global Leaf Area Index products derived from remote sensing data Journal Article
2008 Intercomparison and sensitivity analysis of Leaf Area Index retrievals from LAI-2000, AccuPAR, and digital hemispherical photography over croplands Journal Article
2008 Validation analyses of an operational fire monitoring product: The Hazard Mapping System Journal Article
2008 Multivariate quantification of landscape spatial heterogeneity using variogram models Journal Article
2008 Validation of GOES and MODIS active fire detection products using ASTER and ETM+ data Journal Article
2007 Large seasonal swings in leaf area of Amazon rainforests Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Evaluation of the consistency of long-term NDVI time series derived from AVHRR, SPOT-vegetation, SeaWiFS, MODIS, and Landsat ETM+ sensors Journal Article
2006 A tamarisk habitat suitability map for the continental United States Journal Article
2006 Cropland expansion changes deforestation dynamics in the southern Brazilian Amazon Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Validation of global moderate resolution LAI products: A framework proposed within the CEOS Land Product Validation subgroup Journal Article
2005 Characterizing vegetation fire dynamics in Brazil through multisatellite data: Common trends and practical issues Journal Article
2002 An overview of MODIS Land data processing and product status Journal Article
2002 Atmospheric correction of landsat ETM+ land surface imagery. Part II: Validation and applications Journal Article
2002 Global products of vegetation leaf area and fraction absorbed PAR from year one of MODIS data Journal Article
2002 The MODIS fire products Journal Article
2000 Accuracy assessment curves for satellite-based change detection Journal Article
1999 Land-cover change detection enhanced with generalized linear models Journal Article

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