Negotiation techniques to resolve western water disputes

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Journal Article




Lamb, B.L., and J.G. Taylor

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Lamb, B.L., and J.G. Taylor. 1990. Negotiation techniques to resolve western water disputes. Water Resources Bulletin. 26(6): 1-9.

There is growing literature on the resolution of natural resources conflicts. Much of it is practical focusing on guidelines for hands on negotiation. This literature can be a guide in water conflicts. This is especially true for negotiations over new environmental values such as instream flow. The concepts of competitive, cooperative, and integrative styles of conflict resolution are applied to three cases of water resource bargaining. Lessons for the effective use of these ideas include: break a large number of parties into small working groups, approach value differences in small steps, be cautious in the presence of an attentive public, keep decisions at the local level, and understand the opponent's interests.