NatWeb (National Web Server System)

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With a typical Web server visitors will lose access to a Web site if that server or the network connection goes down. With the NatWeb system, it’s different: due to redirect.

The NatWeb project, a geographically replicated Virtual Web Hosting Service, provides Web security and data and information management for distributed management of content. The FORT Web Applications Team currently provides a suite of services to NatWeb, including systems support, database administration, and applications development. In the latter case, the Team is responsible for both maintaining legacy (existing) applications and designing and developing new web applications. New applications include those that increase the efficiency of internal USGS and Department of the Interior (DOI) processes, such as the Human Capital Document Inventory and Management System and the Web Hosting and Application Registry. Other application development and support tasks address the public view of USGS and DOI efforts, such as FAQs/askUSGS, the USGS Professional Pages, DOI Recovery Act progress, DOI WaterSMART, and the USGS Web Reengineering effort. The Team continues to develop and add new applications to the NatWeb service catalog.