NBII Invasive Species Information Node

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Although many agencies are collecting invasive species data (with either a regional or taxonomic emphasis), there has been no primary portal for invasive species data and information. To meet this need, FORT scientists helped establish and develop the NBII Invasive Species Information Node to accelerate the sharing, standardization, completeness, and accessibility of information pertaining to the distribution and abundance of non-native plants, animals, and diseases in the U.S. As a component of this work and with support from NBII, FORT scientists have developed the National Institute of Invasive Species Science Web site (www.niiss.org). This Web site is being designed to (1) evaluate the invasion of multiple biological groups (and several invasive species) simultaneously, relative to habitat and ecosystem maps, land-use maps, and satellite information and models; (2) zoom in on particular states, parks, refuges, and natural areas by merging data sets from many sources in single, dynamic representations of the highest-priority problem species and problem areas; (3) access invasive species information and models on local, state, regional, and national scales; and (4) quickly assess vulnerability to invasion, potential invasions, current invasions, potential spread of species, natural barriers to invasion, and the economic and ecological effects of invasive species.