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2005 An annotated list of the caddisflies (Trichoptera) of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA Journal Article
2005 Nebraska, U.S.A.: A new state record for the shortwing snowfly, Allocapnia vivipara (Plecoptera: Capniidae) Journal Article
2005 People, parks, and pumas…and prions Science Feature
2005 Myotis volans: Long-legged myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Myotis auriculus: Southwestern myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Myotis yumanensis: Yuma myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Myotis evotis: Long-eared myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Myotis septentrionalis: Northern myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Myotis ciliolabrum: Western small-footed myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Myotis californicus: California myotis Proceedings, Pages in
2005 FORT researchers meet the challenges of re-establishing the endangered black-footed ferret Science Feature
2005 Nonbreeding territorial behavior of two congeneric antbirds, chestnut-backed antbird (Myrmeciza exsul) and white-bellied antbird (M. longipes) Journal Article
2005 Ecological forecasting: A strategic partnership to predict and manage biological invasions Science Feature
2005 Science for planning: It's more than just the biology Science Feature
2005 The wolf viewing experience in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park Journal Article
2005 Three Gorges Dam: Natural flow and dam operations Journal Article
2005 SWIN-WAFER: One-stop source for fire and water data in the Southwest Science Feature
2005 Partnerships for Science: A “Virtual” Institute for Invasive Species Research and Management Science Feature
2005 Advancing migratory bird conservation and management by using radar: an interagency collaboration Open-file Report
2005 Using Tracers to Evaluate Streamflow Gain-Loss Characteristics of Terror Creek, in the Vicinity of a Mine-Permit Area, Delta County, Colorado, Water Year 2003 Scientific Investigations Report
2005 Aspen ecology in the core elk winter range of Rocky Mountain National Park: Years and conditions for successful establishment and regeneration determined by dendrochronology, and DNA genetic analysis of relatedness within and between stand Report
2005 The Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring (PRISM) Report, Pages In
2005 Final report: 2003-2004 Mammalian inventories for three national parks in the Southern Colorado Plateau Network Administrative Report
2005 Characterizing vegetation fire dynamics in Brazil through multisatellite data: Common trends and practical issues Journal Article
2005 Validation of MODIS active fire detection products derived from two algorithms Journal Article
2005 The influence of catchment geology on water quality and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in streams from the Colorado Mineral Belt Abstract
2005 Examining patterns of bat activity in Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico, using walking point transects Journal Article
2005 An Assessment of Public Knowledge, Values, and Attitudes toward Biodiversity and Sustainable Forestry—Final report to the National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry Report
2005 Effectiveness of fish barriers and renovations for maintaining and enhancing populations of native southwestern fishes Report
2005 Inventory for bats (Chiroptera) at Canyonlands National Park, Utah: Annual Report for 2004. Submitted to National Park Service, Northern Colorado Plateau Network, Moab, UT, January 2005 Administrative Report
2005 Upper Delaware River Temperature Modeling: Phase I Final Report Report
2005 Tres Rios wetlands demonstration project: considerations regarding constructed wetlands planning and management - Preliminary information for use in the Tres Rios constructed wetlands full-scale project Report
2005 Using radar to advance migratory bird management: an interagency collaboration Fact Sheet
2005 West Nile virus and sage-grouse: what more have we learned? Journal Article
2005 A comparison of sample types varying in invasiveness for use in DNA sex determination in an endangered population of greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus uropihasianus) Journal Article
2005 The influence of catchment geology on water quality and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in streams from the Colorado Mineral Belt Abstract
2005 Final report: Long-billed Curlew (Numenius americanus) population estimate and monitoring guidelines Administrative Report
2005 Effects of ungulate browsing on post-fire recovery of riparian cottonwoods: implications for management of riparian forests, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming. 2005 Progress Report Administrative Report
2005 The multiple values of wilderness: A national assessment of the values of the national wilderness preservation system Book, Pages in
2005 Riparian willow restoration along the Illinois River at Arapaho NWR, Colorado. 2005 Annual Progress Report - SSP03R603 Administrative Report
2005 The Southern Africa Fire Network (SAFNet) regional burned area product validation protocol Journal Article
2005 Using the Tracer-Dilution Discharge Method to Develop Streamflow Records for Ice-Affected Streams in Colorado Scientific Investigations Report
2005 Territory defense in tropical birds: are females as aggressive as males? Journal Article
2005 Aneides hardii (Taylor, 1941): Sacramento Mountain salamander Book, Pages in
2005 2005 report to Rocky Mountain National Park Administrative Report
2005 Seasonal habitat shift in an intertidal wolf spider: proximal cues associated with migration and substrate preference Journal Article
2005 Accuracy of aerial telemetry in fisheries studies Journal Article
2004 Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis)survivorship and habitat studies in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and surrounding lands, Wyoming and Montana, 2000-2003 Report, Pages In
2004 Restoration of western river ecosystems: reality or rigormortis? Abstract
2004 Bighorn sheep demography and population modeling, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Wyoming and Montana, 2000-2002 Report, Pages In
2004 Habitat restoration for Gunnison and Greater Sage-Grouse -- a literature review Administrative Report
2004 Bighorn sheep habitat suitability assessment of the greater Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: a higher resolution analysis Report, Pages In
2004 Setting objectives for ecosystem restoration: an examination of National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plans Abstract
2004 An economic analysis of alternative fertility control and associated management techniques for the Pryor Mountain wild horse herd Administrative Report
2004 Quantifying the effect of dam removal on water temperatures in the lower Klamath River, California, and implications for salmon recovery Abstract
2004 Annual Report for 2003 Wild Horse Research and Field Activities Open-file Report
2004 Mixing physical habitat and streamflow time series analysis Journal Article
2004 Territory switching and floating in White-bellied Antbird (Myrmeciza longipes) a resident tropical passerine in Panama Journal Article
2004 Great Plains ecosystems: past, present, and future Journal Article
2004 Detecting trends in water temperatures in the Lower Klamath River, California Abstract
2004 Impact of the Scott Able Fire on salamander abundance and arthropod prey base: year three. FY03 Annual report Administrative Report
2004 Stratton sagebrush hydrology study area: an annotated bibliography of research conducted 1968 to 1990 Open-file Report
2004 Quality Assurance Report - Loch Vale Watershed, 1999-2002 Open-file Report
2004 Chemistry & migration mysteries: fur holds clues to previous journeys Popular Article
2004 Screening model for determining likelihood of site occupancy by Oregon spotted frogs (Rana pretiosa) in Washington State Report
2004 Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area 2003 visitor use survey: completion report Open-file Report
2004 Vegetation monitoring of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming, 2002 Report, Pages In
2004 Cross-scale interactions, nonlinearities, and forecasting catastrophic events Journal Article
2004 The ecological, hydrological, and geological consequences of burn severity and social application of those results Administrative Report
2004 Using stable isotopes to associate migratory shorebirds with their wintering locations in Argentina Journal Article
2004 Storytelling as a means of fostering children’s connections to natural landscapes Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Synthesis of existing information on meadow jumping mice (Zapus hudsonius) in the northern Great Plains: an information review compiled for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 6, Denver, Colorado Administrative Report
2004 Bighorn sheep habitat studies, population dynamics, and population modeling in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Wyoming and Montana, 2000-2003 Open-file Report
2004 Background and applications of the Legal-Institutional Analysis Model (LIAM) for management of infrastructures Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Human alterations of riparian ecosystems Book, Pages in
2004 Riparian ecosystem assessments Book, Pages in
2004 Fort Collins Science Center (Fact Sheet) Fact Sheet
2004 American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) Book, Pages in
2004 Physical habitat and sediment in the lower Virgin River Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Foraging ecology in White-tailed Kites (Elanus leucurus) Thesis & Dissertation
2004 Nitrogen regulation of algal biomass, productivity, and composition in shallow mountain lakes, Snowy Range, Wyoming, USA Journal Article
2004 Rapid Reponse Request for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Ecological Services Field Offices in Lakewood and Grand Junction, Colorado Administrative Report
2004 Lessons learned from a decade of research on constructed wastewater-treatment wetlands in the southwestern United States Abstract
2004 An animal location-based habitat suitability model for bighorn sheep and wild horses in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Montana, and Wyoming Report, Pages In
2004 Use of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology: special issue Journal Article
2004 Modeling chinook salmon with SALMOD on the Sacramento River, California Journal Article
2004 Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge: a survey of visitor experiences: report to respondents Open-file Report
2004 Why aren't there more beaver in Rocky Mountain National Park? Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Abundance of woody riparian species in the western USA in relation to phenology, climate, and flow regime Abstract
2004 Chronic wasting disease risk analysis workshop: an integrative approach Open-file Report
2004 Effects of seeding ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) on vegetation recovery following fire in a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forest Journal Article
2004 “We’re trying to make this picture come alive again”: An examination of how site history is presented to school groups at Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum, Chittenango, New York Report, Pages In
2004 Beaver vs. floods in controlling hydrological processes on floodplains Proceedings, Pages in
2004 The social values of wilderness Report, Pages In
2004 Cumulative effects of nutrients and pH on the plankton of two mountain lakes Journal Article
2004 Use of Instream Flow Incremental Methodology: introduction to the special issue Journal Article
2004 Detritus, trophic dynamics, and biodiversity Journal Article
2004 Stable hydrogen isotope analysis of bat hair as evidence for seasonal molt and long-distance migration Journal Article
2004 Economic analysis of alternative bison and elk management practices on the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park: a comparison of visitor and household responses Open-file Report
2004 Isolation of Snake River islands and mammalian predation of waterfowl nests Journal Article
2004 Distribution and abundance of pelagic fish in Lake Powell, Utah, and Lake Mead, Arizona-Nevada Journal Article
2004 CloseTest: A program for testing capture-recapture data for closure [Software Manual] Report
2004 Rabies in a captive colony of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) Journal Article
2004 Nest survival estimation: a review of alternatives to the Mayfield estimator Journal Article
2004 Linking intended visitation to regional economic impact models of bison and elk management Journal Article
2004 Foxes on a hot tin roof Journal Article
2004 Sustaining healthy freshwater ecosystems Journal Article
2004 The travel cost method and the economic value of leisure time Journal Article
2004 Genetic methods improve accuracy of gender determination in beaver Journal Article
2004 The importance of adjusting for trip purpose in regional economic analyses of tourist destinations Proceedings, Pages in
2004 NO3 uptake in shallow, oligotrophic, mountain lakes: the influence of elevated NO3 concentrations Journal Article
2004 Collection of an adult gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) from the San Juan River, Utah Journal Article
2004 Lake Powell management alternatives and values: CVM estimates of recreation benefits Journal Article
2004 A Florida caterpillar and other arthropods inhabiting the webs of a subsocial spider (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae; Araneida: Theridiidae) Journal Article
2004 Sediment Model for the Middle Rio Grande – Phase 1, San Acacia Diversion Dam to Elephant Butte Reservoir Report
2004 Stratton sagebrush hydrology study area: an annotated bibliography of research conducted 1968-1990
2004 Biomonitoring of environmental status and trends (BEST) program: environmental contaminants and their effects on fish in the Yukon River basin Scientific Investigations Report
2004 Overbank Sedimentation due to Beaver Activity in a Mountain Landscape Abstract
2004 Biomonitoring of environmental status & trends (BEST) program: environmental contaminants and their effects on fish in the Columbia River Basin Scientific Investigations Report
2004 A comparison of three fecal steroid metabolites for pregnancy detection used with single sampling in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) Journal Article
2004 Wayfinding in human ecology Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Measuring experiences in parks and protected areas Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Collared peccary range expansion in northwestern New Mexico Journal Article
2004 Estimating stage-specific daily survival probabilities of nests when nest age is unknown Journal Article
2004 Evaluation of Streamflow Losses Along the Gunnison River from Whitewater Downstream to the Redlands Canal Diversion Dam, near Grand Junction, Colorado, Water Years 1995–2003 Scientific Investigations Report
2004 Forum: Research in National Parks Journal Article
2004 Wilderness experience in Rocky Mountain National Park 2002: report to RMNP Open-file Report
2004 Reproduction and seasonal activity of silver-haired bats (Lasionycteris noctivagans) in western Nebraska Journal Article
2004 Landsat TM inventory and assessment of waterbird habitat in the southern altiplano of South America Journal Article
2004 Nitrogen emissions along the Colorado Front Range: response to population growth, land and water use change, and agriculture Book, Pages in
2004 Patterns of nitrogen accumulation and cycling in riparian floodplain ecosystems along the Green and Yampa rivers Journal Article
2004 Improving biodiversity knowledge with dataset synergy: a case study of non-native plants in Colorado Journal Article
2004 Dominance of Tamarix and Elaeagnus along rivers in western USA Abstract
2004 Results of Electrical Resistivity Data Collected near the Town of Guernsey, Platte County, Wyoming Open-file Report
2004 Final Report: 2001-2003 mammalian inventory for five southern Colorado plateau network parks: Aztec Ruins National Monument, El Morro National Monument, Petroglyph National Monument, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, Yucca House National Monument Administrative Report
2004 Annual Report: 2003 mammalian inventory for three southern Colorado Plateau Network parks: Bandelier National Monument, Chaco Culture National Historic Park, El Malpais National Monument Administrative Report
2004 Examining the black box: an insider's view on the importance of vegetation in treatment wetlands Abstract
2004 An economic analysis of alternative fertility control and associated management techniques for three BLM wild horse herds Open-file Report
2004 Reintroduction of the flannelmouth sucker in the lower Colorado River Journal Article
2004 Stream Segment Temperature Model (SSTEMP) Version 2.0: Revised June 2004 Software Documentation
2004 Suspended and substrate sediment sizes of the lower Rio Puerco, New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Managing National Wildlife Refuges for historic or non-historic conditions: determining the role of the refuge in the ecosystem Journal Article
2004 Estimating survival probabilities of unmarked dependent young when detection is imperfect Journal Article
2004 Migration stopover ecology of western avian populations: patterns of geographic and habitat distribution: Progress report: Project Number QR-F3-03-07 Administrative Report
2004 Alternative transportation on public lands: striking a balance between resource protection and visitor experience Abstract
2004 Remote Sensing for Environmental Site Screening and Watershed Evaluation in Utah Mine Lands: East Tintic Mountains, Oquirrh Mountains, and Tushar Mountains Scientific Investigations Report
2004 Effects of elk herbivory on vegetation and nitrogen processes Journal Article
2004 Empirical evidence for large nonmarket values for water resources: TCM benefits estimates for Lake Powell Journal Article
2004 Variable breeding phenology affects the exposure of amphibian embryos to ultraviolet radiation: reply Journal Article
2004 Geologic, geophysical, and seismic characterization of the Luttrell pit as a mine-waste repository Report, Pages In
2004 Whither human ecology? Book, Pages in
2004 Understanding trace-element sources and transport to upper Basin Creek in the vicinity of the Buckeye and Enterprise mines Report, Pages In
2004 Survival estimation in bats: historical overview, critical appraisal, and suggestions for new approaches Book, Pages in
2004 Ungulate grazing systems compared between the greater Yellowstone Area and East Africa Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Regional economic effects of current and proposed management alternatives for Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge Administrative Report
2004 Quantification of habitat patch persistence in rivers affected by hydropeaking Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Estimating the use of morphometric measurements from museum specimens for sex determination in Mountain Plovers (Charadrius montanus) Journal Article
2004 The importance of hyporheic sediment respiration in several mid-order Michigan rivers: comparison between methods in estimates of lotic metabolism Journal Article
2004 When should Mayfield model data be discarded? Journal Article
2004 Vegetation response to fire and postburn seeding treatments in juniper woodlands of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah Journal Article
2004 Distribution of sage-grouse in North America Journal Article
2004 Ecological patterns and environmental change in the Bandelier landscape Book, Pages in
2004 Flying by night: USGS scientists put technology to work on bats Science Feature
2004 Multi-platform vegetation analysis of Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Idaho--geospatial information Presentation
2004 Predicting the thermal effects of dam removal on the Klamath River Journal Article
2004 Lions, wolves, and bears; oh my! Predator compensation programs in the west Journal Article
2004 Adaptive management of prairie grouse: how do we get there? Journal Article
2004 Mountain lions, wolves, and bears: Detangling the issues surrounding predator conservation in the West Thesis & Dissertation
2004 Relative importance of beaver and low recurrence-interval floods in controlling water table position of mountain riparian wetlands Proceedings, Pages in
2004 A new species of Zealeuctra ricker (Plecoptera: Leuctridae) and confirmation of Hydroperla fugitans (Needham and Claassen) (Plecoptera: Perlodidae) from Texas Journal Article
2004 LBA ECO LC-23 ASTER - MODIS Fire data comparison - Brazil 2003-2004. [Data set] Data Series
2004 Life cycle of the net-spinning caddisfly, Cheumatopsyche analis (Banks) (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae), in two small front range urban streams, Fort Collins, Colorado Journal Article
2004 Transferability of tubifex limiting factor models Proceedings, Pages in
2004 Multi-scale and nested-intensity sampling techniques for archaeological survey Journal Article
2004 Site fidelity, territory fidelity, and natal philopatry in Willow Flycatchers (Empidonax traillii) Journal Article
2004 Vegetation responses to dam removal Journal Article
2004 BRD conservation the USGS way Science Feature
2004 Final Report: Relative abundance and diversity of birds in Riparian habitats at North Platte National Wildlife Refuge and in grasslands at Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Nebraska Administrative Report
2004 WHIMS User's Manual Software Documentation
2004 Migration stopover ecology of western avian populations: a southwestern migration workshop Open-file Report
2004 West Nile virus: pending crisis for greater sage-grouse Journal Article
2004 Sensitivity to acidification of subalpine ponds and lakes in north-western Colorado Journal Article
2004 Fort Collins Science Center: Aquatic Systems and Technology Applications Fact Sheet
2004 Fort Collins Science Center: Ecosystem Dynamics Fact Sheet
2004 Final report: migration stopover ecology of western avian populations: patterns of geographic and habitat distribution (Quick Response Project Number QR-F3-03-07) Administrative Report
2004 Characteristics of mule deer day-bed and forage sites in current-condition and restoration-treated ponderosa pine forest Journal Article
2004 Fort Collins Science Center: Invasive Species Science Fact Sheet
2004 Fort Collins Science Center: Policy Analysis and Science Assistance Fact Sheet
2004 Comparison of Landsat-7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) and Earth Observing One (EO-1) Advanced Land Imager Journal Article
2004 Final Report: Mammalian inventories for two national wildlife refuges in Nebraska, 2001-2002, Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge and North Platte National Wildlife Refuge Administrative Report
2004 Fort Collins Science Center: Species and Habitats of Federal Interest Fact Sheet
2003-03 Public knowledge of and attitudes toward black-tailed prairie dogs: findings from a survey of eleven western states Proceedings, Pages in
2003 Annual survival and population estimates of Mountain Plovers in Southern Phillips County, Montana Journal Article
2003 Fort Collins Science Center: Aquatic Systems and Technology Applications Program Brochure
2003 Ecohydrology of a resource-conserving semiarid woodland: Effects of scale and disturbance Journal Article
2003 Basal metabolism of the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) and the Siberian polecat (M. eversmannii) Journal Article
2003 Fire in the west: It's no simple story Journal Article
2003 Challenges to reestablishment of free-ranging populations of black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2003 Lizard distributions and reproductive success in a ponderosa pine forest Journal Article
2003 Recurrence of Mexican long-tongued bats (Choeronycteris mexicana) at historical sites in Arizona and New Mexico Journal Article
2003 Effects of river flow regime on cottonwood leaf litter dynamics in semi-arid northwestern Colorado Journal Article
2003 Treatment of black-tailed prairie dog burrows with deltamethrin to control fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera) and plague Journal Article
2003 A gentle introduction to quantile regression for ecologists Journal Article
2003 Evaluating Sources of Job Satisfaction: A Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge Managers and Biologists ITR
2003 Biology and reproduction of Iguana iguana in the wild Book, Pages in
2003 Responses of Englemann spruce forests to nitrogen fertilization in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2003 Nitrogen emissions, deposition, and monitoring in the Western United States Journal Article
2003 Ecological effects of nitrogen deposition in the western United States Journal Article
2003 Lake-specific responses to elevated atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, U.S.A. Journal Article
2003 Human disruption of element interactions: drivers, consequences, and trends for the twenty-first century Book, Pages in
2003 Surface reflectance calibration of terrestrial imaging spectroscopy data: a tutorial using AVIRIS Report, Pages In
2003 Sex differences in the thermoregulation and evaporative water loss of a heterothermic bat, Lasiurus cinereus, during its spring migration Journal Article
2003 Isotopic study of sulfate sources and residence times in a subalpine watershed Journal Article
2003 Tracing the pathways of neotropical migratory shorebirds using stable isotopes: a pilot study Journal Article
2003 Political and social viability of predator compensation programs in the West. Final Project Report Thesis & Dissertation
2003 Electrofishing and its harmful effects on fish ITR
2003 IFIM and the balancing act for water Science Feature
2003 Colorado bat conservation plan Report
2003 Beaver (Castor canadensis) in heavily browsed environments Journal Article
2003 Beaver herbivory of willow under two flow regimes: a comparative study on the Green and Yampa rivers Journal Article
2003 Landowners' Opinions Contribute to USDA Conservation Policy via USGS Survey Science Feature
2003 Impact of the Scott Able fire on salamander abundance and arthropod prey base: year two AND Studies of the effects of forest management practices on the Sacramento Mountain salamander, Aneides hardii, FY02 Annual Report Administrative Report
2003 Sulfur dynamics and hydrologic interactions among prairie wetlands: the influence of landscape position and hydroperiod Abstract
2003 Planning for population viability on Northern Great Plains national grasslands Journal Article
2003 Herding sparrows for science Science Feature
2003 Development of Digital Aerial Photography Archives for the Greater Everglades of South Florida Report, Pages In
2003 Creation of a Geodatabase of the Digital Aerial Photography Archives for the Greater Everglades of South Florida and the Southern Inland and Coastal System Presentation
2003 Declining beaver populations in Rocky Mountain National Park Report
2003 Urbanization of wildlife management: Social science, conflict, and decision making Journal Article
2003 Wilderness experience in Rocky Mountain National Park 2002: report to respondents Open-file Report
2003 Ord's kangaroo rats living in floodplain habitats: factors contributing to habitat attraction Journal Article
2003 Effects of flow regulation on shallow-water habitat dynamics and floodplain connectivity Journal Article
2003 Comparison of moonlight effects on cover usage and spatial learning of black-footed ferrets (Mustela nigripes) and siberian ferrets (M. eversmannii) Thesis & Dissertation
2003 Effects of channel modification on fish habitat in the upper Yellowstone River: final report to the USACE, Omaha Open-file Report
2003 Proceedings of the International IFIM Users' Workshop, June 1-5, 2003, Fort Collins, CO Proceedings
2003 Ecology of native ungulates in the Jackson Valley: habitat selection, interactions with domestic livestock, and effects of herbivory on grassland and willow communities Report
2003 Cibola High Levee Pond Annual Report 2003 Report
2003 Sustaining healthy freshwater ecosystems Journal Article
2003 Beaver (Castor canadensis) Book, Pages in
2003 Comparison of white-tailed kite food web dynamics among various habitats in California using stable isotope analysis Abstract
2003 Compensation and predator conservation: Limitations of compensation Journal Article
2003 Science for avian conservation: priorities for the new millennium Journal Article
2003 Of grassland birds and fire Popular Article
2003 Persistent ocean contaminants and marine mammals: a retrospective overview Book, Pages in
2003 Do ungulates accelerate or decelerate nitrogen cycling? Journal Article
2003 Wolf social ecology Book, Pages in
2003 Ground counts of shorebirds at non-breeding sites Web Site/Page
2003 Population demography of shortgrass prairie songbirds Abstract
2003 Small-mammal density estimation: a field comparison of grid-based vs. web-based density estimators Journal Article
2003 Monitoring the shorebirds of North America: towards a unified approach Journal Article