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2007 Geographic structure and dynamics in mountain plover Thesis & Dissertation
2007 Environmental effects of off-highway vehicles on Bureau of Land Management lands: A literature synthesis, annotated bibliographies, extensive bibliographies, and internet resources Open-file Report
2007 Ecology of Russian-olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) in western U.S.A Abstract
2007 Using new high-resolution dendrogeomorphic tools to reconstruct a fire-scaled history of 20th century floodplain deposition and channel narrowing Abstract
2007 Interactions among river flow, geomorphic processes, and riparian vegetation: implications for quantifying ecosystem flow requirements Abstract
2007 Ecosystem flow requirements for the Bill Williams River, Arizona, USA: a sustainable rivers project Abstract
2007 Ecosystem flow requirements for the Bill Williams River, Arizona, USA: a sustainable rivers project Abstract
2007 Restoration of Tamarix-dominated xeric riparian areas Abstract
2007 Restoration of Tamarix-dominated xeric riparian areas Abstract
2007 Restoration of Tamarix-dominated historic floodplains at Bosque del Apache NWR Presentation
2007 An adaptive assessment of the flushing flow needs of the lower Poudre River, Colorado: first evaluation Presentation
2007 Recreation-related perceptions of natural resource managers in the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest area Report, Pages In
2007 Bird migration patterns in the arid Southwest: Year II Administrative Report
2007 Species-area curves indicate the importance of habitats' contributions to regional biodiversity Journal Article
2007 Detection of group 1 coronaviruses in bats in North America Journal Article
2007 Biomonitoring of environmental status and trends (BEST) program: environmental contaminants, health indicators, and reproductive biomarkers in fish from the Mobile, Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint, Savannah, and Pee Dee River basins Scientific Investigations Report
2007 Apparent conductivity map of the Animas River watershed study area, Colorado, Plate 4 Report, Pages In
2007 Two Middle Pleistocene Glacial-Interglacial Cycles from the Valle Grande, Jemez Mountains, northern New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Bringing modeling to the masses: Online tools for invasive species management Abstract
2007 Appraisal of and response to social conditions in the Great Gulf Wilderness: Relationships among perceived crowding, rationalization, product shift, satisfaction, and future behavioral intentions Report, Pages In
2007 Diet composition of the invasive cane toad (Chaunus marinus) on Rota, Northern Mariana Islands Journal Article
2007 Interactive effect of temperature and resources on carbon cycling by freshwater bacterioplankton communities Journal Article
2007 Cascading events in linked ecological and socio-economic systems Journal Article
2007 Altered stream-flow regimes and invasive plant species: the Tamarix case Journal Article
2007 Biology and impacts of Pacific Island Invasive Species. 2. Boiga irregularis, the Brown Tree Snake (Reptilia: Colubridae) Journal Article
2007 Holding onto a slippery species Popular Article
2007 Fostering children’s connections to natural places through cultural and natural history storytelling Journal Article
2007 Expansion of the wilderness values scale with three sub-scales: Personal maintenance, expression and learning, and societal maintenance Report, Pages In
2007 Migration and the use of Autumn, Winter, and Spring roosts by tree bats Book, Pages in
2007 Ectoparasites in an urban population of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) in Colorado Journal Article
2007 Balancing data sharing requirements for analyses with data sensitivity Journal Article
2007 The invasion paradox: reconciling pattern and process in species invasion Journal Article
2007 Recent records of alien anurans on the Pacific island of Guam Journal Article
2007 A global organism detection and monitoring system for non-native species Journal Article
2007 Emoia atrocostata (Littoral skink) Journal Article
2007 Realistic expectations of timing between conservation and restoration actions and ecological responses Book, Pages in
2007 Interactions across spatial scales among forest dieback, fire, and erosion in Northern New Mexico landscapes Journal Article
2007 Informing the network: improving communication with interface communities during wildland fire Journal Article
2007 Summary of research activities, 2006 Presentation
2007 Outdoor recreation management: Today’s actions and tomorrow’s expectations Journal Article
2007 Climate change and disturbance interactions Abstract
2007 Adaptation options of National parks to climate change Abstract
2007 Economic considerations Book, Pages in
2007 Historical and modern disturbance regimes of Pinon-Juniper vegetation in the western U.S Report
2007 Olive-sided flycatcher (Contopus cooperi): a technical conservation assessment Report
2007 Habitat overlap between wild horses and bighorn sheep in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming Abstract
2007 Application of physical habitat simulation in the evaluation of physical habitat suitability Report, Pages In
2007 Monitoring the impacts of off-highway vehicle use on wildlife habitat use and movements Abstract
2007 Reproductive biology of the brown tree snake, Boiga irregularis (Reptilia: Colubridae), during colonization of Guam and comparison with that in their native range Journal Article
2007 Rapid assessment of postfire plant invasions in coniferous forests of the western United States Journal Article
2007 Lack of association between ectoparasite intensities and rabies virus neutralizing antibody seroprevalence in wild big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus), Fort Collins, Colorado Journal Article
2007 Response of brown treesnakes to reduction of their rodent prey Journal Article
2007 Organizing and integrating the valuation process Book, Pages in
2007 Regional variations in surface-water chemistry in central Colorado, including areas affected by high natural backgrounds and historic mining Abstract
2007 A rangewide population genetic study of trumpeter swans Journal Article
2007 Climate-induced forest dieback as an emergent global phenomenon: Overview and synthesis Abstract
2007 Landscape ecotoxicology: Linking catchment lithology to ecological state of streams in the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado Abstract
2007 Linking occurrence and fitness to persistence: a habitat-based approach for endangered Greater Sage-Grouse Journal Article
2007 Evaluation of harmonic direction-finding systems for detecting locomotor activity Journal Article
2007 The art and science of weed mapping Journal Article
2007 A human-dimensions review of human-wildlife disturbance: a literature review of impacts, frameworks, and management solutions Open-file Report
2007 Characterization of microsatellite loci isolated in Mountain Plover (Charadrius montanus) Journal Article
2007 Large seasonal swings in leaf area of Amazon rainforests Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Effects of mining on the environment—A national overview [Presentation] Presentation
2007 Selected field parameters from streams and analytical data from water and macroinvertebrate samples, Central Colorado Assessment Project, Environmental Assessment Task, 2004 and 2005 Open-file Report
2007 Taking charge of the wild: Keep an eye on ‘unmanaged’ trails Journal Article
2007 Population-specific demographic estimates provide insights into declines of Lark Buntings (Calamospiza melanocorys) Journal Article
2007 Loch Vale watershed research project Web Site/Page
2007 Modeling aboveground biomass of Tamarix ramosissima in the Arkansas River basin of southeastern Colorado, USA Journal Article
2007 Multiple pathways for invasion of anurans on a Pacific island Journal Article
2007 Response of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: the Western Mountain Initiative Popular Article
2007 Selected field parameters from streams and preliminary analytical data from water and macroinvertebrate samples, Central Colorado Assessment Project, Task, 2004 and 2005 Report
2007 Volker Grimm and Steven F. Railsback, Individual-Based Modeling and Ecology, Princeton University Press (2005) [Book Review] Journal Article
2007 The paradox of Didymosphenia geminata Abstract
2007 Coniophanes imperialis (Black-striped snake). Diet Abstract
2007 Landscape geochemistry of Central Colorado—Results from stream-sediment data Abstract
2007 Field validation of a Biotic Ligand Model-derived toxic unit model Abstract
2007 Spatial nonlinearities: Cascading effects in the earth system Book, Pages in
2007 Variable role of aquatic macroinvertebrates in initial breakdown of seasonal leaf litter inputs to a cold-desert river Journal Article
2007 Boreal toads and the ecosystem Popular Article
2007 Symposium Introduction Journal Article
2007 Publication Brief for Resource Managers: Evaluating the potential for watershed restoration to reduce nutrient loading to Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon (USGS Open-File Report 2007-1168) Web Site/Page
2007 Behavior of juvenile Brown Treesnakes, with implications for interdiction, control, and management Abstract
2007 Can temperature be used as a tool for limiting Brown Treesnake (Boiga irregularis) invasion via transit pathways? Abstract
2007 Native Fish Sanctuary Project—Developmental Phase, 2007 Annual Report Open-file Report
2007 Linking occurrence and fitness to persistence: a habitat-based approach for endangered Greater Sage-Grouse Abstract
2007 Climate matching as a tool for predicting potential spread of Brown Treesnakes Abstract
2007 Climate-induced forest dieback as an emergent global phenomenon Abstract
2007 Patterns of bat fatalities at wind energy facilities Abstract
2007 A comparison of conventional capture versus PIT reader techniques for estimating survival and capture probabilities of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) Journal Article
2007 Extracellular polymers of the stalked diatom Didymosphenia geminata Abstract
2007 Confirmed distribution of Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngbe) Schmidt in North America Abstract
2007 Landscape ecotoxicology: Relating catchment-scale rock type to local-scale ecological responses. Implications for using the Biotic Ligand Model in the National Minerals Assessment and the use of Water Quality Criteria as redial targets Abstract
2007 Qualitative Evaluation of Rock Weir Field Performance and Failure Mechanisms Report
2007 PowerPoint presentation: An overview of the upper Delaware River decision support system Presentation
2007 PowerPoint presentation: An overview of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology Presentation
2007 Citizen journalism in a time of crisis: lessons from California wildfires Journal Article
2007 Rock Ramp Design Guidelines Report
2007 Molecular ecology of the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus): Genetic and natural history variation in a hybrid zone Journal Article
2007 The influence of river regulation and land use on floodplain forest regeneration in the semi-arid Upper Colorado River Basin, USA Journal Article
2007 Distribution and post-breeding environmental relationships of northern leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) in Grant County, Washington Report
2007 Landscape-scale habitat associations of Washington ground squirrels (Spermophilus washingtoni) in central Washington Report
2007 An overview of the Valles Caldera National Preserve: the natural and cultural resources Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Stories about wildlife—Developing an instrument for identifying wildlife value orientations cross-culturally Journal Article
2007 Conservation of grassland birds in North America: Understanding ecological processes in different regions Journal Article
2007 The need and theoretical basis for exploring wildlife value orientations cross-culturally Journal Article
2006 Introduced rodent and shrew densities and distributions in the Mariana Islands: implications for Brown Treesnake control and management Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Tamarisk research priorities of land and water managers: results from a USGS partnership meeting Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Salinity tolerance and mycorrhizal responsiveness of candidate species for use in restoration of Tamarix-dominated xeric riparian areas Abstract
2006 Characterization of microsatellite loci isolated in trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) Journal Article
2006 Mapping weed presence in dryland cropping systems [Poster] Presentation
2006 2005 Progress Report: examining population demographics of the Indiana myotis (Myotis Sodalis) using both molecular and traditional field approaches Administrative Report
2006 Plant species invasions along the latitudinal gradient in the United States: Reply Journal Article
2006 The intersection of history and environment in diatom biogeography Abstract
2006 2005 annual progress report: elk and bison grazing ecology in the Great Sand Dunes complex of lands Open-file Report
2006 Tamarix Abundance in arid basins of Arizona reflects prevailing hydrology Abstract
2006 A fresh look at an invasive species, Didymosphenia geminata: Chemical and structural analysis of the extracellular polymers Abstract
2006 Evolution of cold hardiness in North American Tamarix ramosissima Abstract
2006 Direct impact to bats Abstract
2006 "Silver sagebrush community associations in southeastern Alberta, Canada." Rangeland Ecology & Management 58:400-405 [Comment] Journal Article
2006 Exposure of captive black-footed ferrets (Mustela nigripes) to plague (Yersinia pestis) and implications for species recovery Scientific Investigations Report
2006 Interactions between bats and wind turbines Abstract
2006 Application of random effects to the study of resource selection by animals Journal Article
2006 Environmental flows for riparian restoration and Tamarix management Abstract
2006 Drought and enviornmental flows: a few issues Abstract
2006 Use of NEXRAD to study shorebird migration in the Prairie Pothole region: a feasibility study Open-file Report
2006 The importance and future scenarios of prairie wetlands as migratory shorebird habitat Abstract
2006 Conservation plan for the Marbled Godwit: Version 1.1 Series
2006 Wetlands in a dry landscape [Review of the book Wetland and riparian areas of the intermountain west: ecology and management] Journal Article
2006 Recovery of the black-footed ferret: progress and continuing challenges--Proceedings of the Symposium on the Status of the Black-footed Ferret and Its Habitat, Fort Collins, Colorado, January 28-29, 2004 Scientific Investigations Report
2006 No sign of saturation of plant and bird communities in the United States Abstract
2006 A rangewide genetic comparison of trumpeter swans using mitochondrial and nuclear markers Abstract
2006 Alpine plant community trends on the elk summer range of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: an analysis of existing data Open-file Report
2006 Does predator management enhance survival of reintroduced black-footed ferrets? Report, Pages In
2006 Effects of moonlight on cover usage and spatial learning of black-footed ferrets Scientific Investigations Report
2006 Evaluating habitat for black-footed ferrets: revision of an existing model Report, Pages In
2006 Evaluation of Shasta Dam scenarios using a salmon production model Administrative Report
2006 Aspects of underwater sound communication in Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) Journal Article
2006 The effects of plot size on scale and patterns of plant species richness: a landscape-scale assessment approach using geospatial information and geostatistics Abstract
2006 The symposium in context Report, Pages In
2006 Assessment of factors limiting Klamath River fall Chinook salmon production potential using historical flows and temperatures Open-file Report
2006 Handling and care of dry bird and mammal specimens Series
2006 Radio-telemetry for black-footed ferret research and monitoring Report, Pages In
2006 Spatial heterogeneity of vegetation influences butterfly species richness in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, US Abstract
2006 Assessing exotic plant species invasions and associated soil characteristics: a case study in eastern Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, using the pixel nested plot design Journal Article
2006 The quest for a safe and effective canine distemper virus vaccine for black-footed ferrets Report, Pages In
2006 Negotiation training courses for natural resources professionals Fact Sheet
2006 Roosts and nocturnal movements of long-nosed bats (Leptonycteris curasoae and L. nivalis) in southwestern New Mexico. Final administrative report submitted to Bueau of Land Management, Las Cruces District Office Administrative Report
2006 Science for Managing Riverine Ecosystems: Actions for the USGS Identified in the Workshop "Analysis of Flow and Habitat for Instream Aquatic Communities" Open-file Report
2006 Monitoring black-footed ferrets during reestablishment of free-ranging populations: Discussion of alternative methods and recommended minimum standards Report, Pages In
2006 It's in the air: The effects of nitrogen deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park Science Feature
2006 Satellites used to track bird movement and preserve species Popular Article
2006 Users' manual for the Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process software (including the New Jersey Assessment Tools) Open-file Report
2006 Godwits on the go Science Feature
2006 Theory versus prediction - a new look at species-area relationships Abstract
2006 Modeling invasive species using remote sensing: An example using Tamarix Abstract
2006 Migration stopovers and the conservation of arctic-breeding Calidridine sandpipers Journal Article
2006 Final report for genetic portion of "Colony dynamics of the endangered Indiana myotis (Myotis sodalis) using and comparing standard field techniques and molecular genetic techniques" Administrative Report
2006 A global system for the detection, monitoring, and predicted distributions of invasive species Abstract
2006 A system to evaluate the scientific quality of biological and restoration objectives using National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plans as a case study Journal Article
2006 Comprehensive genetic analyses reveal evolutionary distinction of a mouse (Zapus hudsonius preblei) proposed for delisting from the U.S. Endangered Species Act Journal Article
2006 Once upon a time in American ornithology Journal Article
2006 Godwits on the go: Using satellite technology to track migrating marbled godwits Science Feature
2006 Antarctic climate cooling and response of diatoms in glacial meltwater streams Journal Article
2006 Overview of what we know about the bat/wind interaction as of November 2004 Presentation
2006 Macroinvertebrates associated with Schoenoplectus litter in a constructed wetland Report
2006 Bat use of Fort Collins Natural Areas and Parks: results of 2005 surveys and a summary of findings 2001-2005 Administrative Report
2006 Nocturnal movements of two endangered species of Leptonycteris (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae) in an area of sympatry in southwestern New Mexico Abstract
2006 2006 progress report for SSP03R603: Riparian willow restoration along the Illinois River at Arapaho NWR, Colorado Administrative Report
2006 Conservation of prairie dogs in areas with plague Book, Pages in
2006 Forage preferences in two species of prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens and Cynomus ludovicianus): Implications for hibernation and facultative heterothermy Journal Article
2006 Estimating the abundance of prairie dogs Book, Pages in
2006 Spatial heterogeneity influences native and nonnative plant species richness Journal Article
2006 Riparian willow restoration at Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge Journal Article
2006 The Conservation Reserve Program: planting for the future Fact Sheet
2006 A history of searches for black-footed ferrets Report, Pages In
2006 Benefit of physical exercise on escape performance and preliminary testing of predator avoidance in razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) Abstract
2006 Ecology of commensal bats in relation to rabies transmission: summary of the Fort Collins study, 2001-2005 Abstract
2006 Research recovery objectives 3.0-3.5 for draft Revised Indiana Bat Recovery Plan Administrative Report
2006 Comprehensive analysis of molecular phylogeographic structure among the meadow jumping mice (Zapus hudsonius) reveals evolutionarily distinct subspecies: a report submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, January 27, 2006 Administrative Report
2006 USGS/NPS Rapid Response Project completion summary: Revegetation of the common corrals in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming Administrative Report
2006 Channel change from the prescribed release on Marias River, MT Presentation
2006 Nitrogen: too much of a good thing - Global nitrogen issues and a case study from the Colorado Front Range Presentation
2006 Tamarisk control, water salvage, and wildlife habitat restoration along rivers in the western United States Fact Sheet
2006 Making connections for bird conservation: linking states, provinces & territories to important wintering and breeding grounds Series
2006 Blazing a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park: Application of monitoring and research on nitrogen deposition to air and water quality policy Abstract
2006 Systems Impact Assessment Model Training Workshop for SIAM v. 4.0, Arcata, CA, November 14-16, 2006 Presentation
2006 Restoration of Tamarisk-dominated xeric riparian areas Brochure
2006 National Institute of Invasive Species Science (NIISS) Fact Sheet
2006 Ecology of commensual bats in relation to rabies transmission: excerpts of the Fort Collins study, 2001-2005 Presentation
2006 Satellites track bird movement and preserve species Journal Article
2006 A range-wide genetic survey of trumpeter swans Abstract
2006 Modeling black-footed ferret energetics: Are southern release sites better? Report, Pages In
2006 Estimating shorebird numbers at a migration stopover site Journal Article
2006 A population genetic survey of trumpeter swans across their range Abstract
2006 Environmental contaminants and biomarker responses in fish from the Columbia River and its tributaries: Spatial and temporal trends Journal Article
2006 Postrelease movements and survival of adult and young black-footed ferrets Report, Pages In
2006 Prairie dogs as keystone engineers of sagebrush and grassland bird communities in the U.S. and Mexico Abstract
2006 Distribution and abundance of breeding Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum ammolegus), and associated priority grassland species, in the southwestern U.S. - 2005 Administrative Report
2006 Team approach as a means to working on aquatic invasive species: a case study of Didymosphenia geminata Abstract
2006 Field/accuracy evaluations of various remote sensing techniques in identifying tamarisk Administrative Report
2006 Habitat preferences and intraspecific competition in black-footed ferrets Report, Pages In
2006 Science for planning: it's more than just the biology! Popular Article
2006 Hybridization of Tamarix ramosissima and T. chinensis (saltcedars) with T. aphylla (Athel) (Family Tamaricaceae) in the southwestern USA determined from DNA sequence data Abstract
2006 Stakeholder opinions regarding management of Conservation Reserve Program lands to address environmental and wildlife issues Journal Article
2006 Hydrogeomorphic effects of a controlled flood release on Tamarix and Salix, Bill Williams River, AZ Abstract
2006 Book review: The singing life of birds: the art and science of listening to birdsong by Donald Kroodsma, 2005 Journal Article
2006 Lagrangian based sample sets-fate and transport of emerging contaminants in a wastewater dominated stream Abstract
2006 Restoration planning in the context of tamarisk control in the western US Abstract
2006 History of the Fort Collins Science Center U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report
2006 Applying radar technology to migratory bird conservationand management: Strengthening and expanding a collaborative effort. Workshop participant notebook for USGS-USFWS workshop held 24-25 October 2006 Proceedings
2006 Annual report for 2005 wild horse research and field activities Administrative Report
2006 Native fish flow conditioning and behavioral study Presentation
2006 Sage-Grouse genetics research in North America 1999-2006: a summary Administrative Report
2006 Bird migration patterns in the arid Southwest: Year I Administrative Report
2006 Impact of the Scott Able Fire on Sacramento Mountain Salamander abundance and arthropod prey base. Final report Administrative Report
2006 Klamath River salmonid emigrant trapping catch, mortality, and external health indicators - 2004 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office, Arcata California Report
2006 Show me the numbers: What data currently exist for non-native species in the USA? Journal Article
2006 Abundance and distribution of Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum ammolegus): current and historical surveys Abstract
2006 A unified double observer and removal model for estimating detectability and abundance from point count data Abstract
2006 Ecological effects of Didymosphenia geminata in macroinvertebrate communities of the central Colorado Rocky Mountains Abstract
2006 A qualitative assessment of lands enrolled in the pilot Farmable Wetlands Program Administrative Report
2006 Mapping weed presence in dryland cropping systems Abstract
2006 Population estimates of North American shorebirds, 2006 Journal Article
2006 Natural history collections: a scientific treasure trove Fact Sheet
2006 "HIP" new software: the Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process Fact Sheet
2006 A 21st century perspective on postfire seeding Journal Article
2006 Hindcasting nitrogen deposition to determine an ecological critical load Journal Article
2006 Validation of global moderate resolution LAI products: A framework proposed within the CEOS Land Product Validation subgroup Journal Article
2006 Special issue on Global Land Product Validation Journal Article
2006 Ecological effects of Didymosphenia geminata in macroinvertebrate communities of the central Colorado Rocky Mountains Abstract
2006 Regional Biogeochemical investigations in Rocky Mountain National Park by Colorado State University and the USGS Mineral Resources Program Abstract
2006 An automated cryo-focusing approach for sulfur isotope analysis of organic and other low-level sulfur materials Abstract
2006 Pulsing sheetflow and wetland integrity Journal Article
2006 The relationship of low-growing shrubs and forage availability to Mountain Plovers in South Park, Colorado, USA Journal Article
2006 Stress appraisal and coping response to hassles experienced in outdoor recreation settings Journal Article
2006 Coping with stress resulting from social value conflict: Non-hunter's response to social interaction with hunters Journal Article
2006 Voluntary BMP implementation by NIPF owners in New York City's water supply system Journal Article
2006 Book Review of: Rewilding North America: A vision for conservation in the 21st Century, by Dave Forman Journal Article
2006 A permutation test for quantile regression Journal Article
2006 Visitor perceptions of crowding: An exploratory study in the Mohonk Preserve Report, Pages In
2006 Measurement of direct-use wilderness values: A qualitative study Report, Pages In
2006 Effect of reduced winter precipitation and increased temperature on watershed solute flux, 1988-2002, Northern Michigan Journal Article
2006 Re-seeding research will help in cheatgrass battle Journal Article
2006 Validation of active fire detection from moderate-resolution satellite sensors: The MODIS example in northern Eurasia Journal Article
2006 Evaluation of the representativeness of networks of sites for the global validation and intercomparison of land biophysical products: Proposition of the CEOS-BELMANIP Journal Article
2006 Utilizing Path Analysis to model watershed structure and historical land use affects on local stream geochemistry and ecological responses Abstract
2006 Geographic variation in morphology, diet, and ectoparasites of Myotis occultus in New Mexico and southern Colorado Thesis & Dissertation
2006 Risk analysis for biological hazards: what we need to know about invasive species Journal Article
2006 Evaluating dominance as a component of non-native species invasions Journal Article