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A screenshot of the Northern Prairie Wildlife Center website. USGS.
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center website.

The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC) conducts integrated research to fulfill the Department of the Interior's responsibilities to the Nation's natural resources. Located on six hundred acres along the James River Valley near Jamestown, North Dakota, the NPWRC develops and disseminates scientific information needed to understand, conserve, and manage the Nation’s biological resources. Research emphasis is primarily on mid-continental plant and animal species and ecosystems of the United States. The Northern Prairie Science Center needs content management and web applications support to help build Center capabilities.

The Fort Collins Science Center Information Science team is working with Northern Prairie staff to provide data content management and web applications support. The NPWRC utilizes a Drupal website developed by FORT to communicate information about their work to other scientists and the public. Two new elements of the website will be the display of project information stored in ScienceBase as well as a Pollinator Library that will rely on a MySQL database. FORT staff will provide Drupal support as requested by the development team to further these efforts.

Pollinator Library