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Science at the Fort Collins Science Center can be viewed through different lenses:

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Current Projects

Projects 1 - 100 of 100
BASIS Code Titlesort ascending Investigator Completion Year
PB00D8K.2.3 Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Mechanistic Studies of Wildlife Zack Bowen 2017
PB00D8K.2.2 Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Effectiveness Monitoring Pat Anderson 2017
PB00D8K.4.1 Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Decision-Making and Evaluation Rudy Schuster 2017
PB00D8K.1.3 Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Baseline Synthesis Pat Anderson 2017
PB00D8K.2.1 Wyoming Conservation Landscape Initiative: Inventory and Long-Term Monitoring Natasha Carr 2017
RB00CN9.10.0 WNS Data Management Coordination Patty Stevens 2017
BB00AKF.5.0 Wild Horse and Burro Research Kate Schoenecker 2021
RB00CNJ.27.2 Whole Genome Resequencing and Population Genomics of Sage-grouse Kevin Oh 2019
RB00CM8.12 Wetland Flora, Fauna, and Water Quality Assessment at Topock Marsh Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2019
BB06DN7.2.2 Western Mountain Initiative: Response of Western Mountain Ecosystems to Climatic Variability and Change: Southern Rocky Mountains Craig Allen 2040
RB00CMY.1 Western Mountain Initiative: Colorado Jill Baron 2019
GR03E92.17 Western Mountain Initiative: Central Rocky Mountains Jill Baron 2050
RB00CM8.1.0 Water Management Studies Chris Holmquist-Johnson 2020
RB00CNJ.13 Using Molecular Genetic Techniques to Investigate Colony Dynamics of the Endangered Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.25.2 Using Genetic Information to Assess Implications of Gunnison Sage-grouse Translocations Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.2 Use of Molecular Tagging to Estimate Demographic Parameters in Gunnison Sage-grouse Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
RB00FYX.1.1 Uncovering the Ecosystem Service Value of Carbon Sequestration in National Parks Chris Huber 2019
RB00CN9.11 Transmission of plague by small mammals at Badlands National Park Dean Biggins 2018
RB00CMF.6.0 The Users, Uses, and Value of Landsat Imagery Holly Miller 2017
NA00FJ0.1462 Technical Guidance for Assessing Remedy Effectiveness, AOC Delisting, and BUI Removal at AOCs and Great Lake Legacy Act David Walters 2017
PB00D8K.2 Targeted Research and Monitoring Stephen Germaine 2017
RB00FYX.4 Sustaining Environmental Capital (SEC) Initiative Rudy Schuster 2018
RB00CN7.13.0 Surveillance for the Presence of White-Nose Syndrome in the Bat Community at El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico Ernest Valdez 2017
RB00FQ5.3 Support for the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Gail Montgomery 2017
BA09FDA.5 Southern Rocky Mountain Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) Erin Muths 2021
RB00CM8.11.0 Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Flight Testing Leanne Hanson 2020
EJ10EWN.42 ScienceCache Gail Montgomery 2017
RB00FVC.1 ScienceBase Project Management and Development Dell Long 2017
RB00CNJ.30 Sandhill Cranes in Colorado’s San Luis Valley: Exploring Field and Laboratory Technology for Improved Population Assessments Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.22.3 Rangewide Connectivity and Landscape Genetic Assessment for Greater Sage-grouse Sara Oyler-McCance 2019
RB00CNJ.22 Range-wide Connectivity of Greater Sage-Grouse Populations Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CND.2.0 Quantitative and Statistical Research Collaboration Brian Cade 2017
RB00CNJ.24 Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse Genetic Diversity and Population Connectivity Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
ZT00FW1.2 Potential Toxicity of Multiple Metals Associated with PGE Deposits Travis Schmidt 2017
RGB00CNJ.5 Population Genetic Structuring of the Lesser Prairie-chicken Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.19 Population Genetic Analysis of Clark’s Nutcracker Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.31 Population Genetic Analysis of Black Swift Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
RB00CN7.12.0 Planning Support for National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan Development Brian Cade 2017
RB00E63.4.0 Nutritional Ecology: Stable Isotope Applications Craig Stricker 2018
RB00CMF North American Waterfowl Management Plan Rudy Schuster 2017
RB00CN7.17 North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) Patty Stevens 2017
RB00CNJ.28 Non-invasive Genetic Sampling of Free-roaming Horses to Estimate Population Size, Genetic Diversity, and Consumption of Invasive Species Kate Schoenecker 2017
RB00FPM.1 NCCWSC Support Gail Montgomery 2017
RB00FPY.1 NatWeb (National Web Server System) Tammy Fancher 2017
RB00FVB.1 National Surface Disturbance and Reclamation Tracking Tool Gail Montgomery 2017
RB00CMF.7 National Park Service Visitor Spending Effects Cathy Cullinane Thomas 2017
RB00CNJ.18. Monitoring the Distribution of Introduced Lynx in Colorado Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
RB00CMY Long-term Integrated Assessments Zack Bowen 2019
RB00CM8.14.2 Leaky Rivers: Nutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable States David Walters 2017
RB00CNJ.22.2 Latent Spatial Models and Sampling Design for Landscape Genetics Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
BB05AD2.30 Landscape Phenology Program of the National Phenology Network Jeff Morisette 2017
RB00CNJ.27.3 Landscape Genomics and Ecological Adaptation in Wyoming Greater Sage-grouse Kevin Oh 2018
RB00CNJ.25.1 Landscape Genetic Assessment of Gunnison Sage-grouse Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
AE0300P.1 John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis Jill Baron 2020
RB00CNJ.17 Investigation into Family Relationships Among Broad-tailed Hummingbirds Using Molecular Genetic Techniques Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.31.1 Investigating Prey of Burmese Pythons using eDNA Methods Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.26.2 Investigating How Landscape and Climate Variables Influence Patterns of Adaptive Genetic Variation in White-tailed Ptarmigan Katie Langin 2018
RB00CNJ.9 Investigating Current and Historic White-tailed Kite Population Trends Using Genetic Techniques Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.5 Investigating a Zone of Hybridization Between Greater and Lesser Prairie-chickens in Northern Kansas Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00EWU.1.0 Integrating a National Park Service Vital Sign with the USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative across Networks Erin Muths 2020
RB00CFC.1 Incorporating Genetic Data into Spatially-explicit Population Viability Models for Gunnison Sage-grouse Julie Heinrichs 2020
RB00CM9.3.0 Implications of Climate Change for Avian Conservation in Great Plains Landscapes Susan Skagen 2017
RB00CNJ.32 Identifying Patterns of Genetic Divergence and Units for Conservation in the Boreal Toad Species Group (Anaxyrus boreas) Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
RB00CNG.20.0 Grassland Ecology and Conservation Dean Biggins 2017
RB00CMZ.3 Global Change: Exotic Riparian Trees Jonathan Friedman 2019
RB00CNJ.27.4 Genetic Adaptations to Local Sagebrush Diets in Sage-grouse Kevin Oh 2018
RB0000S.1.0 FORT Communications and Outreach Katie Walters 2018
RB00CM8.14.0 Fish, Aquatic, and Riparian Ecology David Walters 2020
RB00CNG.22 Feeding Ecology of Insect-eating Bats Ernest Valdez 2018
RB00CMF.2.2 Facilitating the Inclusion of Nonmarket Values in Bureau of Land Management Planning and Project Assessments Chris Huber 2017
RB00CNJ.26.3 Examining Range-wide Connectivity in White-tailed Ptarmigan Katie Langin 2018
RB00CNJ.26.1 Examining Current Subspecies Delineations in White-tailed Ptarmigan Using Genomic Data Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
RB00CNJ.25 Examining adaptation in Gunnison Sage-grouse Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
RB00CNJ.23 Evaluating the Gut and Cloacal Bacterial Community of Cowbirds: A Potential Mechanism for Enhanced Immunity Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.16 Estimating Mountain Lion Population Sizes and Demographic Rates in Colorado Sara Oyler-McCance 2019
RB00CND.1.0 Estimating Effects of Limiting Habitat Relationships with Regression Quantiles Brian Cade 2017
RB00CMW.1.0 Elk and Bison Grazing Ecology in the San Luis Valley, Colorado Kate Schoenecker 2017
RB00CN9.2.0 Effects of Soil and Colony Age on Flea Densities Dean Biggins 2017
RB00CMF.3.0 Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Management Issues Chris Huber 2020
RB00CN9.2.0 Ecology of Plague Dean Biggins 2017
RB00CM8.14.3 Ecological Responses to Fish Reclamation Treatments Travis Schmidt 2023
RB00CN9.6.0 Ecological Investigations of White-Nose Syndrome in Bats Paul Cryan 2017
ZD00BNE.1005 E. Humpback Chub Early Life History in and around the Little Colorado River David Walters 2020
RB00CMC.1.0 Developing Ecological Forecasting Models Catherine Jarnevich 2018
RB00CNJ.21 Developing Best Practices for Linear Mixed Modelling in Landscape Genetics Through Landscape-directed Dispersal Simulations Sara Oyler-McCance 2017
RB00CNJ.31 Developing and Testing Methods for Extracting Environmental DNA from Soil Samples, with Applications to Detection of Brown Treesnakes Sara Oyler-McCance 2018
EJ10EWN.45 Developing a USGS Legacy Data Inventory to Preserve and Release Historical USGS Data Lance Everette 2017
RB00CME.1 Decision Support for Climate Adaptation in the Upper Colorado River Basin: Why Drought Decision Makers Choose to Use Tools (or Not) Amanda Cravens 2017
RB00CM8.15.1 Cross-ecosystem Impacts of Aquatic Stressors on Terrestrial Food Webs Johanna Kraus 2020
RB00E63.7.0 Contaminant Biology: Stable Isotope Applications Craig Stricker 2018
RB00CM8.14.1 Consequences of Climate Change for Mountain Lakes and Native Cutthroat Trout James Roberts 2020
RB00CNG.17.0 Causes and Consequences of Bat Fatalities at Wind Turbines Paul Cryan 2017
RB00CKY.7.0 Biological Invasions of Riparian Ecosystems: Technical Support for Riparian Conservation Planning on the Colorado and Green Rivers in Utah Pat Shafroth 2017
RB00E63.5.0 Biogeography: Stable Isotope Applications Craig Stricker 2018
RB00E63.6 Biogeochemistry: Stable Isotope Applications Craig Stricker 2018
RB00CN7.2.0 Bat Population Data Project Patty Stevens 2017
RB00CN7.16 Bat Banding Clearinghouse Patty Stevens 2017
RB00CN7.19 Assessing Impacts to Ecosystems from Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon Region Ernest Valdez 2018
RB00CNJ.27.1 Assembling a High Quality Reference Genome for Sage-grouse to Serve as a Resource for Future Studies Kevin Oh 2018
RB00CNJ.8 Analysis of the Mountain Plover Mating System Using Microsatellite Analysis Sara Oyler-McCance 2018

Science Priorities

Science Features

Jillian Josimovich, Sarah Moy, Molly Conway, and Kaycee Faunce (L-R), hold a large Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus). Josimovich and Faunce safely and humanely captured this snake during one of their nighttime road surveys. USGS photo.
Jillian Josimovich, Sarah Moy, Molly Conway, and Kaycee Faunce (L-R), hold a large Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus). Josimovich and Faunce safely and humanely captured this snake during one of their nighttime road surveys. USGS photo.
Observational Python research road survey in Everglades National Park.
Kaycee Faunce, a USGS intern, measures a mud snake, a native but uncommon species in Everglades National Park. Photo credit: Molly Conway.
A color-banded Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow. Photo by permission: Noel Snyder
Two hunters, a man and a young boy, are silhouetted at sunset. Photo from Eugene Hester.
The Project Data Lifecycle