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In recognition of the need to understand climate change and its impacts on natural systems, the USGS implemented a land surface phenology/remote sensing phenology (LSP/RSP) activity within the USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) coordinating office. The initiative's main objectives are to (1) coordinate LSP/RSP activities across U.S. federal agencies, other national programs, and academic scientists; and (2) lead research on the utility and accuracy of RSP/LSP products. In conjunction with the EROS Data Center and the USA-NPN, FORT is involved in several specific activities related to this initiative. One is the coordination and use of a NASA RSP product to assist in the National Science Foundation-led National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) aircraft deployment strategy. The second is linking the USA-NPN activities to the USGS Remote Sensing Phenology Web site. The third is addressing how LSP/RSP can inform a National Phenological Assessment. These activities will help place the remote sensing phenology data into the context of USGS research activities. Ultimately, the results of these temporally driven products will help inform land managers on existing trends and potential future trajectories of vegetation dynamics. This will help build a better understanding of trend as well as year-to-year variability at a landscape scale.