Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative: Decision-Making and Evaluation

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a beautiful Wyoming vista
A beautiful Wyoming vista

Several of the key drivers of change identified in the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) Science Strategy are social and economic issues. This task will provide the socioeconomic context for energy development and habitat conservation in the Green River Basin, as well as a basis for dialogue with the public on these issues through the entire adaptive management process. Specifically, FORT social scientists will (1) compile a basic social and economic assessment to provide a common context for the other issues addressed in the WLCI; (2) identify a common understanding among WLCI partners on what is meant by adaptive management and provide that to the public, thus facilitating development of management targets and alternatives; (3) provide a framework to use for engaging in dialogue with the public; and (4) provide generalizable results on the regional views and values surrounding energy development and habitat concerns in the WLCI area. Additionally, the survey results will provide information on what proportion of the population shares similar views and values towards (1) energy development issues and (2) habitat/land conservation issues. When taken into consideration prior to management actions, decision-makers and managers will have a better idea of whether a given set of actions will receive public support or whether the public would be more supportive of alternative management actions.