Eumetopias jubatus

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Age-specific vibrissae growth rates: A tool for determining the timing of ecologically important events in Steller sea lions
Rea, L.D., A.M. Christ, A.B. Hayden, V.K. Stegall, S.D. Farley, C.A. Stricker, J.E. Mellish, J.M. Maniscalco, J.N. Waite, V.N. Burkanov, and K.W. Pitcher
2015 Journal Article
Discrimination factors for 13C and 15N profiles of vibrissae from adult Steller sea lion females and their pups in utero and post parturition
Christ, A.M., L.D. Rea, J.N. Waite, C.A. Stricker, M. Wunder, and R. Scherer
2012 Abstract
Spatial variation in the diets of female Steller sea lions inferred from 13C and 15N values of vibrissae from pups
Scherer, R.D., L.D. Rea, A.M. Christ, M. Wunder, and C.A. Stricker
2012 Abstract
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope trophic enrichment factors for Steller sea lion vibrissae relative to milk and fish/invertebrate diets
Stricker, C.A., A.M. Christ, M.B. Wunder, A.C. Doll, S.D. Farley, L.D. Rea, D.A.S. Rosen, R.D. Scherer, and D.J. Tollit
2015 Journal Article

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