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2006 The importance of adjusting for trip purpose in regional economic analyses of tourist destinations Journal Article
2006 State report for Wyoming from the research project entitled “Wildlife Values in the West” Report
2006 Prairie wetland sediment records: Can stable isotopes detail hydroperiod and climate variability? Abstract
2006 Tracking the presence and effects of marine-derived nutrients in southcentral Alaska watersheds Abstract
2006 Using role analysis to plan for stakeholder involvement: a Wyoming case study Journal Article
2006 Application of a coupled ecosystem-chemical equilibrium model, DayCent-Chem, to stream and soil chemistry in an alpine watershed Journal Article
2006 Monitoring low density avian populations: an example using Mountain Plovers Journal Article
2006 Bullfrog tadpole (Rana catesbeiana) and red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) predation on early life stages of endangered razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) Journal Article
2006 Cropland expansion changes deforestation dynamics in the southern Brazilian Amazon Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Watershed management councils and scientific models: Using diffusion literature to explain adoption Journal Article
2006 Nest success of Mountain Plovers relative to anthropogenic edges in eastern Colorado Journal Article
2006 Modeling post-fledging survival of lark buntings in response to ecological and biological factors Journal Article
2006 Distribution and potential ecological effects of Didymosphenia geminata (Schmidt) in Central Colorado Abstract
2006 Evaluating redband trout habitat in sagebrush desert basins in southwestern Idaho Journal Article
2006 Testosterone does not increase in response to conspecific challenges in the White-bellied Antbird (Myrmeciza longipes), a resident tropical passerine Journal Article
2006 Stable isotope evidence that salmon are important to brown bears in southwestern Alaska Abstract
2006 Bottlenose dolphin population differentiation and trophic studies using carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur stable isotopes and stomach content analyses Abstract
2006 Marine nutrient subsidies to freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems: Insights from stable isotopes Abstract
2006 Novel ecosystems: theoretical and management aspects of the new ecological world order Journal Article
2006 Impacts on Water Quality and Biota from Natural Acid Rock Drainage in Colorado’s Lake Creek Watershed Proceedings, Pages in
2006 National Hydrologic Assessment Tool (NATHAT) Software
2006 New Jersey Hydrologic Tools (NJHAT and NJSCT) Software
2006 Foreword Book, Pages in
2006 Pigs on the plains: institutional analysis of a Colorado water quality initiative Journal Article
2006 The prairie dog as a keystone species Book, Pages in
2006 Ecological condition of streams in the southern Rocky Mountains, based on periphyton Abstract
2006 Rank score and permutation testing alternatives for regression quantile estimates Journal Article
2006 Evaluation of the consistency of long-term NDVI time series derived from AVHRR, SPOT-vegetation, SeaWiFS, MODIS, and Landsat ETM+ sensors Journal Article
2006 Attitudes and perceptions about prairie dogs Book, Pages in
2006 Public expectations about access fees and road closures on public lands Journal Article
2006 Comprehensive inventory and mapping of tamarisk within Colorado's river systems and major tributaries: protocols, results, lessons learned, costs, and information dissemination Abstract
2006 Transverse and longitudinal variation in woody riparian vegetation along a montane river Journal Article
2006 Hair segment analysis of female Alaskan brown bears: resolving seasonal salmon consumption with sulfur isotopes Abstract
2006 New developments in sulfur isotope analysis and applications to ecological research Abstract
2006 Wolf spider (Araneae, Lycosidae) movement along a pond edge Journal Article
2006 Restoration of an endangered species: the black-footed ferret Book, Pages in
2006 State report for Kansas from the research project entitled “Wildlife Values in the West” Report
2006 Application of GSTAR-1D Sediment Transport Model on the Middle Rio Grande, NM – San Acacia Diversion Dam to Elephant Butte Reservoir Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Extreme plasticity in thermoregulatory behaviors of free-ranging black-tailed prairie dogs Journal Article
2006 Ecological effects of Didymosphenia geminata in marcoinvertebrate communities of the central Colorado Rocky Mountains Abstract
2006 Regional biogeochemical investigations in RMNP by Colorado State University and the USGS Mineral Resources Program Abstract
2006 Bobcat attack on a cottontail rabbit Journal Article
2006 Bureau of Reclamation Automated Modified Einstein Procedure (BORAMEP) Program for Computing Total Sediment Load Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Species richness and patterns of invasion in plants, birds, and fishes in the United States Journal Article
2006 Proceedings of the 2005 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium Report
2006 Flood pattern and weather determine Populus leaf litter breakdown and nitrogen dynamics on a cold desert floodplain Journal Article
2006 Observations on the fate of fine sediment in modified rivers Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Evaluating plant invasions from both habitat and species perspectives Journal Article
2006 Performance evaluation of a wastewater treatment wetland, Piñon wetland pilot study: 1996-2004 Final Report Report
2006 Electrical Resistivity Surveys in Prospect Gulch, San Juan County, Colorado Open-file Report
2006 Modeling aboveground biomass of Tamarix (Tamarix ramosissima) in the Arkansas river basin in southeastern Colorado, USA Abstract
2006 Response of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: the Western Mountain Initiative Popular Article
2006 A tamarisk habitat suitability map for the continental United States Journal Article
2006 Description of the adults of Maccaffertium lenati (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae), notes on its ecology and distribution, and a new North Carolina record for Isonychia arida (Ephemeroptera: Isonychiidae) Journal Article
2006 Additions to the stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, U.S.A Journal Article
2006 Controlling temperatures on the Klamath River below Iron Gate Dam Presentation
2006 Effects of urban development on stream ecosystems along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado and Wyoming Fact Sheet
2006 Beaver dams and overbank floods influence groundwater-surface water interactions of a Rocky Mountain riparian area Journal Article
2006 Sampling Blood from big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) in the field with and without anesthesia: Impacts on survival Journal Article
2006 Ecological thresholds: the key to successful environmental management or an important concept with no practical application? Journal Article
2006 The effect of multiple stressors on salt marsh end-of-season biomass Journal Article
2006 Three new species of Perlesta (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from eastern North American and notes on new state records Journal Article
2006 An annotated list of aquatic insects of Fort Sill, Oklahoma, excluding Diptera with notes on several new state records Journal Article
2006 Bat fatalities at wind turbines: Investigating the causes and consequences Science Feature
2006 “HIP” new software: The Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process Science Feature
2006 It's in the air: The ecological effects of nitrogen deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park Science Feature
2006 Autumn migration and selection of rock crevices as hibernacula by big brown bats in Colorado Journal Article
2006 Nonlinear dynamics in manatee vocalizations Journal Article
2006 An Annotated List of the Mayflies, Stoneflies, and Caddisflies of the Sand Creek Basin, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado, 2004 and 2005 Web Site/Page
2006 Ecology of bonytail and razorback sucker and the role of off-channel habitats in their recovery Scientific Investigations Report
2006 Studies on stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Colorado with eastern faunal affinities, including a new state record of the midwestern salmonfly, Pteronarcys pictetii Hagen (Plecoptera: Pteronarcyidae) Journal Article
2006 Patterns aloft of songbird migrants in the Southwestern United States Abstract
2006 Scale and plant invasions: A theory of biotic acceptance Journal Article
2006 High severity fire in forests of the southwest: conservation implications. Progress Report, August 2005 Open-file Report
2006 Hydrologic interations between an alluvial fan and a slope wetland in the central Rocky Mountains, USA Journal Article
2006 Ecological effects of Didymosphenia geminate in macroinvertebrate communities of the central Colorado Rocky Mountains Abstract
2006 Two analytical approaches for quantifying physical habitat as a limit to aquatic ecosystems Journal Article
2006 Chapter A. Effects of urbanization on stream ecosystems in the South Platte River Basin, Colorado and Wyoming Scientific Investigations Report
2006 Estimation of temporary emigration in male toads Journal Article
2006 Green-tailed Towhee response to prescribed fire in mountain shrubland Journal Article
2006 Prevalence and effects of West Nile virus on wild American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) populations in Colorado Presentation
2006 UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology Annual Report for calendar year 2005: U.S. Geological Survey contribution Administrative Report
2006 Small mammal inventory at Great Sand Dunes National Monument and Preserve and Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, 2003-2004 Administrative Report
2006 Forest stand characteristics altered by restoration affect western bluebird habitat quality Journal Article
2005 Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge visitors: behaviors and attitudes about recreation opportunities Journal Article
2005 Symposium on agency bargaining behavior in multi-party environmental negotiations: Part I Journal Article
2005 Dominance of non-native riparian trees in western USA Journal Article
2005 User manual for Blossom statistical software Open-file Report
2005 Health evaluation of amphibians in and near Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, USA) Journal Article
2005 Brown Treesnake (Boiga irregularis) Fact Sheet for Pacific Island Residents and Travelers Fact Sheet
2005 Resilience of willow stems after release from intense elk browsing Journal Article
2005 Control of Tamarix in the western United States: implications for water salvage, wildlife use, and riparian restoration Journal Article
2005 Population genetic analysis of Mountain Plover using mitochondrial DNA sequence data Journal Article
2005 The predictive power of visual searching Journal Article
2005 Effectiveness of methyl bromide as a cargo fumigant for brown treesnakes Journal Article
2005 Public Acceptance of Management Actions and Judgments of Responsibility for the Wolves of the Southern Greater Yellowstone Area: Report to Grand Teton National Park Open-file Report
2005 Glueboards for estimating lizard abundance Journal Article
2005 Tamarisk tensions Journal Article
2005 Proceedings of the Institutional Analysis of Environmental Decision-making workshop: January 28-29, 2005 Scientific Investigations Report
2005 Survival and condition of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) after radiotagging Journal Article
2005 Agency bargaining behavior in multi-party environmental negotiations: a symposium overview Journal Article
2005 Software review: a program for testing capture-recapture data for closure Journal Article
2005 Linear models: permutation methods Book, Pages in
2005 Population genetics of Gunnison sage-grouse: implications for management Journal Article
2005 Watershed management and organizational dynamics: nationwide findings and regional variation Journal Article
2005 Variation in fire regimes of the Rocky Mountains: implications for avian communities and fire management Book, Pages in
2005 Conservation genetics in wildlife biology Book, Pages in
2005 JC Boyle bypass segment temperature analysis Administrative Report
2005 Assessing impacts of environmental contaminants Book, Pages in
2005 Variation in torpor patterns of free-ranging black-tailed and Utah prairie dogs across gradients of elevation Journal Article
2005 Factors limiting the recovery of boreal toads (Bufo b. boreas) Book, Pages in
2005 Status of amphibians on the Continental Divide: surveys on a transect from Montana to Colorado, USA Journal Article
2005 Marine mammals and environmental contaminants in the Pacific Ocean: current knowledge and frontiers for research Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Nest survival relative to patch size in a highly fragmented shortgrass prairie landscape Journal Article
2005 Distributional survey of the meadow jumping mouse (Zapus hudsonius) in the Northern Great Plains: trapping report, summer 2005 Administrative Report
2005 Implications of different shorebird migration strategies for habitat conservation Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Interaction of beaver and elk herbivory reduces standing crop of willow Journal Article
2005 Bufo boreas Baird and Girard, 1852(b): western toad Book, Pages in
2005 Crown fire in ponderosa pine forests: a landscape ecological perspective Proceedings, Pages in
2005 The black-footed ferret Journal Article
2005 Quantile regression reveals hidden bias and uncertainty in habitat models Journal Article
2005 Migration monitoring in shorebirds and landbirds: commonalities and differences Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Visitor Survey Results for the Souris River Loop National Wildlife Refuges: Completion Report Open-file Report
2005 The importance and future condition of western riparian ecosystems as migratory bird habitat Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Drought allocations using the Systems Impact Assessment Model: Klamath River Journal Article
2005 The United States Geological Survey's Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative Journal Article
2005 Core competencies for natural resource negotiation Journal Article
2005 High elevation ecosystem responses to atmospheric deposition of nitrogen in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, USA Book, Pages in
2005 A population genetics study of the white tailed kite using microsatellite analysis Thesis & Dissertation
2005 Quantity, quality, and support for research in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: an organizational assessment Administrative Report
2005 Anesthesia and blood sampling of wild big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) with an assessment of impacts on survival Journal Article
2005 Predatory fish removal and native fish recovery in the Colorado River mainstem: what have we learned? Journal Article
2005 Movements and home ranges of mountain plovers raising broods in three Colorado landscapes Journal Article
2005 Rocky Mountain Center for Conservation Genetics and Systematics Fact Sheet
2005 Recent water temperature trends in the Lower Klamath River, California Journal Article
2005 Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI): a successful start to a national program in the United States Journal Article
2005 The five elements process: designing optimal landscapes to meet bird conservation objectives Series
2005 Minimum population size of Mountain Plovers breeding in Wyoming Journal Article
2005 High priority needs for range-wide monitoring of North American landbirds Series
2005 Quantity, quality, and support for research in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: an organizational assessment Open-file Report
2005 Characterizing flow regimes for floodplain forest conservation: an assessment of factors affecting sapling growth and survivorship on three cold desert rivers Journal Article
2005 Museum of Southwestern Biology data reporting form. U.S. Geological Survey: calendar year 2004 Administrative Report
2005 Survival of young razorback sucker in relation to stocking rates (fish/ha) and in the presence or absence of predator communities in Lake Mohave, Arizona-Nevada Proceedings, Pages in
2005 A legacy of change: the lower Colorado River, Arizona-California-Nevada, USA and Sonora-Baja California Norte, Mexico Book, Pages in
2005 Westward expansion of the eastern pipistrelle (Pipistrellus subflavus) in the United States, including new records from New Mexico, South Dakota, and Texas Journal Article
2005 Westward expansion of the tawny-bellied cotton rat (Sigmodon fulviventer) in west-central New Mexico Journal Article
2005 Attitudinal survey component of the study "Quantity, quality, and support for research in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: an organizational assessment": report of methods and frequencies Open-file Report
2005 Visitor and community survey results for Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse: completion report Open-file Report
2005 Competition for food between an introduced crayfish and two fishes endemic to the Colorado River basin Journal Article
2005 Cibola High Levee Pond annual report 2004 Open-file Report
2005 Disparate Stakeholder Management of wildlife issues in the southern Greater Yellowstone Area Book, Pages in
2005 Analyzing stakeholder preferences for managing elk and bison at the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park: an example of the disparate stakeholder management approach Open-file Report
2005 The wood frog (Rana sylvatica): a technical conservation assessment Series
2005 Impact of the Scott Able fire on salamander abundance and arthropod prey base: year four Administrative Report
2005 Vegetation changes over 12 years in ungrazed and grazed Conservation Reserve Program grasslands in the Central and Southern Plains Report, Pages In
2005 Water quality and physical habitat limits in the Upper Animas River, Colorado. Paper no. 162-3 Abstract
2005 Measuring the effects of West Nile virus on wild American kestrel (Falco sparverius)populations in Colorado Abstract
2005 A thousand years in the life of a landscape Book, Pages in
2005 The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Report, Pages In
2005 Taking the pulse of Colorado's Front Range: developing regional indicators of environmental and quality of life condition Fact Sheet
2005 Vegetation models to inform streamflow alteration decisions Abstract
2005 Distance to the nearest road in the conterminous United States Fact Sheet
2005 Effects of conifers and elk browsing on quaking aspen forests in the central Rocky Mountains, USA Journal Article
2005 Declining beaver populations in Rocky Mountain National Park: Final report; NRPP 99-04 (ROMO); 10 January 2005 Administrative Report
2005 Patterns of plant species richness, rarity, endemism, and uniqueness in an arid landscape Journal Article
2005 Managing vegetation in surface-flow wastewater-treatment wetlands for optimal treatment performance Journal Article
2005 Shorebird conservation in dispersed ephemeral wetland systems: recommended criteria for Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN) landscape sites Administrative Report
2005 A system to evaluate the quality of biological and ecosystem restoration objectives: using National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plans as a case study Abstract
2005 Streamflow and the regeneration niche of cottonwood along the wild and scenic reach of the Missouri River Abstract
2005 Hybridization of Tamarix ramosissima and T. chinensis (saltcedars) with T. aphylla (athel) (tamaricaceae) in the southwestern USA dertermined from DNA sequence data Journal Article
2005 Appendix A. Results of the 2004 Conservation Reserve Program conference questionnaire Scientific Investigations Report
2005 The Conservation Reserve Program: planting for the future. Proceedings of a National Conference, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 6-9, 2004 Scientific Investigations Report
2005 Native fish sanctuaries of the Lower Colorado River: Cibola High Levee Pond Desert Pupfish Pond USGS Series
2005 Evaluating water management strategies with the Systems Impact Assessment Model: SIAM Version 4 (Revised October 2005) Open-file Report
2005 Grass buffers for playas in agricultural landscapes: an annotated bibliography Open-file Report
2005 Attitudinal survey component of the study 'Quantity, Quality, and Support for Research in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: An Organizational Assessment': Report of methods and frequencies Administrative Report
2005 Regional economic effects of current and proposed management alternatives for Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2005 Regional economic effects of current and proposed management alternatives for Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2005 Dating floodplain sediments using tree-ring response to burial Journal Article
2005 Completion report for Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge social research tasks information for a collaborative planning process Administrative Report
2005 Mountain Systems. Chapter 24 Book, Pages in
2005 Measuring the effects of West Nile Virus on wild American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) populations in Colorado-2004 Year-End Report Administrative Report
2005 Regional vegetation die-off in response to global-change-type drought Journal Article
2005 Bats in Fort Collins natural areas and parks: results of studies during 2004 Administrative Report
2005 Applying concepts of landscape ecology to rivers Abstract
2005 Integrated fire science in the Rocky Mountains Fact Sheet
2005 Participant observations on environmental and social effects of the Conservation Reserve Program: Results of a national survey Report, Pages In
2005 2004 Reclamation customer satisfaction survey Report
2005 Management for desired wildlife outcomes Report, Pages In
2005 An evaluation of weather and disease as causes of decline in two populations of boreal toads Journal Article
2005 Grass buffers for playas in agricultural landscapes: a literature synthesis Open-file Report
2005 Public access management as an adaptive wildlife management tool Open-file Report
2005 Delayed effects of flood control on a flood-dependent riparian forest Journal Article
2005 2004 annual progress report: Stratton Sagebrush Hydrology Study Area: establishment of a long-term research site in a high-elevation sagebrush steppe Open-file Report
2005 Efficacy of tail-mounted transmitters for beaver Journal Article
2005 Characterization of microsatellite loci isolated in midget-faded rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis concolor) Journal Article
2005 Influence of phenology, climate, and flow regime on abundance of woody riparian plants in the western USA Abstract
2005 Decision making with environmental indices Book, Pages in
2005 Economic importance of elk hunting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Open-file Report
2005 The effects of urgency to reach agreement on the process and outcome of multi-party natural resource negotiations Journal Article
2005 Toward a survey design to monitor wintering mountain plovers: final report to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Region 6] Administrative Report
2005 A multilocus population genetic survey of greater sage-grouse across their range Journal Article
2005 Genetic divergence of rabies viruses from bat species of Colorado, USA Journal Article
2005 Determinants of woody cover in African savannas Journal Article
2005 Membership in voluntary organizations on the Colorado Plateau: a reexamination of the technical information quandary Journal Article
2005 Effectiveness of fish barriers and renovations for maintaining and enhancing populations of native southwestern fishes Administrative Report
2005 Great Basin Riparian Ecosystems: Ecology, Management, and Restoration [Book Review] Journal Article
2005 Estimating site occupancy and abundance using indirect detection indices Journal Article
2005 Use of individualistic streamflow-vegetation relations along the Fremont River, Utah, USA to assess impacts of flow alteration on wetland and riparian area Journal Article
2005 Cottonwood in the Missouri Breaks National Monument Fact Sheet
2005 Nonlinear dynamics in ecosystem response to climatic change: Case studies and policy implications Journal Article
2005 Habitat and nesting biology of Mountain Plovers in Wyoming Journal Article
2005 A test of geographic assignment using isotope tracers in feathers of known origin Journal Article
2005 Time series analysis and the analysis of riverine ecosystems Abstract
2005 Resolving conflicts of Mountain Plovers (Charadrius montanus) breeding on agricultural lands in Colorado Report
2005 Uso de isotopos estables para relacionar los habitats estacionales de aves playeras nearticas [Using stable isotopes to link seasonal habitats of neartic shorebirds] Thesis & Dissertation
2005 Communicating with wildland interface communities during wildfire Open-file Report
2005 Distribution and abundance of breeding Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum ammolegus), and associated priority grassland species, in the Southwestern U.S. - 2004 Administrative Report
2005 Aggregate measures of ecosystem services: can we take the pulse of nature? Journal Article
2005 Geography of spring landbird migration through riparian habitats in southwestern North America Journal Article
2005 Tubifex limiting factors based on wet sieve analysis of core samples Proceedings, Pages in
2005 A landscape perspective for forest restoration Journal Article
2005 Evaluation of models and data for assessing Whooping Crane habitat in the central Platte River, Nebraska Scientific Investigations Report
2005 Stakeholder survey results for Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge: completion report Open-file Report
2005 Climate change and changes in sediment transport capacity in the Colorado Plateau, USA Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Differential parental care by adult Mountain Plovers, Charadrius montanus Journal Article
2005 Plant species invasions along the latitudinal gradient in the United States Journal Article
2005 Life-history habitat matching in invading non-native plant species Journal Article
2005 Roads and traffic: effects on ecology and wildlife habitat use, applications for cooperative adaptive management Fact Sheet
2005 Annual report for 2004 wild horse research and field activities Open-file Report
2005 Interim progress report for project: Long-billed curlew (Numenius americanus) rangewide survey and monitoring guidelines Administrative Report
2005 Calculating pre-measurement atmospheric deposition, stream chemistry, and soil chemistry for an alpine watershed in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Abstract
2005 Ecology and physiology of en route nearctic-neotropical migratory birds: a call for collaboration Journal Article
2005 Conservation of sagebrush ecosystems and wildlife Science Feature
2005 The effects of urban areas on benthic macroinvertebrates in two Colorado plains rivers Journal Article
2005 Marine derived nutrients (MDN) in riverine ecosystems: developing monitoring tools for tracking MDN in Alaska watersheds Abstract
2005 Stress and coping in the High Peaks wilderness: An exploratory assessment of visitor experiences Report, Pages In
2005 Validation of the MODIS Active fire product over Southern Africa with ASTER data Journal Article
2005 "They all cared about the forest": Elementary school children's experiences of the loss of a wooded play space at a private school in upstate New York Report, Pages In
2005 Landscape habitat selection by female mule deer in a partially restored ponderosa pine forest in northwest Arizona Book, Pages in
2005 Population demography of lark buntings: Post-fledging survival, fecundity, and breeding decisions Thesis & Dissertation
2005 A novel design approach for the management of treatment wetlands Abstract
2005 Strategic research plan: Wild horse and burro management Report
2005 System Impact Assessment Model (SIAM) Software
2005 Urbanization effects on fishes and habitat quality in a southern Piedmont river basin Proceedings, Pages in
2005 Predation of Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on invasive amphibians (Eleutherodactylus planirostris and Bufo marinus) Abstract
2005 Linking food webs and biogeochemical processes in wetlands: insights from sulfur isotopes Abstract
2005 Understanding of cultural, existence and bequest values of wilderness Journal Article
2005 Museum of Southwestern Biology annual report for calendar year 2004 Administrative Report
2005 Black Mesa- Black Canyon elk movement study: Public Access Management as an adaptive wildlife management tool Presentation