Community Events

Seminars, conferences, and presentations involving Fort Collins staff.

Jun 27, 2014

An Introduction to the DOI Strategic Sciences Group Brown Bag


Kris Ludwig, of the USGS Natural Hazards Mission Area, Reston, VA

Jul 8, 2014

Lessons from tegu lizard natural history for confronting their invasion in North America


Dr. Lee Fitzgerald, Texas A & M University

Aug 22, 2014

PAH Parking Lot Sealants by Barbara Mahler


Barbara Mahler

Jan 15, 2015
Maps outlining the probability of Tamarix at Havasu National Wildife Refuge.Image Credit: Arizona Ecological Forecasting Team.

Mapping Tamarisk Invasion Distribution with Landsat 8 Imagery at Havasu National Wildlife Refuge: Needles, California


Amanda West and Steve Chignell, Colorado State University, NASA DEVELOP Graduate Students

Oct 15, 2015
North American Climate Event

North American Climate Over the Last 2 kya: A Multiproxy Approach Towards Synthesis


Greg Pederson, Nick McKay, and the PAGES North American 2k group 

Apr 20, 2016
Women in STEM meeting flyer

Women in STEM Roundtable


Emily Fischer - Assistant Prof. Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Nancy Irlbeck - Director Master of Agriculture, Animal Nutritionist

Jill Baron - Senior Research Ecologist, Natural Rescouce Ecology Lab

Apr 21, 2016

The 4th Annual IGNITE Biodiversity Event


Megan Vahsen,, GDPE

Phil Cafaro,, Philisophy

Ruth Hufbauer,, Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management

Shifra Goldenberg,, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Walter S. Andriuzzi,, Biology

Drew Bennett,, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Charlotte Alster,, GDPE

Adam Dillon,, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Rachal Buxton,, Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Lisa Mason,, Colorado State Forest Service

Justin Lee,, Vet School

Amy Yackel Adams,, USGS 

Apr 29, 2016

How to Adjust Bicycle Derailleurs


Presented by the legendary Larry Dawson,

Professional Bike Mechanic

Apr 29, 2016

Many Years, Many Rivers - Insights into the Patterns of Stream Metabolism in the U.S.


Ted Stets, Emily Stanley, Bob Hall, Jordan Read, and Alison Appling

May 9, 2016 to May 13, 2016
Geomorphological study in Montana. USGS photo.

Geomorphic Analysis of Fluvial Systems


Faith Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Friedman, Allen Gellis, and Jim O’Connor