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2008 Occurrence of West Nile virus in selected avian species at the Salton Sea, CA Administrative Report
2008 Advanced species modeling handout: modeling diverse taxa at diverse resolutions using various technologies Presentation
2008 Range-wide patterns of greater sage-grouse persistence Journal Article
2008 Can citizen scientists think spatially: Evaluating the publics' ability to understand and use an online GIS map application for invasive species Abstract
2008 Modeling potential habitat distribution for freshwater diatom Didymosphenia geminata in the continental United States Abstract
2008 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2007 science accomplishments Open-file Report
2008 Stalking snakes: Days (and nights) in the life of a Brown Treesnake rapid responder Science Feature
2008 Effects of a natural dam-break flood on geomorphology and vegetation on the Elwha River, Washington, U.S.A Journal Article
2008 Aboveground predation by an American badger (Taxidea taxus) on black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) Journal Article
2008 Radar Technology - A Tool for Understanding Migratory “Aerofauna” Science Feature
2008 Smart River GIS for improved decision making Science Feature
2008 Rejoinder to Harrison (2008): “The Myth of Plant Species Saturation” Journal Article
2008 Annual report for 2007 wild horse research and field activities Administrative Report
2008 Role of the environmental flow specialist in water conflicts Abstract
2008 Assessing conservation status of poorly monitored birds Journal Article
2008 A brief summary of USGS native fish research activities on the Colorado River Abstract
2008 Nonrandom associations and social structure in Big Brown Bats, Eptesicus fuscus Abstract
2008 A preliminary phylogeny of the Cymbelloid diatoms using molecular data with emphasis on the Genera didymosphenia M. Schmidt and Navicymbula Krammer Presentation
2008 Fort Collins Science Center: Ecosystem Dynamics Branch Fact Sheet
2008 Climate-induced changes in nitrogen dynamics in Loch Vale Watershed, Rocky Mountain National Park Abstract
2008 Irrigation canals as sink habitat for trout and other fishes in a Wyoming drainage Journal Article
2008 Influences of immunocontraception on intraband social behavior in free-ranging feral horses, Equus caballus Abstract
2008 Development and application of a decision support system for water management investigations in the Upper Yakima River, Washington Open-file Report
2008 Holocene depositional environments and surface-level changes at Lake Fryxell, Antarctica Journal Article
2008 Some guidelines for helping natural resources adapt to climate change Journal Article
2008 Species radiation of the genus Muelleria (Frenguelli) Frenguelli in the southern hemisphere Abstract
2008 An aerial-photographic assessment of reenacted handcart treks on a section of the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, Fremont County, Wyoming Scientific Investigations Report
2008 Techniques for monitoring Razorback Sucker in the Lower Colorado River, Hoover to Parker Dams, 2006-2007, Final Report Open-file Report
2008 Climate change: The science of impacts Science Feature
2008 UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology Annual Report for calendar year 2007--Division: U.S. Geological Survey Administrative Report
2008 Western Mountain Initiative: Predicting ecosystem responses to climate change Fact Sheet
2008 Paired charcoal and tree-ring records of high-frequency Holocene fire from two New Mexico bog sites Journal Article
2008 Fundamental limits to the accuracy of deuterium isotopes for identifying the spatial origin of migratory animals Journal Article
2008 Morelia spilota spilota (Diamond python). Reproduction Journal Article
2008 Spatial patterns of simulated transpiration response to climate variability in a snow dominated mountain ecosystem Journal Article
2008 Mapping "old" versus "young" pinon-juniper stands with a predictive topo-climatic model Journal Article
2008 Mechanisms of plant survival and mortality during drought: Why do some plants survive while others succumb to drought? Journal Article
2008 Didymosphenia geminata: The core question Abstract
2008 Assessment of streams and rivers in six western US states Abstract
2008 Small fragilariod diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) morphologically similar to Pseudostaurosira (Fragilaria) elliptica Abstract
2008 The myth of plant species saturation Journal Article
2008 Detecting biological responses to flow management: Missed opportunities; future directions Journal Article
2008 Urban-related environmental variables and their relation with patterns in biological community structure in the Fountain Creek Basin, Colorado, 2003–2005 Scientific Investigations Report
2008 Preface [Birds of the US-Mexico borderlands: distribution, ecology and conservation] Journal Article
2008 Use of a coupled ecosystem-geochemical model to assess ecological, biogeochemical, and hydrological processes for eight U.S. ecosystems Presentation
2008 A preliminary phylogeny of the Cymbelloid diatoms using molecular data with emphasis on the Genera didymosphenia M. Schmidt and Navicymbula Krammer Abstract
2008 Effects of a 2006 high-flow release from Tiber Dam on channel morphology at selected sites on the Marias River, Montana Open-file Report
2008 Small nonnative fishes as predators of larval razorback suckers Journal Article
2008 Publication Brief for Resource Managers: Range-wide patterns of Greater Sage-Grouse persistence USGS Series
2008 Evaluation of morphological indices and total body electrical conductivity to assess body composition in big brown bats Journal Article
2008 Negative impact of nitrogen deposition on soil buffering capacity Journal Article
2008 Biogeochemistry of Mountain Watersheds Abstract
2008 Large-scale marine ecosystem change and the conservation of marine mammals Journal Article
2008 American three-toed woodpecker response to burn severity and prey availability at multiple spatial scales Journal Article
2008 Effects of "incidental" winter grazing in selected western Kansas Continuous Signup Conservation Reserve Programs buffers Presentation
2008 Review of the performance of the artificial floating island as a restoration tool for aquatic environments Presentation
2008 Response of mountain plovers to plague-driven dynamics of black-tailed prairie dog colonies Journal Article
2008 USGS Fort Collins Science Center activities: Native fish sanctuaries and acclimation research Presentation
2008 White-nose syndrome: Science strategy meeting – June 10, 2008; Albany, NY – Synopsis Proceedings
2008 Questioning the continuum: Specialization in rock climbing Report, Pages In
2008 An exploratory study of OHV riders in New York State: findings and implications for management Report, Pages In
2008 Distribution of igneous rocks in Medina and Uvalde Counties, Texas, as inferred from aeromagnetic data Scientific Investigations Report
2008 Lows Lake Primitive Area visitor study Report
2008 St. Regis Canoe Area visitor and campsite study Report
2008 Soil nitrogen accretion along a floodplain terrace chronosequence in northwest Alaska: Influence of the nitrogen-fixing shrub Shepherdia Canadensis Journal Article
2008 On determining the significance of ephemeral continental wetlands to North American migratory shorebirds Journal Article
2008 Sulfur biogeochemistry in agricultural and natural wetlands: Linking food webs to sediment and water-column processes Abstract
2008 Recreation-related values, attitudes, and beliefs of business owners in the Saranac Lakes region of New York State's Adirondack Park Report, Pages In
2008 Geographic patterns of ground-dwelling arthropods across an ecoregional transition in the North American Southwest Journal Article
2008 A novel approach to monitoring changes in the diet of lactating mothers through isotopic analysis of young Steller sea lion vibrissae Abstract
2008 Suppression of Salvinia molesta Mitchell in Texas and Louisiana by Cyrtobagous salviniae Calder and Sands Journal Article
2008 The effect of mines on aquatic communities in Central Colorado Abstract
2008 Environmental effects of hydrothermal alteration and historical mining on water and sediment quality in central Colorado Abstract
2008 Physical indicators of hydrologic permanence in forested headwater streams Journal Article
2008 Comparing trophic position of stream fishes using stable isotope and gut contents analyses Journal Article
2008 Summary and analysis of the U.S. government Bat Banding Program Open-file Report
2008 Relating the accumulation of trace-metals in aquatic insects to population effects Abstract
2008 How mineral deposit models can improve our understanding of the effects of trace-metals on aquatic communities Abstract
2008 Environmental Assessment of Central Colorado-Effects of hydrothermal alteration on water and sediment quality Abstract
2008 Red shiner invasion and hybridization with blacktail shiner in the upper Coosa River, USA Journal Article
2008 Summary and analysis of the U.S. Government’s Bat Banding Program Presentation
2008 The simulation programs of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology Proceedings, Pages in
2008 Native Boreal Toads Released Into Rocky Mountain National Park Web Site/Page
2008 Topographic, geophysical, and mineralogical characterization of geologic structures using a statistical modeling approach Report, Pages In
2008 Confidence Estimates for SAP 4.4 Adaptation Approaches Report, Pages In
2008 An evaluation of suspended-sediment transport equations using daily-sediment records for the Gunnison River near Grand Junction, Colorado; and the Green River near Jensen, UT; Water Year 2005 Abstract
2008 Rethinking avian response to Tamarix on the Lower Colorado River: A threshold hypothesis Journal Article
2008 Development of the mixed conifer forest in northern New Mexico and its relationship to Holocene environmental change Journal Article
2008 National Parks Report, Pages In
2008 Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulfur Ecological Criteria (Final Report) Report
2008 Introduced species that invade and species that thrive in town: are these two groups cut from the same cloth? Book, Pages in
2008 Toward a mechanistic understanding of how natural bacterial communities respond to changes in temperature in aquatic ecosystems Journal Article
2008 Isotope and Chemical Methods in Support of the U.S. Geological Survey Science Strategy, 2003-2008 Fact Sheet
2008 Stable Isotope and Trace Element Studies of Black Bear Hair, Big Bend Ecosystem, Texas and Mexico Circular
2008 Thermal and energetic constraints on ectotherm abundance: a global test using lizards Journal Article
2008 Stakeholder Education About the Designation of Coastal Zones for the Protection of the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris): The Manatee Awareness and Protection Resource (MAPR) Web Site Journal Article
2008 Holocene vegetation and fire regimes in subalpine and mixed conifer forests, southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2008 Connecting Airborne Geophysical Data to Geologic Structures in the Upper Animas River Watershed, Silverton, Colorado Report, Pages In
2008 Electrical Geophysical Characterization of a Mining-Affected Subbasin, Prospect Gulch, Colorado Report, Pages In
2008 Genetic and ecological data provide incongruent interpretations of population structure and dispersal in naturally subdivided populations of white-tailed ptarmigan (Lagopus leucura) Journal Article
2008 Assessment of amphibian presence in selected Iowa Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program wetlands Administrative Report
2008 Determination of Flow Paths and Metal Loadings from Mine Waste Using Geophysical and Geochemical Methods at the Waldorf Mine, Clear Creek County, Colorado Report, Pages In
2008 Discrimination of carbon and nitrogen isotopes from milk to serum and vibrissae in Alaska Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) Journal Article
2008 Rethinking avian response to Tamarix on the Lower Colorado River: A threshold hypothesis Journal Article
2008 “Anchoring” and research priorities: Factors that depress bird population estimates? Journal Article
2008 Movements of brown treesnakes in a food-rich environment Abstract
2008 Validation of GOES and MODIS active fire detection products using ASTER and ETM+ data Journal Article
2008 Multivariate quantification of landscape spatial heterogeneity using variogram models Journal Article
2008 Validation analyses of an operational fire monitoring product: The Hazard Mapping System Journal Article
2008 Prey scents and guide ropes as a method to enhance brown treesnake (Boiga irregularis) trap capture success Abstract
2008 Seasonal passerine migratory movements over the arid Southwest Journal Article
2008 Forecasting the effects of agricultural practices on prairie wetlands: Implications for the conservation of migratory shorebirds Administrative Report
2008 Literature Cited [Birds of the US-Mexico borderlands: Distribution, ecology, and conservation] Journal Article
2008 An algorithm to produce temporally and spatially continuous MODIS-LAI time series Journal Article
2008 Global potential net primary production predicted from vegetation class, precipitation, and temperature Journal Article
2008 Spotting cryptic critters in the dark: Headlamps meet the closed population Abstract
2008 Funnel trap traits, and how (not) to improve capture rates of small brown treesnakes Abstract
2008 Canine team detection of free-ranging radio-telemetered Brown Treesnakes Abstract
2008 Food preferences and food acceptance in juvenile brown treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) Abstract
2008 Inland diatoms from the McMurdo Dry Valleys and James Ross Island, Antarctica Journal Article
2008 Application of models to conservation planning for terrestrial birds in North America Book, Pages in
2008 Active fire detection and characterization with the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER) Journal Article
2008 The dark side of subsidies: Adult stream insects export organic contaminants to riparian predators Journal Article
2008 Influence of Trophic Position and Spatial Location on Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Bioaccumulation in a Stream Food Web Journal Article
2008 Blossom Statistical Package Software
2008 Bent’s Old Fort: Amphibians and reptiles USGS Series
2008 Validation and intercomparison of global Leaf Area Index products derived from remote sensing data Journal Article
2008 Bats prove to be rich reservoirs for emerging viruses Journal Article
2008 Quantile regression applied to spectral distance decay Journal Article
2007 Road impacts on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado, with emphasis on effects to surface- and shallow ground-water hydrology -- a literature review Open-file Report
2007 Visitors' perception of recreation and wildlife observation opportunities at McInnis National Wildlife Conservation Area Journal Article
2007 The cost of tolerance: Sensitivity of stream benthic communities to UV-B and metals Journal Article
2007 Ecological aspects of reproduction in a Colorado population of Big Brown Bats (Eptesicus fuscus) Abstract
2007 Creating a cyberinfrasturcture to involve volunteer groups in citizen science Abstract
2007 Confirmed distribution of Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngbe) Schmidt in North America Abstract
2007 A stand-replacing fire history in upper montane forests of the southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2007 A new species of Tallaperla (Plecoptera: Peltoperlidae) from North Carolina, U.S.A Journal Article
2007 The potential for harvesting non-native species data collected by citizen scientists Abstract
2007 Measuring the effects of West Nile Virus on wild American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) populations in Colorado - 2005 year-end report Administrative Report
2007 The Seduction of MaxEnt: Challenges in Identifying Sites Climatically Matched to the Native Ranges of Animal Invaders Abstract
2007 Distribution, habitat, size, and color pattern of Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (Sauria: Teiidae) on Cayo Cochino Pequeno, Honduras Journal Article
2007 Landbird community composition varies among seasons in heterogeneous ponderosa pine forest Journal Article
2007 America’s wild horses and burros: Research for management Science Feature
2007 Helicopter electromagnetic and magnetic surveys Report, Pages In
2007 Future directions and collaboration in the study of landbird migration systems Abstract
2007 Fort Collins Science Center: 2006 accomplishments Open-file Report
2007 An assessment of condition of streams and rivers in EPA Region 8 using EMAP-West data Abstract
2007 Development of the hydroecological integrity assessment process for determining environmental flows for New Jersey streams Scientific Investigations Report
2007 Avifaunal responses to fire in southwestern montane forests along a burn severity gradient Journal Article
2007 Runaway stalk production by the nuisance diatom Didymosphenia geminata produces mats with significant environmental impact Abstract
2007 Las Vegas Wash water quality monitoring program 2006 report of findings Book
2007 New developments in snake barrier technology: Fly-ash covered wall offers a feasible alternative for permanent barriers to Brown Treesnake (Boiga irregularis) Journal Article
2007 Gender identification of white-winged doves Report, Pages In
2007 Has Tamarix undergone rapid evolution of latitudinal variation in cold hardiness? [Poster presentation] Abstract
2007 Essential attributes of plant diversity and invasion studies Abstract
2007 Trace element and stable isotope studies of black bear hair, Big Bend National Park area, Texas and Mexico Abstract
2007 Coordinating Earth Observing System land validation Journal Article
2007 Macrophyte decomposition in a surface-flow constructed wetland: rates associated with environmental and biotic variables Abstract
2007 Hydrogeology of the Boulder River watershed study area and examination of the regional ground-water flow system using interpreted fracture mapping from remote sensing data Report, Pages In
2007 Interactions among river flow, geomrorpnic processes, and riparian vegetation: field studies and computationsl modeling fo a sand-based desert river Abstract
2007 Emergence counts of endangered long-nosed bats (Leptonycteris curasoae and L. nivalis) at major roosts in southwestern New Mexico. Final Administrative report: Submitted to the Bureau of Land Management's Las Cruces District Office Administrative Report
2007 Q Methodology: A Tool for Facilitating Public Discourse in Natural Resources Decision-making. Workshop Summary Proceedings
2007 Assessment of sediment transport using Multi-Dimensional Surface-Water Modeling System (MD-SWMS) for a razorback sucker spawning habitat near Jensen, Utah; April-May, 2006 Abstract
2007 Environmental flows for riparian vegetation restoration and invasive species management Abstract
2007 Complex Patterns in Climate and Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Influence: Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Presentation
2007 Dams, floodplain land use, and riparian forest conservation in the semiarid Upper Colorado River Basin, USA Journal Article
2007 Flow-ecology relationships and managed flows along an arid region river, southwestern USA Abstract
2007 Economic benefit of fertility control in wild horse populations Journal Article
2007 Dynamics of bottomland geomorphology and vegetation along a dammed, arid region river: implications for streamflow management Abstract
2007 Structure, composition, and recruitment of woody floodplain vegetation along the Elwha River Abstract
2007 Migration of bats past a remote island offers clues towards the problem of bat fatalities at wind turbines Journal Article
2007 A recreational boating characterization of Brevard County Report
2007 Estimating the breeding population of long-billed curlew in the United States Abstract
2007 Mammal inventories for eight National Parks in the Southern Colorado Plateau Network Report
2007 Wintering bird-habitat associations and responses to grazing in Arizona semidesert grasslands Abstract
2007 From roadkill to road ecology: A review of the ecological effects of roads Journal Article
2007 Estimating the breeding population of Long-billed Curlew in the United States Journal Article
2007 Effects of altered global climate and nitrogen cycles on an alpine watershed, Loch Vale, in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO; use of Path Analysis to elucidate trends in dynamic and hierarchical systems Abstract
2007 Effects of nitrogen fertilization on litter decomposition in the subalpine forests of the Front Range of Colorado Abstract
2007 Urban maternity-roost selection by big brown bats in Colorado Journal Article
2007 Mercury cycling in agricultural and non-agricultural wetlands in the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, California: Water column processes Abstract
2007 New ecological knowledge and practices for society and sustainability Journal Article
2007 An Ecological and Stable Isotope Study of Food Web Linkages in Submerged Sinkhole Ecosystems of Lake Huron Abstract
2007 The Delaware River decision support system: version 2.11 [computer software] Software
2007 Western riparian habitat as an endangered ecosystem: implications for bird migration Abstract
2007 Factors influencing movement probabilities of big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) in buildings Journal Article
2007 Cranial morphology and food habits of Myotis occultus from New Mexico and southern Colorado Abstract
2007 Mating systems of tree bats and the emerging problem of bat fatalities at wind turbines Abstract
2007 A simple framework for an invasive species early warning system for counties Abstract
2007 Aquatic Communities and Selected Water Chemistry in St. Vrain Creek near the City of Longmont, Colorado, Wastewater-Treatment Plant, 2005 and 2006 USGS Series
2007 Needs assessment and scoping study for sinking ships as diving sites in Puget Sound Report
2007 Characterizing infiltration through a mine-waste dump using electrical geophysical and tracer-injection methods, Clear Creek County, Colorado Journal Article
2007 A decision support framework for water management in the upper Delaware River Open-file Report
2007 Status of Yakima River decision support system Presentation
2007 Predicting Yellow Toadflax infestations in the Flat Tops Wilderness of Colorado Journal Article
2007 Plant species composition reveals temporal and spatial dynamics of snow slides in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado Abstract
2007 Visitor and community survey results for Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: Completion report Open-file Report
2007 Final Report for "Microsatellite analysis of population structure in mountain plover" (unpublished) Administrative Report
2007 Introduction to special section on fire human ecology Journal Article
2007 Effect of wildfire on abundance, detection probability, and arthropod prey base of Sacramento Mountain salamanders (Aneides hardii) [Poster] Presentation
2007 The invasion paradox: Reconciling pattern and process in species invasions Journal Article
2007 Aerial population estimates of wild horses (Equus caballus) in the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Areas using an integrated simultaneous double-count and sightability bias correction technique Open-file Report
2007 Didymosphenia geminata as a nuisance diatom: runaway stalk production results in mats with significant environmental impact Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Invasive species management and research using GIS Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Climatic effects on caterpillar fluctuations in northern hardwood forests Journal Article
2007 Delaware River Decision Support System (DRDSS) Software
2007 Simulation of flow and habitat conditions under ice, Cache la Poudre River — January 2006 Open-file Report
2007 Early vegetation development on an exposed reservoir: Implications for dam removal Journal Article
2007 Evaluating the potential for watershed restoration to reduce nutrient loading to Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon Open-file Report
2007 Sagebrush steppe restoration and sage-grouse Abstract
2007 Characterization of post-fire surface cover, soils, and burn severity at Cerro Grande Fire, New Mexico, using hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing Journal Article
2007 Biological and water quality monitoring of native fish sanctuaries in the lower Colorado River Basin, 2006-2007 Presentation
2007 Bat use of coniferous forests at Mesa Verde National Park: Year 1 progress report (unpublished) Administrative Report
2007 Can temperature be used as a tool for limiting Brown Treesnake invasion via transportation pathways? Proceedings, Pages in
2007 The Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Landbird migration across the diverse western landscape Abstract
2007 Rapid plant diversity assessment using a pixel nested plot design: A case study in Beaver Meadows, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA Journal Article
2007 Broadening our focus on the conservation of bats in the United States Abstract
2007 Evidence of enzootic plague impacts on black-footed ferret survival in Montana Abstract
2007 Climate matching as a tool for predicting potential North American spread of Brown Treesnakes Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Executive Summary: Stakeholder survey results for Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge Administrative Report
2007 Museum of Southwestern Biology UNM Department of Biology calendar year 2006 Administrative Report
2007 Understanding knowledge and perceptions of bats among residents of Fort Collins, Colorado Open-file Report
2007 Reach-scale geomorphology affects organic matter and consumer δ13C in a forested Piedmont stream Journal Article
2007 Utilizing Remote Sensing and GIS to Detect Prairie Dog Colonies Journal Article
2007 Colony dynamics of the endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalist) using and comparing standard field techniques and molecular genetic techniques: Year II field techniques progress report, 2006 Administrative Report
2007 Field-based evaluations of sampling techniques to support long-term monitoring of riparian ecosystems along wadeable streams on the Colorado Plateau Open-file Report
2007 Spotting cryptic animals in the dark: What light properties should a good headlamp have? Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Measuring plant diversity: lessons from the field Book
2007 Size-based trends and management implications of microhabitat utilization by Brown Treesnakes, with an emphasis on juvenile snakes Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Forest legacies, climate change, altered disturbance regimes, invasive species, and water Journal Article
2007 Applying radar technology to migratory bird conservation and management: strengthening and expanding a collaborative Open-file Report
2007 Annual report for 2006 wild horse research and field activities Administrative Report
2007 Linking runoff response to burn severity after a wildfire Journal Article
2007 Summary of black-footed ferret, prairie dog, and plague research activities, 2007 Report
2007 Flushing flow needs in gravel-bed rivers: future considerations Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Chemical contaminants, health indicators, and reproductive biomarker responses in fish from the Colorado River and its tributaries Journal Article
2007 Final report for “Pilot study to assess the effectiveness of DNA extraction from Gunnison Sage-Grouse feces for use in population estimation studies” Administrative Report
2007 Preliminary testing of the role of exercise and predator recognition for bonytail and razorback sucker Open-file Report
2007 Invasive species and coal bed methane development in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming Journal Article
2007 Development of monitoring techniques for razorback sucker found between Hoover and Parker Dams, 2006-2007 Abstract
2007 Energy, land use, and sagebrush ecosystems: Finding the delicate balance Science Feature
2007 Guide to the PIF Population Estimates Database, Version: North American Landbird Conservation Plan 2004 Series
2007 Hydrological and Ecological Sensitivities to Climate Change for Four Western U.S. Mountain Ecosystems [Poster] Presentation
2007 Size bias in visual searches and trapping of Brown Treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2007 Effect of “incidental” winter grazing in selected continuous signup CRP buffers Thesis & Dissertation
2007 Blue Jays nest in an unusual structure Journal Article
2007 Total-field magnetic map of the Animas River watershed study area, Colorado, Plate 3 Report, Pages In
2007 Past, present, and future uses of radar for studying bats Report, Pages In
2007 Increase in nuisance blooms and geographic expansion of the freshwater diatom Didymosphenia geminata Open-file Report