Myotis lucifugus

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Activity and diet of little brown bats in interior Alaska
Shively, R., P.S. Barboza, T. Jung, and C.A. Stricker
2013 Abstract
Alphacoronaviruses in New World bats: Prevalence, persistence, phylogeny, and potential for interaction with humans
Osborne, C., P. Cryan, T.J. O’Shea, L.M. Oko, C. Ndaluka, C.H. Calisher, A. Berglund, M.L. Klavetter, R.A. Bowen, K.V. Holmes, and S.R. Dominguez
2011 Journal Article
Bat ecology as it relates to white-nose syndrome
Cryan, P.M
2010 Abstract
Bats of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado: composition, reproduction, and roosting habits
O’Shea, T.J., P.M. Cryan, E.A. Snider, E.W. Valdez, L.E. Ellison, and D.J. Neubaum
2011 Journal Article

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