Boiga irregularis

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A method for telemetry-based logging of animal activity
Lardner, B., J.A. Savidge, R.N. Reed, and G.H. Rodda
Journal Article
A novel parasitic flatworm (Spirometra sp.) infection in Brown Treesnakes on Guam
Holldorf, E.T., S.R. Siers, J.Q. Richmond, K.L. Donmoyer, R.N. Reed, L.R. Bonewell
2013 Abstract
A state-of-the-art trap for the brown treesnake [Chapter 20]
Rodda, G.H., T.H. Fritts, C.S. Clark, S.W. Gotte, and D. Chiszar
1999 Book, Pages in
An integrated management plan for the brown treesnake (Boiga irregularis) on Pacific islands [Chapter 35]
Campbell, E.W., III, G.H. Rodda, T.H. Fritts, and R.L. Bruggers
1999 Book, Pages in

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