Waterfowl Management Handbook

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Cross, D., and P. Vohs, (eds.)

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Cross, D., and P. Vohs, (eds.). 1988. Waterfowl Management Handbook. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. vario p.

The need for a single source of information about the management of waterfowl and their habitat was originally suggested by the north-central region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Much of this information exists in scientific papers, unpublished reports, or has never been recorded, and thus is not readily accessible by waterfowl managers. The information in each handbook chapter does not represent a thorough synthesis of all pertinent literature, but rather highlights important information for developing a conceptual framework for wetland managers. Chapters are brief by design, and have figures and tables to facilitate a rapid assessment of information on a specific topic. If a manager wishes additional information, the brief Suggested Reading section lists titles of key papers...