Completed Science Projects

Over the years Fort Collins Science Center staff have worked on a multitude of projects.

BASIS-ID Titlesort descending Investigator Completion Year
RB00CNJ Investigating the Taxonomic Status of Sheath-tailed Bat Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
83279R4.1.0 A Multi-Locus Genetic Survey of Sage-Grouse across Their Range Sara Oyler-McCance 2006
PB00DAT.1.64 A Synthesis of Avian Projects in Semidesert Grasslands and Pine-Oak Woodlands Janet Ruth 2012
83279NA.8.0 Amphibian Health in Rocky Mountain National Park Erin Muths 2006
83279NA.9.0 Amphibian Inventory at Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, and Rocky Mountain National Park Erin Muths 2006
832797W.4.0 An Integrated Science Approach to Mapping Fire Effects Earlene Swann 2006
RB00CMW.8 Analysis of Elk Monitoring Data for Elk Management in Rocky Mountain National Park Linda Zeigenfuss 2015
RB00CNJ.21.0 Analysis of Population Connectivity in Wyoming Greater Sage-grouse Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
832798U.1.0 Apache Powder SuperFund Site Wetlands Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2006
RB00CMH.18 Application and Database Development for the U.S. Department of Transportation Rudy Schuster 2016
RB00CMH.8 Applications Development and Support for Natural Hazards Tim Kern 2014
RB00CMH.16 Applications Development and Support for the U.S. Forest Service Gail Montgomery 2015
PB00DAT.1.71 Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge Habitat Monitoring Brian Cade 2012
832798N.14.0 Aspen Ecology in the Core Elk Range of Rocky Mountain National Park (Natural Resource Preservation Program) Linda Zeigenfuss 2006
8327CMW.2.0 Aspen Ecology on the Core Elk Winter Range of Rocky Mountain National Park Linda Zeigenfuss 2008
FS00EJF.6.0 Assessing Potential Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing for Energy Development on Water Resources Zack Bowen 2013
RB00CMF.2 Assessing Socioeconomic Planning Needs (ASPN): A Decision-Support System for Choosing Appropriate Social and Economic Analyses for Federal Land Management Planning Leslie Richardson 2015
RB00CMW.7.0 Assessment of Desert Bighorn Sheep Habitat Suitability in Mesa Verde National Park Linda Zeigenfuss 2011
RB00CM7.1.2 Assessment of Native Pollinator Habitat and Diversity in Agricultural Ecosystems Mark Vandever 2016
RB00CM7.1.1 Assessment of Pesticide Exposure to Native Bees Found in Agricultural Landscapes Mark Vandever 2016
RB00CMP.6.0 Assessment of the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project Nina Burkardt 2012
8327CMB.2.0 Assessment of the Utility of Geospatial Information During the Response and Recovery Efforts Associated with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Nina Burkardt 2009
RB00FPC.3 Assessment of Water Availability and Streamflow Characteristics Gail Montgomery 2015
832797W.8.0 Assistance to FWS on Comprehensive Conservation Planning at Refuges Rick Schroeder 2006
832797W.11.0 Assistance to FWS/DOT for Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge Lynne Koontz 2006
832797W.1.0 Assistance to the Department of Agriculture for the Conservation Reserve Program Arthur Allen 2006
RB00CM7.1.0 Assistance to USDA Farm Service Agency on the Conservation Reserve Program and Conservation Policies in Agriculturally Dominated Landscapes Mark Vandever 2016
BA01DU9.4.21 Avian Conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region, Northern Great Plains: Understanding the Links between Climate, Ecosystem Processes, Wetland Management, and Bird Communities Susan Skagen 2012
PB00DAT.1.70 Bat Inventory at Ouray National Wildlife Refuge Laura Ellison 2011
83279SW.8.0 Bat Population Status in the U.S. and Territories Tom O'Shea 2006
RB00CNG.1.0 Bat Species of Concern: An Ecological Synthesis for Resource Managers Paul Cryan 2016
8327CNG.2.0 Bat Use of Coniferous Forests at Mesa Verde National Park Tom O'Shea 2009
5001600 Bats of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Area: Status and Potential Impacts of Contaminants Lance Everette 1998
RB00CMV.3.0 Behavioral Ecology of Wild Horses Treated with GnRH Butch Roelle 2012
RB00FVCE.7 Biogeographic Information System Donald Brown 2016
RB00CN7.3.0 Bird Migration Patterns in the Arid Southwest Using Doppler Radar Janet Ruth 2012
RB00CMW.5.0 Bison Grazing Ecology at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado Stephen Germaine 2013
83279N9.5.0 BLM Gunnison Gorge Invasives Catherine Jarnevich 2006
RB00CMG.7.0 BLM Social Science Training Module Rudy Schuster 2014
RB00EAU.1.0 Boreal Toad and Wood Frog Demographics Erin Muths 2016
83279R5.1.0 Brown Treesnake Research Strategies Ellen VanGelder 2006
RB00DZ1.1 Byways and Regional Network Analysis Rudy Schuster 2014
832797W.14.0 Cargo Shipment Patterns from Guam: Implications for Certification Earlene Swann 2006
RB00E63.2.0 Causes of Variation in Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Pelagic Seabird Tissues Craig Stricker 2013
3214A80.11.0 Chytrid Fungus in the Rocky Mountains Erin Muths 2006
8327CM9.2.0 Climate Change as a Challenge to Bird Conservation in Arid and Semi-arid Regions of North America Susan Skagen 2010
RB00CM9.2 Climate change as a challenge to bird conservation in North America Susan Skagen 2015
832797V.6.0 Climate Change, Sediment Transport Capacity, Arroyo Development, and Vegetation Change in Streams of the Southwest United States Jonathan Friedman 2006
RB00FPM.2 Climate Registry for the Assessment of Vulnerability Support/CRAVe Gail Montgomery 2015
RB00FPM.3 Climate Science Center Support for the Global Change Monitoring Portal Gail Montgomery 2015
RB00CMZ.5.0 Colorado River Basin Riparian Ecology Douglas Andersen 2015
RB00CM0.1.0 Comparative Vegetation Mapping for Lassen Volcanic National Park Bob Waltermire 2014
RB00FQ5.8 Conservation Efforts Database Support Donald Brown 2016
RB00CMV.4.0 Conservation of the Asiatic Wild Ass Kate Schoenecker 2012
RB00CNG.6.0 Conservation Studies of Long-Nosed Bats in New Mexico Paul Cryan 2015
RB00CN8.2.0 Consolidation and Integration of the USGS and University of New Mexico Vertebrate Collections Cindy Ramotnik 2012
RB00CNJ.22.1 Contrasting Evolutionary Histories of MHC Class I and Class II Loci in Grouse - Effects of Selection and Gene Conversion Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
RB00FVT.1 Control and Containment of the Brown Treesnake and Other Invasive Reptiles Bob Reed 2016
832797V.1.0 Cottonwood Demography Gregor Auble 2006
RB00CKW.3.0 CSAS Metadata Services Colin Talbert 2014
EJ10EWN.20 Data Mine Lance Everette 2015
8327999.4.0 Declines in Shortgrass Prairie Birds: The Roles of Small Mammal Predation and Land-Use Changes Tom Stanley 2006
8327CNG.7.0 Declining Beaver Populations in Rocky Mountain National Park Bruce Baker 2007
83279NA.3.0 Declining Beaver Populations in Rocky Mountain National Park (Natural Resource Preservation Program) Bruce Baker 2006
RB00CNJ.16.0 Degradation Rates of DNA Extracted from Fecal Samples for Use with Molecular Markers Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
832798W.4.0 Desert Fish Stable Isotope Research Jeanette (Carpenter) Haegele 2006
RB00FQ5.5 Desert LCC Gail Montgomery 2016
832798S.3.0 Design and Test Channel Modifications to Reduce Tubifex Habitat in Willow Creek and in the Poudre River Upstream of Bliss Bridge Terry Waddle 2006
832797V.7.0 Determinants of Native and Invasive Riparian Plant Distributions Jonathan Friedman 2006
832798W.11.0 Determine Physical and Behavioral Conditioning Effects on Survival of Hatchery-Reared Bonytail and Razorback Suckers Jeanette (Carpenter) Haegele 2006
8327999.21.0 Determining Live-Capture Methods/Techniques for Migrating and Staging Marbled Godwits Adrian Farmer 2006
832798S.1.0 Develop a Limiting Factor Model of Tubifex (and Tubifex lineage) Abundance Based on Sediment Characteristics Jim Terrell 2006
BB00BG4.80.0 Developing a Grazing Monitoring Program for Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado Linda Zeigenfuss 2012
BB00BG4.60.0 Developing a Non-Invasive Technique for Bighorn Sheep Population Estimation Using Fecal DNA, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Kate Schoenecker 2013
RB00CFC.6 Developing a Regional Approach for Integrated Monitoring Related to Energy Exploration and Development Zack Bowen 2015
8327CFC.6.0 Developing a Regional Approach for Integrated Monitoring Related to Energy Exploration and Development Natasha Carr 2009
RB00CMC.1 Developing Ecological Forecasting Models Catherine Jarnevich 2016
83279N9.2.0 Developing Ecological Forecasting Models with High-Performance Computing in Partnership with NASA Tom Stohlgren 2006
8327999.17.0 Developing Guidelines to Monitor Long-Billed Curlew Populations Rangewide Tom Stanley 2007
83279NA.15.0 Development and Application of Manatee Individual Photo-Identification System (MIPS) Ron Osborn 2006
8327CM8.3.0 Development and Application of the Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process Brian Cade 2009
RB00CFC.9.0 Development and Publication of Vegetation and Soil Monitoring Protocols for Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network of Parks Daniel Manier 2012
832798W.10.0 Development of a Native Fish Sanctuary System in the Colorado River Basin Gordon Mueller 2006
RB00CN9.7.0 Development of a Reference Handbook on Plague for the National Park Service Laura Ellison 2012
RB00CN9.8.0 Development of a White-nose Syndrome (WNS) Disease Tracking System Lance Everette 2013
8327CMF.1.0 Development of Decision and Prioritization Tools for Habitat Restoration Lynne Koontz 2007
WRD Development of Mineral Environmental Assessment Methodologies: Prototype Regional Mineral Environmental Assessment Travis Schmidt 2012
WRD Development of Mineral Environmental Assessment Methodologies: Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative Travis Schmidt 2013
RB00CMZ.7.0 Development of Riparian Monitoring Protocols Mike Scott 2015
8327CNG.4.0 Development of Stable Isotope Analyses for Use in Studies of the Population Dynamics and Ecology of Current and Historic Avian Populations William Iko 2008
8327CNB.1.0 Development of Visual Database Protocols and Applications for Inventory and Monitoring Ron Osborn 2008
8327CNB.2.0 Development of Visual Database Protocols—Wild Horse Identification and Management System Ron Osborn 2008
RB00CM8.8.0 Diatoms: Taxonomic and Ecological Tools for Assessment Quan Dong 2015
83279NA.17.0 Distribution Survey of Meadow Jumping Mice (Zapus hudsonius) Subspecies in Eastern Wyoming, Western South Dakota, and Southeastern Montana Paul Cryan 2006
RB00CMH.7 Disturbance and Reclamation Data Management System (DARDMS) Gail Montgomery 2016
RB00CN7.13 Documenting Naturally Occurring Bacteria in Bats Ernest Valdez 2016
83279N9.1.0 Documenting, Mapping, and Predicting Invasive Plants, Animals, and Diseases in the United States Tom Stohlgren 2006
RB00CMT.1.0 Documenting, Mapping, and Predicting Invasive Species Using the Fort Collins Science Center's RAM (Resource for Advanced Modeling) Catherine Jarnevich 2016
PA0008L.4.1 DOI on the Landscape, Sagebrush Ecosystems: Landscape-Scale Modeling to Address Management Priorities for Sagebrush Habitats and Sagebrush-Obligate Wildlife Species Cameron Aldridge 2011
RB00FQ5.4 Eastern Tall Grass Big River Landscape Conservation Cooperative Gail Montgomery 2016
RB00CNC.1.0 Ecological Effects of Fire and Fire Management Natasha Carr 2013
832798T.1.0 Ecological Effects of Nitrogen and Sulfur Deposition Jill Baron 2006
RB00CFC.5.0 Ecological Impacts of Roads and Road Use on Wildlife Populations Doug Ouren 2015
832798N.9.0 Ecology of Height Release of Willow Thickets following Wolf Reintroduction (Natural Resource Preservation Program) Bob Stottlemyer 2006
83279SW.13.0 Ecology of the Occult Myotis (<i>Myotis occultus</i>): Investigating Diet, Ectoparasites, Distribution, and Morphological Variation Ernest Valdez 2007
8327CN9.5.0 Ecology of Virus Transmission in Commensal Bats Tom O'Shea 2009
8327CMW.3.0 Ecology of Wolf Reintroduction Bob Stottlemyer 2008
9354CTX.431.0 Ecoregional Analysis of Sagebrush Ecosystems of the Wyoming Basin and Colorado Plateau Cameron Aldridge 2008
9354BO9.431.0 Ecoregional Analysis of Sagebrush Ecosystems of the Wyoming Basin and Colorado Plateau Cameron Aldridge 2006
8327999.5.0 Ecosystem Biocomplexity Tom Stanley 2008
RB00CMF.2.1 Ecosystem Service Valuation of Everglades Restoration Leslie Richardson 2014
83279NA.16.0 Editor of the Wilson Bulletin James Sedgwick 2006
832798P.2.0 Effect of Burn Severity on Avian and Plant Communities Natasha Carr 2007
832798P.4.0 Effects of Burn Severity on Invasive Exotics Catherine Jarnevich 2006
RB00CN7.8.0 Effects of Climate Change on White-tailed Ptarmigan Using Genetics, Stable Isotopes, and Population Demographic Methodologies Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
PA00DAV.17.1 Effects of Energy Development in the Rocky Mountain Area (EERMA) Natasha Carr 2013
8327CNF.1.0 Effects of Global Climate Change on Shorebird Migration Adrian Farmer 2008
832798V.5.0 Effects of Prescribed Burning in National Park Ecosystems Bob Stottlemyer 2006
832798P.6.0 Effects of Prescribed Fire in Ponderosa Pine Forests of Rocky Mountain National Park Natasha Carr 2006
832798N.11.0 Effects of Roads and Land Management Practices on Wildlife Behavior Doug Ouren 2006
RB00CNJ Effects of Sample Size, Number of Markers, and Allelic Richness on the Detection of Spatial Genetic Pattern Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
3210APN.7.7 Effects of Ungulate Browsing on Post-Fire Recovery of Cottonwoods and Willows: Implications for Management of Riparian Forests Mike Scott 2007
83279N9.3.0 Effects of Wildfire on Invasion of Non-Native Plant Species Catherine Jarnevich 2006
832798U.2.0 EMWD Multipurpose Demonstration Wetland Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2006
8327CM8.4.0 Engineered River Channel Evaluation Terry Waddle 2010
RB00CM8.7.0 Engineered Wetland Evaluation Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2016
RB00CNJ.31 Environmental DNA (eDNA) Sampling Improves Occurrence and Detection Estimates of Invasive Burmese Pythons and Other Constrictor Snakes in Florida Bob Reed 2015
RB00CKY.4.0 Erosional Consequence of Tamarisk Removal Jonathan Friedman 2015
832798N.8.0 Establishment of Long-Term Ungulate Grazing Research Sites and Effects of Grazing and Prescribed Burning on Plants and Soils in a High Elevation Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem in Wyoming Kate Schoenecker 2006
RB00CNJ.2.0 Estimating Gunnison Sage-grouse Demographic Parameters Using DNA as an Individual Marker for Mark-Recapture Analysis Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
832798A.23.0 Estimating Salmon Production Response to Altered Temperature in California Rivers John Bartholow 2006
RB00CNJ Estimating the Genetic Variability and Spatial Structure of Wood Frogs in Rocky Mountain National Park Erin Muths 2015
BB00BG4.56.0 Estimating the population size of island loggerhead shrikes on Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands, USA Tom Stanley 2012
RB00CFC.4.0 Evaluating Species Models for the Ecoregional Analysis of Sagebrush Ecosystems within the Wyoming Basins Cameron Aldridge 2012
RB00CM8.13.0 Evaluation and Testing of PHABSIM for Windows 7 Chris Holmquist-Johnson 2013
RB00CNJ.14.0 Evaluation of Black Bear Population Structure in Colorado Sara Oyler-McCance 2011
RB00CNJ Evaluation of Genetic, Behavioral and Morphological Distinctness of Greater Sage-grouse in the Bi-State Planning Area Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
RB00CNJ.6.0 Evaluation of Genetic, Behavioral, and Morphological Distinctness of Greater Sage-Grouse in the Bi-State Planning Area Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
8327CFC.8.0 Evaluation of the Effects of Energy Development on Mountain Plovers in Wyoming Natasha Carr 2011
8327999.12.0 Evaluation of Whooping Crane Habitat Models, Data, and Procedures Used for Management of the Platte River, Nebraska Adrian Farmer 2006
RB00CNJ.13.0 Examination of the Biology of Summer-Roosting Indiana Bats Using Genetic Tools Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
832797V.10.0 Flood Hazard Assessment on Alluvial Fans Ray Watts 2006
RB00CM9.1.0 Forecasting the Effects of Agricultural Practices on Prairie Wetlands: Implications for the Conservation of Migratory Shorebirds Susan Skagen 2013
RB00CKW.1.0 FORT Library and Information Services Michele Banowetz 2011
RB00CKW.2.0 FORT Metadata Services Colin Talbert 2014
RB00DZ1.6.0 FORT Support to the Federal Lands Highway Program: Transportation Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Rudy Schuster 2014
RB00DZ1.5 FORT Support to the Federal Lands Highway Program: Visitor Experience and Resource Protection Data Development Rudy Schuster 2014
RB00E6H.1.0 FORT Support to the Great Plains LCC Dave Hamilton 2015
RB00CKP.1.0 FORT Web Services Lance Everette 2014
RB00CMH.4.4 FORT/USGS Web Applications Tim Kern 2013
WRD Functional Characteristics of Streams among Ecoregions Robert Zuellig 2012
832798A.12.0 FWS-SALMOD: Klamath River Historical Analysis/Limiting Factors Jim Henriksen 2006
8327CNJ.3.0 Gender Identification of White-winged Doves Sara Oyler-McCance 2010
RB00CNJ.18 Genetic Characterization of Introduced Lynx in Colorado Sara Oyler-McCance 2014
RB00CNJ.5 Genetics of Lesser Prairie-Chicken Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
832798A.11.0 Geological/Ecological Indicators Bob Milhous 2006
RB00CKX.1.0 GIS and Remote Sensing Bob Waltermire 2013
RB00CNG.23 Grasshopper Sparrow Focal Species Conservation Action Plan Janet Ruth 2015
RB00FQ5.1 Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative Gail Montgomery 2016
832798A.5.0 Green/Yampa River Decision Support System Sharon Campbell 2006
832798A.17.0 Habitat Patch Dynamics in a River Subjected to Rapid Flow Fluctuations Ken Bovee 2006
RB00CFC.10.0 Habitat Prioritization for Selected Raptor Species in Wyoming Jason Tack 2014
832797W.7.0 Habitat Training for FWS Rick Schroeder 2006
RB00CMH.20 HDgov Rudy Schuster 2015
BB07A90.5.0 Host-Pathogen Dynamics and Demographics in Boreal Toads Erin Muths 2016
RB00CME.2.2 Human Dimensions of Climate Change Jessica Montag 2011
RB00CMG.8 Human Dimensions of Climate Change Collaborative Rudy Schuster 2015
832798A.24.0 Hydrologic Classification of Missouri Streams Jim Henriksen 2006
832798A.8.0 Hydrologic Classification of New Jersey Streams Jim Henriksen 2006
8327CKX.3.0 Image Analysis for Weed Identification and Mapping Bob Waltermire 2009
RB00CMP.4.0 Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use on Water and Ecosystems in the Upper Colorado River Basin: Effects on Human Systems Nina Burkardt 2012
8327CMW.4.0 Implementation of a Monitoring Plan for Vegetation Responses to New Elk Management in Rocky Mountain National Park Linda Zeigenfuss 2010
RB00CKX.5 Improve Wildlife Species Tracking: Implementing an Improved GPS Capture and Delivery System for California Condors Bob Waltermire 2014
RB00CN7.7 Improving Geochemical Methods for Assessing the Impacts of Anthropogenic Landscape Changes on Wildlife Patty Stevens 2014
8327CNG.5.0 Indiana Bat Recovery Planning: Development of Research Objectives Tom O'Shea 2006
832797W.12.0 Information Seeking During Wildfire by Residents Earlene Swann 2006
832799O.3.0 Institutional Response Index System (IRIS) Nina Burkardt 2006
RB00CMB.1.0 Institutional Response Index System (IRIS) Nina Burkardt 2011
832798A.1.0 Instream Flow Decision Methodology Terry Waddle 2006
832798T.2.0 Integrated Assessments Research Jill Baron 2006
8327CKZ.4.0 Integrating Variable Location, Geospatial Scale, and Economic Impacts into Decision Support Systems for Managing Natural Resources Sharon Campbell 2010
RB00CM8.2.0 Interactions between Native and Non-native Aquatic Species in the Southwestern United States Jeanette (Carpenter) Haegele 2015
3213B7F.4.3 Interactions of Climate Change and Other Environmental Factors on Invasive Plant Infestation in the Arid West Jonathan Friedman 2006
832797W.3.0 Interagency Wildfire Science Social Science Committee Earlene Swann 2006
832797V.9.0 International Riparian Studies Pat Shafroth 2006
RB00CKY.1.0 Invasive Species of Riparian Ecosystems: Ecology, Restoration Implications, Effects of Climate Change, and Interactions with Streamflow and Fluvial Processes Pat Shafroth 2015
8327CN7.1.0 Inventory and Monitoring of Species and Habitats with Special Emphasis on DOI Lands: Development and Application of Manatee Individual Photo-Identification System (MIPS) Ron Osborn 2005
RB00CNJ Investigating the Impact of Contraception on Demographic and Genetic Characteristics of Wild Horse Herds Butch Roelle 2015
RB00CNJ.17 Investigation of Family Relationships in Broad-tailed Hummingbirds Using Molecular Methods Sara Oyler-McCance 2014
RB00CNJ.9 Investigation of White-tailed Kite Population Bottleneck Using Museum Specimens Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
832798W.3.0 Investigations into the Early Life Histories of the Razorback Sucker and Bonytail in Cibola High Levee Pond, Arizona Jeanette (Carpenter) Haegele 2006
RB00CNJ Landscape Genetic Analysis of Greater Sage-grouse in Wyoming Zack Bowen 2015
RB00CNJ.25 Landscape Genetic Vulnerability Assessment for Gunnison Sage-Grouse Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
8327CMP.2.0 LIAM Application and Follow-up Analysis Nina Burkardt 2007
8327CM8.5.0 Limnology and Stream Ecology David Walters 2011
RB00CNJ.23.0 Linking Host-Associated Gut Microbial Communities and Immuno-Response in a Unique Avian Model Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
RB00CMY.3.0 Long-term Ecological Monitoring and Research at Bandelier National Monument Craig Allen 2016
RB00CMY.4.0 Long-Term Ecological Research and Monitoring in the Loch Vale Watershed, Rocky Mountain National Park Jill Baron 2014
RB00CMY.5.0 Long-term Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Zack Bowen 2013
832798V.4.0 Long-term Ecosystem Biogeochemistry and Function in U.S. National Parks and USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests Bob Stottlemyer 2006
832798U.6.0 Lower Colorado Wetlands Water Quality Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2006
RB00CMZ.6 Managed Streamflow and the Ecology of the Bill Williams River Pat Shafroth 2015
RB00CFC.1.0 Mapping Surface Disturbance of Energy-Related Infrastructure in Southwest Wyoming: An Assessment of Methods Stephen Germaine 2013
RB00CKX.1.1 Mapping the Oregon, California, Mormon Pioneer, and Pony Express National Historic Trails Bob Waltermire 2011
RB00CN9.4.0 Measuring the Effects of West Nile Virus on Wild American Kestrel Populations in Colorado William Iko 2012
8327CNJ.5.0 Metapopulation Dynamics of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken in Southwestern Kansas Sara Oyler-McCance 2010
8327999.16.0 Migration Stopover Ecology of Western Avian Populations: Geographic Distribution Susan Skagen 2006
RB00FNT.2 Mineral Resources Database Support Gail Montgomery 2016
RB00CMZ.2.0 Missouri River Cottonwood Demography Gregor Auble 2015
RB00CNJ.12.0 Molecular Ecology Laboratory Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
832797V.11.0 Monitoring Riparian Vegetation along the Bill Williams River Pat Shafroth 2006
832797T.3.0 Mountain Lion Ecology Don Hunter 2006
9938CB4.2.0 Multi-Disciplinary Coastal Habitats in Puget Sound: Major River Deltas: Skagit Lynne Koontz 2009
RB00FPC.1 National Network of Reference Watersheds (NNRW) Gail Montgomery 2015
RB00CN7.14 National Park Service: Review of State of Texas Mine Ernest Valdez 2015
8327999.1.0 National Shorebird Conservation Planning Susan Skagen 2006
RB00CM8.6.0 Native Fish Sanctuary Evaluation Jeanette (Carpenter) Haegele 2013
PB00DAT.2.30 Natural Resource Preservation Program: Gunnison Sage-Grouse Chick Survival and Landscape Population Modeling Cameron Aldridge 2009
PB00DAT.2.33 Natural Resource Preservation Program: Gunnison Sage-Grouse Habitat Selection: Developing a Landscape-Level Habitat Map Predicting Sagebrush, Herbaceous, and Bare Ground Cover Cameron Aldridge 2011
PB00DAT.3.6 Natural Resource Preservation Program: Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation on Forested Ecosystem and Social Values in the Front Range, Colorado Craig Allen 2013
8327CKZ.2.0 Natural Resources Model and Tool Development Sharon Campbell 2010
RB00CKZ.2 Natural Resources Model and Tool Development Leanne Hanson 2014
DH00CRM.464 NAWQA Surface Water Assessments: FORT Mesocosm Studies Travis Schmidt 2016
83279N9.4.0 NBII Invasive Species Information Node Catherine Jarnevich 2006
832797S.1.0 NBII Southwest Information Node Leanne Hanson 2006
8327CKP.2.0 NBII Southwest Information Node Applications Leanne Hanson 2007
RB00CMA.2.0 Negotiation Training Nina Burkardt 2016
BB00APN.7.28 Non-invasive Surveillance of Bat Hibernacula to Investigate Potential Behavioral Causes of Mortality Associated with White Nose Syndrome Paul Cryan 2016
832798W.7.0 Non-native Species Impacts on Stream Ecosystems Jeanette (Carpenter) Haegele 2006
EJ10EWN.31 North American Bat Data Integration Patty Stevens 2016
8327CKX.2.0 NPS Water Resources Division Map Production Tammy Fancher 2009
8327999.19.0 Occurrence of West Nile Virus in Avian Species at the Salton Sea, California William Iko 2008
RB00CN7.9.0 Pacific Sheath-tailed Bat Assessments on Aguiguan and Tinian, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Ernest Valdez 2011
RB00CNG.8.0 Partners in Flight Coordinator for USGS Janet Ruth 2015
8327CME.1.0 Perceptions, Values, and Knowledge of Wildlife Disease and Human/Wildlife Interactions Natalie Sexton 2007
RB00CMH.5.0 Pinedale Anticline Data Management System Tim Kern 2012
832798U.7.0 Piñon Water Quality Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2006
RB00CN7.10.0 Population Assessment of the Mariana Fruit Bat on Anatahan, Sarigan, Guguan, Alamagan, Pagan, Agrihan, Asuncion, Maug, and Uracas of the Northern Mariana Islands Ernest Valdez 2011
8327999.3.0 Population Demography of Shortgrass Prairie Birds in Intact, Variegated, and Fragmented Landscapes Susan Skagen 2006
8327CNJ.15.0 Population Genetic Analysis of Cougar Populations in Colorado Sara Oyler-McCance 2010
RB00CNJ.8 Population Genetic Analysis of Mountain Plover Sara Oyler-McCance 2016
8327CNJ.8.0 Population Genetic Analysis of Mountain Plover Sara Oyler-McCance 2006
RB00CNJ.10.0 Population Genetics of Wood Frogs in Rocky Mountain National Park Sara Oyler-McCance 2013
8327CNJ.7.0 Population Structure and Dynamics of the Midget Faded Rattlesnake Sara Oyler-McCance 2010
832798S.2.0 Predict Sediment Redistribution in Willow Creek after High Flow Events Bob Milhous 2006
WRD Predicting and Managing Climate Change Impacts on Semi-Arid Land Wetlands, Migratory Birds, and Their Prey: An Integration of Remote Sensing, Molecular Genetics, Hydrology, and Environmental Modeling Travis Schmidt 2013
832798P.1.0 Prescribed Fire Strategies in Ponderosa Pine Systems Natasha Carr 2006
RB00CMP.3.0 Program Assessment for Agencies of the Department of the Interior Joan Ratz 2011
8327CMG.3.0 Public Lands Management and Planning Phadrea Ponds 2007
832799O.14.0 Public Perceptions of Bats in Larimer County, Colorado Natalie Sexton 2006
GD Quantifying Biologically Mediated Fluxes of Stream Metals to Riparian Food Webs Johanna Kraus 2014
NN0097H.4.0 Quantifying Sagebrush-Steppe Habitat Structure Using Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) data: An Evaluation in Southwestern Wyoming Stephen Germaine 2013
8327CFC.2.0 Quantifying the Physical Impacts of Reenacted Mormon Handcart Journeys across the Historic Oregon-California Trail: Using Aerial Photography to Assess Impacts and Develop Use Thresholds in Wyoming Stephen Germaine 2008
RB00CN7.15.0 Range-wide Monitoring Protocols for Prairie Dogs in the United States Dean Biggins 2011
8327CFC.4.0 Range-wide Patterns of Sage-Grouse Persistence and Links to Current Population Declines Cameron Aldridge 2006
RB00CNj Rapid Microsatellite Identification from Illumina Paired-end Genomic Sequencing in Two Birds and a Snake Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
832797W.18.0 Rapid Response and Community Data Integration (Wildland Fire) Earlene Swann 2006
RB00CNJ Re-examining Patterns of Genetic Variation in Sage-grouse Using Genomic Techniques Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
832798N.7.0 Recovery of Willow Thickets on Yellowstone's Northern Winter Range in Apparent Response to Wolf Restoration in 1995 Linda Zeigenfuss 2006
83279R5.2.0 Reproductive Inhibition of the Brown Treesnake Gordon Rodda 2006
832799O.6.0 Research and Training on Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Training for Natural Resources Managers Nina Burkardt 2006
RB00FVT.2 Research on Introduced Snakes and Other Reptiles in Florida Bob Reed 2016
RB00CMZ.8.0 Riparian Ecosystems of Central Asia Pat Shafroth 2015
832797V.14.0 Riparian Monitoring Protocols (for the Colorado Plateau) Mike Scott 2006
RB00CMZ.4 Riparian Vegetation and Floodplain Sediment Responses to Dam Removal Pat Shafroth 2015
8327BBQ.3.0 Riparian Vegetation Response to Tamarisk Invasion and Flow Regulation in Dinosaur National Park Mike Scott 2006
3210APN.7.6 Riparian Willow Restoration along the Illinois River at Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado Gregor Auble 2008
832797V.13.0 River and Stream Riparian Ecosystem Process Studies: Technical Assistance/Program Development Gregor Auble 2006
8327CKZ.1.0 River Basin Management Sharon Campbell 2010
RB00CKZ.1 River Basin Management Leanne Hanson 2014
RB00DYE.1.0 River Ecosystem Forecasting Framework Jill Baron 2014
832798A.7.0 River, Reservoir, and Natural Resource Decision Making Using Systems Analysis Marshall Flug 2006
YB00CZ5.612.0 Sagebrush Ecosystems Coordinated Research: Determining the Effects of Energy Development on Sagebrush Ecosystems--Invasive Plants Daniel Manier 2013
9354CZ5.597.0 Sagebrush Ecosystems Coordinated Research: Range-wide Assessment of Livestock Grazing Across the Sagebrush Biome Timothy Assal 2010
RB00CFC.1.0 Sagebrush Ecosystems: Landscape-Scale Modeling to Address Management Priorities for Sagebrush Habitats and Sagebrush-Obligate Wildlife Species Cameron Aldridge 2015
RB00CKZ.3 SALMOD Salmonid Young-of-Year Production Model for Klamath, Trinity and Sacramento Rivers Leanne Hanson 2014
RB00CNJ Sample Design Effects in Landscape Genetics Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
WRD Sampling Variability and Its Effects on Biological Indicators Robert Zuellig 2012
RB00CND.3.0 San Clemente Island Fox Tom Stanley 2013
RB00CFC.12 Science Support for Bureau of Land Management Rapid Ecoregional Assessments Zack Bowen 2016
8327999.11.0 Shorebird Management on National Wildlife Refuges Adrian Farmer 2006
8327999.2.0 Shorebird Population and Habitat Sampling Problems in Extensive Ephemeral Wetland Systems Susan Skagen 2006
832797W.13.0 Social Science Research to Assist with FWS Region 5 Comprehensive Conservation Plans Lynne Koontz 2006
832797W.9.0 Social Science Research to Assist with FWS Region 6 Comprehensive Conservation Plans Lynne Koontz 2006
832797W.10.0 Social Science Research to Support Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) for FWS Region 2 Cabeza Prieta NWR Nina Burkardt 2006
RB00CMG.2.0 Socioeconomic Considerations for Public Lands Management and Planning Nina Burkardt 2015
8327CME.2.0 Socioeconomic Considerations of Human/Wildfire and other Human/Hazard Interactions Jessica Montag 2007
RB00CME.1.0 Socioeconomics, Including Perception, Values, and Knowledge of Landscape-Scale Change Rudy Schuster 2016
832797T.7.0 Southwest Strategy, Science Support Team Dave Hamilton 2006
WRD Spawning-related Movements of Flathead Chub in a Prairie Stream Robert Zuellig 2013
832798P.7.0 Species Assessment for Olive-sided Flycatcher Natasha Carr 2006
RB00FVC.5 Species Occurrence Records and Data Transformation Processes Lance Everette 2015
GD Stable Isotope Applications in Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology Craig Stricker 2011
RB00CNG.9.0 Status and Breeding Ecology of the Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow Janet Ruth 2016
8327CN7.5.0 Status and Distribution of Mammals on Public Lands Ernest Valdez 2008
RB00EWU.1 Status and Trend of Amphibians on a Transect on the Continental Divide: Integrating an NPS Vital Sign with the USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative across Networks Erin Muths 2015
RB00CFC.3.0 Stratton Sagebrush Ecological Research Site: An Experimental Approach to Assess Various Grazing Treatments on Vegetation and Wildlife Communities across Managed Burns and Habitat Controls Cameron Aldridge 2011
RB00CMZ.1.0 Streamflow-Vegetation Relations to Evaluate Flow Regimes Gregor Auble 2015
832797V.2.0 Streamflow-vegetation Relations to Quantify Water Requirements at Selected Department of the Interior Sites Gregor Auble 2006
83279SW.4.0 Studies on the Sacramento Mountain Salamander: Effects of Logging and Fire Cindy Ramotnik 2006
RB00CKY.5.0 Support Bureau of Reclamation Activities Related to HR2720, Salt Cedar and Russian Olive Control Demonstration Act Pat Shafroth 2011
RB00CMF Support for the Annual U.S. Department of the Interior Economic Report Cathy Cullinane Thomas 2015
RB00CMH.19 Support for the Core Research Center Gail Montgomery 2015
RB00FPC.2 Support for Water Science Centers Gail Montgomery 2015
83279NA.14.0 Symposium on the Status of the Black-Footed Ferret and Its Habitat Butch Roelle 2006
8327BBQ.1.0 Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) in the Western U.S.: Evaluation of Control/Riparian Restoration Strategies; Wildlife Use of Restored vs. Invaded Habitats; Factors Controlling Distribution and Spread Pat Shafroth 2006
8327CNF.2.0 Technical Assistance on Habitat Assessment and Habitat Modeling Adrian Farmer 2008
RB00CN7.5.0 Technical Consultation and Preliminary Assessment of Bats at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, Arizona Ernest Valdez 2012
832797T.1.0 Technical Support for FWS Ecological Conservation Online System (ECOS) Don Hunter 2006
8327CMH.1.0 Technical Support for the Ecological Conservation On-line System (ECOS) Michele Banowetz 2007
RB00CMH.3 Technology Application in Support of the Department of the Interior: USGS/USFWS Joint Development Project Tammy Fancher 2016
8327CKY.2.0 Test Riparian Revegetation Methods along the Virgin River, Zion National Park Pat Shafroth 2010
832798S.4.0 Test Tubifex Limiting Factor Model with Independent Data Sets Jim Terrell 2006
8327CP8.1.0 Testing and Evaluating a USGS Forecasting System for Invasive Species Tim Kern 2009
8327CNG.12.0 The Biogeography of Marbled Godwit Populations in North America Adrian Farmer 2008
RB00CMF.3.1 The Economic Impacts of Restoration Cathy Cullinane Thomas 2016
3213B7F.4.2 The Western Mountain Initiative: Response of Western Mountain Ecosystems to Climatic Variability and Change Craig Allen 2006
RB00CNJ Tissue Origin of Low-coverage Shotgun Sequencing Libraries Affects Recovery of Mitogenome Sequences Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
RB00CNJ.19.0 Tracking Clark's Nutcracker Movements and Population Structure Using Intrinsic Markers: Combining Genetic and Stable Isotope Signatures Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
8327CMG.1.0 Training and Technical Assistance for Public Lands Management and Planning Natalie Sexton 2009
83279NA.11.0 Translocation of Utah Prairie Dogs Dean Biggins 2006
832798A.4.0 Travel Cost Method Modeling Development Aaron Douglas 2006
832798U.9.0 Tres Rios Vegetation Sustainability Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2006
832798A.6.0 Trinity/Klamath Systems Impact Assessment Model Sharon Campbell 2006
RB00FQF.1 Twitter Earthquake Detection (TED) Gail Montgomery 2015
RB00CNJ Two Low Coverage Bird Genomes and a Comparison of Reference-Guided Versus de Novo Genome Assemblies Sara Oyler-McCance 2015
RB00CMT.2.0 U.S. Geological Survey-NEON Science Liaison Tom Stohlgren 2013
8327CMP.1.0 Update and Test the LIAM Software Nina Burkardt 2009
832799O.13.0 Updating the Legal-Institutional Analysis Model (LIAM) Nina Burkardt 2006
832797V.5.0 Upper Colorado River Basin Riparian Ecosystems Douglas Andersen 2006
832798A.22.0 Upper Delaware River Basin Environmental Flows Study Ken Bovee 2006
832798A.2.0 Upper Yellowstone River Fish Habitat Ken Bovee 2006
RB00CMA.1.0 Use of Science in Decision Making and Conflict Resolution Nina Burkardt 2012
8327CM5.1.0 USGS Active Directory Coordination and Deployment Jeff Schafer 2007
RB00CM5.2.0 USGS Information Technology Security Jeff Schafer 2011
8327CNJ.1.0 Using Genetic Tools to Obtain Information about the Biology of Summer Roosting Indiana Bats Sara Oyler-McCance 2007
8327CN7.4.0 Using Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements to Link Seasonal Habitats of Neotropical Migratory Shorebirds Adrian Farmer 2008
WRD Using Tracer Techniques to Characterize Streamflow Gains and Losses Cory Williams 2010
RB00CN9.1.0 Vaccination and Flea Control to Assess Invasion of Plague into the Conata Basin, South Dakota Dean Biggins 2013
832797V.4.0 Vegetation Responses to Dam Removal Pat Shafroth 2006
8327CM0.2.0 Vicksburg National Military Park Vegetation Mapping Bob Waltermire 2011
RB00DZ1.3 Web Tool Development for Central Federal Lands Highway Division Tim Kern 2014
GR03E92.1 Western Mountain Initiative - New Mexico Jill Baron 2013
8327CMY.1.0 Western Mountain Initiative — Colorado Jill Baron 2009
832798T.3.0 Western Mountain Initiative: Long-term Monitoring and Modeling Jill Baron 2006
BB06DN7.2.1 Western Mountain Initiative: Response of Western Mountain Ecosystems to Climatic Variability and Change: Colorado Jill Baron 2013
RB00EK1.3.0 Western Riparian Ecosystems: Global Change Jonathan Friedman 2011
832798U.11.0 Wetland/Marsh Development at Beal Lake Restoration Site Joan S. (Thullen) Daniels 2006
8327CNG.3.0 White-tailed Kite Population Ecology William Iko 2008
83279NA.4.0 Willow Flycatcher Ecology and Population Dynamics James Sedgwick 2006
RB00CNG.14.0 Wintering Habitat Use by Priority Grassland Birds Janet Ruth 2015
832797W.17.0 Workshop for Instream Flow: Habitat/Population Estimates Berton Lee Lamb 2006
8160D8K.2.0 Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Targeted Research and Monitoring Natasha Carr 2010
PB00D8K.4.21 Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Value of Agriculture Chris Huber 2015
83279NA.7.0 Wyoming Toad at Mortenson Lake Erin Muths 2006
832798A.25.0 Yakima River Water Management Study Ken Bovee 2006
RB00CMF.8 Yellowstone Corridor Study Larisa Serbina 2015
RB00CNJ Z Chromosome Divergence, Polymorphism, and Relative Effective Population Size in a Genus of Lekking Birds Sara Oyler-McCance 2015