Instream flow negotiation: review of practices

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White, M.R., F.D. Valdez, and M.D. White

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White, M.R., F.D. Valdez, and M.D. White. 1980. Instream flow negotiation: review of practices. FWS/OBS-80/53. Fort Collins, CO: Fish and Wildlife Service. 74 p.

This review summarizes research, findings, and recommendations of researchers and practitioners in the art of negotiation, and applies them to negotiations undertaken to preserve and protect instream flows.

It covers the steps in preparing for negotiation of instream flows, including development of a position, fall-back positions, preparation for questioning by the opponent, and assessing the opponent’s case.

It analyzes the various types of negotiations and discusses the structural components of negotiation which the negotiator may change to his advantage, such as the number of parties, availability of third parties, and the issue components and conduct of negotiations.

Negotiation tactics listed include those tactics recommended for the negotiator and those he may meet and should be prepared to defend himself against, such as the pattern of concessions, commitment, and opening moves.

The review summarizes some lessons to be learned from past negotiations of instream flows, and includes a bibliography.