Planning Support for National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan Development

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The National Wildlife Refuge System map

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is required by law to develop a comprehensive conservation plan (CCP) for each unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System. The CCP for each refuge must contain an analysis of biological resources and the potential influence of different management actions on these resources. The refuge manager and the regional planning staff of the FWS are responsible for evaluating the biological components for each CCP in such a way that understanding potential impacts to these biological resources aids planning decisions and helps guide management actions.

The purpose of this task is for the biological and technical staff at the Fort Collins Science Center to develop biological products to assist in the development of high quality, scientifically sound refuge CCPS, and other refuge planning documents. Therefore, USGS FORT scientists are assisting the USFWS by:

  • Developing biological products such as literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and biological assessments for species of concern;
  • Providing biological and technical assistance on development of biological goals and objectives and participating on refuge CCP planning teams; and
  • Providing guidance on development of monitoring protocols and analysis for evaluating biological goals and objectives on National wildlife refuges.