Pseudacris maculata

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Blackrock: biological hotspot and hotbed of collaboration [Science Feature]
Muths, E. and J. Wilson
2012 Science Feature
Effects of hydroperiod duration on survival, developmental rate, and size at metamorphosis in Boreal Chorus Frog tadpoles (Pseudacris maculata)
Amburgey, S., W.C. Funk, M. Murphy, and E. Muths
2012 Journal Article
Factors influencing survival and mark retention in postmetamorphic boreal chorus frogs
Swanson, J.E., L.L. Bailey, E. Muths, W.C. Funk
2013 Journal Article
Pesticide concentrations in frog tissue and wetland habitats in a landscape dominated by agriculture
Smalling, K.L., R. Reeves, E. Muths, M. Vandever, W.A. Battaglin, M.L. Hladik, and C.L. Pierce
2014 Journal Article

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