Hydrologic Classification of New Jersey Streams

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Jim Henriksen

The Hydrologic Assessment Tool (HAT) is a Windows based application that imports USGS stream-gage data on daily and peak flows and computes 171 indices that address five flow components: magnitude, frequency, duration, timing, and rate of change. The software can be used for streams and rivers in the U.S. based on a general stream classification system. The objective of this task is to develop a New Jersey Stream Classification tool for placing unclassified streams into one of the identified hydrological stream types for New Jersey, and to develop a state-specific version of the HAT software for use by the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Various output reports and graphs can then be used to establish a hydrologic baseline time period, evaluate past and proposed hydrologic alterations, and establish environmental flow standards and recommendations to sustain aquatic biological communities.