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2011 Genetic consequences of trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) reintroductions Journal Article
2011 Data for giant constrictors—Biological management profiles and an establishment risk assessment for nine large species of pythons, anacondas, and the boa constrictor Data Series
2011 Benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities in Lake Huron are linked to submerged groundwater vents Journal Article
2011 Individual and demographic responses to simulated elevated prey densities in Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) on Guam Abstract
2011 Using phenology in predicting the northward expansion of the Africanized honey bee Abstract
2011 Aerial Photography Sources for Delineating the Oregon, California, Mormon Pioneer, and Pony Express National Historic Trails in Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, and Wyoming Administrative Report
2011 How will climate change affect the potential distribution of Eurasian Tree Sparrows Passer montanus in North America? Journal Article
2011 Sensitivity analysis of data collection and aquatic habitat modeling techniques utilized at the Fort Collins Science Center [Poster] Presentation
2011 Distribution and abundance of saltcedar and Russian olive in the western United States Journal Article
2011 Birds of Wyoming [Book Review] Journal Article
2011 Evaluation of the genetic distinctiveness of Greater Sage-grouse in the Bi-State Planning Area Open-file Report
2011 A Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Employees Regarding Topics for Distance Education—Summary Report to Respondents Open-file Report
2011 A survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees regarding constraints to connecting children with nature—Summary report to respondents Open-file Report
2011 Isolation and characterization of 21 polymorphic microsatellite loci in the Japanese dace (Tribolodon hakonensis) Journal Article
2011 Bird migration and stopover habitat use in the Southwest Abstract
2011 Severe bill deformity of an American Kestrel wintering in California Journal Article
2011 Use of molecular tagging to estimate demographic parameters in Gunnison Sage-grouse Abstract
2011 Land use and habitat conditions across the southwestern Wyoming sagebrush steppe: development impacts, management effectiveness and the distribution of invasive plants Proceedings, Pages in
2011 Population assessment of the Mariana fruit bat (Pteropus mariannus mariannus) on Anatahan, Sraigan, Guguan, Alamagan, Pagan, Agrihan, Asuncion, and Maug; 15 June - 10 July 2010 Administrative Report
2011 Bats of Ouray National Wildlife Refuge, Utah Open-file Report
2011 The users, uses, and value of Landsat and other moderate-resolution satellite imagery in the United States—Executive report Open-file Report
2011 Alien reptiles and amphibians: a scientific compendium and analysis, by Fred Kraus [Book Review] Journal Article
2011 Bighorn sheep habitat suitability on the Mesa Verde cuesta Administrative Report
2011 Developing a decision support model for Buffelgrass management in southern Arizona Presentation
2011 Monitoring plan for vegetation responses to elk management in Rocky Mountain National Park Open-file Report
2011 A study of topics for distance education—A survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees Open-file Report
2011 Foraging ecology of bottlenose dolphins: a stable isotopic reconstruction over six decades Abstract
2011 Loch Vale watershed long-term ecological research and monitoring program: quality assurance report, 2003–09 Open-file Report
2011 An analysis of fringed myotis (Myotis thysanodes), with a focus on Colorado distribution, maternity roost selection, and preliminary modeling of population dynamics Thesis & Dissertation
2011 Annual Report for 2010 Wild Horse Research and Field Activities Administrative Report
2011 Quantile equivalence to evaluate compliance with habitat management objectives Journal Article
2011 The effect of offering distance education on enrollment in onsite training at the National Conservation Training Center Open-file Report
2011 Distribution of total mercury (THg) in California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) and their parasitic fauna Abstract
2011 Empirical estimation of the relation between streamflow of Swiftcurrent Creek, Montana, and the geometry of passage for bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) Abstract
2011 Response to: Concerns about extrapolating right off the bat [Letter] Journal Article
2011 Seeing the forest and the trees: USGS scientist links local changes to global scale Science Feature
2011 Cranes and Drones: Strange airfellows? Science Feature
2011 Vegetation of the Elwha River Estuary [Chapter 8] Report, Pages In
2011 Conservation of Greater Sage-Grouse: A synthesis of current trends and future management Book, Pages in
2011 Genetic applications in avian conservation Journal Article
2011 Delayed age at weaning in Southeast Alaska Steller sea lions determined using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen Abstract
2011 Review of “State of Texas Mine: A Comparison of 2010 Modified Cupola and Cable-net Video Surveys” and Supporting Data, Prepared by WestLand Resources, Inc. and Arizona Game and Fish Department, 2010 Administrative Report
2011 Range-wide assessment of livestock grazing across the sagebrush biome Open-file Report
2011 Assessing effects of energy development in Colorado and New Mexico Fact Sheet
2011 The constraints of connecting children with nature—A research literature review Open-file Report
2011 Treatment Wetlands for Nitrogen Removal Presentation
2011 Using quantile equivalence to monitor compliance with habitat management objectives at National Wildlife Refuges Abstract
2011 Quantile equivalence for evaluating habitat management or restoration objectives Abstract
2011 A National Park Service Manager's Reference Notebook on Plague (Yersinia pestis) Administrative Report
2011 Estimating locations for local extrema of stable isotope signatures in Steller sea lion vibrissae Abstract
2011 Hibernacula selection by Townsend's big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii) in Southwestern Colorado Journal Article
2011 Portrait of a Small Population of Boreal Toads (Anaxyrus boreas) Journal Article
2011 Recommended methods for range-wide monitoring of prairie dogs in the United States Scientific Investigations Report
2011 Locations and attributes of wind turbines in Colorado, 2009 Data Series
2010 Characterization of ten microsatellite loci in midget faded rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus concolor) Journal Article
2010 Channel maintenance and flushing flows for the Klamath River below Iron Gate Dam Open-file Report
2010 Salmonid Population Model (SALMOD) Software
2010 Development and application of a decision support system for water management investigations in the upper Yakima River, Washington Abstract
2010 Historical abundance of Didymosphenia geminata Abstract
2010 Environmental flow studies of the Fort Collins Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey—Cherry Creek, Arizona Open-file Report
2010 Occurrence of West Nile virus infection in raptors at the Salton Sea, California Journal Article
2010 Isotopic characterization of flight feathers in two Pelagic seabirds: Sampling strategies for ecological studies Journal Article
2010 Are there optimal densities for prairie birds? Journal Article
2010 Ten years of research on grassland birds in Arizona, including BLM's Las Cienegas National Conservation Area Abstract
2010 Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) and Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) in the Western United States--A report on the state of the science Fact Sheet
2010 Advances in species-environmental mapping modeling Abstract
2010 From points to forecasts: predicting invasive species habitat suitability in the near term Journal Article
2010 Forest responses to increasing aridity and warmth in the southwestern United States Journal Article
2010 Symposium on the ecology of Plague and its effects on wildlife: special issue of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases Proceedings
2010 Fort Collins Science Center–Integrating Agriculture and Conservation Fact Sheet
2010 Investigation into family relationships among broad-tailed hummingbirds using molecular genetic techniques Abstract
2010 Unbiased survival estimates and evidence for skipped breeding opportunities in females Abstract
2010 Resource for Advanced Modeling (RAM) Science Feature
2010 Drought-induced vegetation stress in southwestern North America Journal Article
2010 National GAP Conference 2007—Discussion groups report Open-file Report
2010 Invasive reptiles and amphibians: global perspectives and local solutions Journal Article
2010 Estimating length of avian incubation and nesting stages in afrotropical forest birds from interval-censored nest records Journal Article
2010 Description and ultrastructure of araphid diatom species (Bacillariophyceae) morphologically similar to Pseudostaurosira elliptica (Schumann) Edlund et al Journal Article
2010 Chapter 14: Diatoms as indicators of environmental change in Antarctic and subantarctic freshwaters Book, Pages in
2010 Bringing modeling to the masses: A web based system to predict potential species distributions Journal Article
2010 Land use and small mammal predation effects on shortgrass prairie birds Journal Article
2010 Theory, methods and tools for determining environmental flows for riparian vegetation: riparian vegetation-flow response guilds Journal Article
2010 Application of the Systems Impact Assessment Model (SIAM) to fishery resource issues in the Klamath River, California Open-file Report
2010 Toward a standard nomenclature for imagery spatial resolution Journal Article
2010 Growth, carbon-isotope discrimination, and drought-associated mortality across a Pinus ponderosa elevational transect Journal Article
2010 Enzootic plague reduces black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) survival in Montana Journal Article
2010 A population genetic analysis of the midget faded rattlesnake in Wyoming Journal Article
2010 A global overview of drought and heat-induced tree mortality reveals emerging climate change risks for forests Journal Article
2010 Morning ambush attacks by black-footed ferrets on emerging prairie dogs Journal Article
2010 Influences of immunocontraception on time budgets, social behavior, and body condition in feral horses Journal Article
2010 Measuring Bulrush culm relationships to estimate plant biomass within a Southern California treatment wetland Journal Article
2010 Forecasting weed distributions using climate data: A GIS early warning tool Journal Article
2010 Investigating variation in the nutritional ecology and genetics of white-tailed ptarmigan: implications for climate change Abstract
2010 Ensemble habitat mapping of invasive plant species Journal Article
2010 Chapter 32: Diatoms as non-native species Book, Pages in
2010 Rapid evolution in lekking grouse: Implications for taxonomic definitions Journal Article
2010 Unbiased survival estimates and evidence for skipped breeding opportunities in females Journal Article
2010 Is the Northern African Python (Python sebae) Established in Southern Florida? Journal Article
2010 Resolving disputes over science in natural resource agency decisionmaking Report
2010 Information gaps on limiting factors and other critical research needs for landbird conservation Abstract
2010 Recruitment in a Colorado population of big brown bats: breeding probabilities, litter size, and first-year survival Journal Article
2010 Ecosystem effects of environmental flows: Modelling and experimental floods in a dryland river Journal Article
2010 Field evaluation of a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model near boulders for habitat calculation Journal Article
2010 Regional Variation in mtDNA of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Journal Article
2010 Improving and integrating data on invasive species collected by citizen scientists Journal Article
2010 Beaver dams, hydrological thresholds, and controlled floods as a management tool in a desert riverine ecosystem, Bill Williams River, Arizona Journal Article
2010 Vector control improves survival of three species of prairie dogs (Cynomys) in areas considered enzootic for plague Journal Article
2010 Characterization of small microsatellite loci for use in non invasive sampling studies of Gunnison Sage-grouse (Centrocercus minimus) Journal Article
2010 Symposium on the ecology of plague and its effects on wildlife: A model for translational research Journal Article
2010 Assessing conservation relevance of organism–environment relations using predicted changes in response variables Journal Article
2010 Modeling the human invader in the United States Journal Article
2010 Modelling detection probabilities to evaluate management and control tools for an invasive species Journal Article
2010 Nighttime aboveground movements by prairie dogs on colonies inhabited by black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2010 A retrospective survival analysis of Townsend’s big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii) from Washington State Journal Article
2010 Causes, management, and the future of exotic riparian plant invasion in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona Proceedings, Pages in
2010 U.S. Geological Survey science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2009 annual report Open-file Report
2010 Migratory structure and geographic origins of hoary bats (Lasiurus cinereus) inferred from stable isotope analysis Abstract
2010 Evaluation of Gap Analysis Program (GAP): Report of Survey Sample Identification Effort Administrative Report
2010 Predicting climate change impacts on great basin wetlands, migratory birds and their prey Presentation
2010 Migratory structure and geographic origins of hoary bats (Lasiurus cinereus) inferred from stable isotope analysis Abstract
2010 Are invertebrate traits influenced by natural gradients? Implications for trait based biomonitoring at national and regional-scales Abstract
2010 Significance of dredging on sediment denitrification in Meiliang Bay, China: A year long simulation study Journal Article
2010 The effect of resource quantity and resource stoichiometry on microbial carbon-use-efficiency Journal Article
2010 Freshwater bacteria are stoichiometrically flexible with a nutrient composition similar to seston Journal Article
2010 A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Preventative Management for Zebra and Quagga Mussels in the Colorado-Big Thompson System Thesis & Dissertation
2010 Vegetation Classification and Distribution Mapping Report : Canyon de Chelly National Monument Report
2010 Fort Collins Science Center–Policy Analysis and Science Assistance Branch–Integrating social, behavioral, economic and biological sciences Fact Sheet
2010 Diet shift of lentic dragonfly larvae in response to reduced terrestrial prey subsidies Journal Article
2010 Feedbacks between community assembly and habitat selection shape variation in local colonization Journal Article
2010 Evidence for a temperature acclimation mechanism in bacteria: an empirical test of a membrane-mediated trade-off Journal Article
2010 Annual Report for 2009 Wild Horse Research and Field Activities Administrative Report
2010 Avian conservation in the prairie pothole region: understanding the links between climate, ecosystem processes, wetland management, and bird conservation Presentation
2010 Tattered wings: bats grounded by White-Nose Syndrome’s lethal effects on life-support functions of wings [Audio Podcast] Podcast
2010 Preliminary results of a paleosalinity model for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Abstract
2010 Predicting climate change impacts on great basin wetlands, migratory birds and their prey Abstract
2010 Stable isotopes differentiate bottlenose dolphins off west-central Florida Journal Article
2010 Are inland wolf–ungulate systems influenced by marine subsidies of Pacific salmon? Journal Article
2010 Modeling the dynamic geochemistry of prairie pothole wetlands Abstract
2010 Environmental and health-hazards characterization of airfall ash, residual ash, and soils from areas burned by 2007-2009 southern California wildfires at the wildland-urban-agricultural interface Abstract
2010 Evolution of ore deposits and technology transfer project—isotope and chemical methods in support of the U.S. Geological Survey Science Strategy, 2003–2008 Circular
2010 White-nose syndrome in bats: A primer for resource managers Journal Article
2010 Comparison of Dasymetric Mapping Techniques for Small-Area Population Estimates Journal Article
2010 Stream Network and Stream Segment Temperature Models Software Software
2010 Watershed influence on Didymosphenia geminata and stalk biomass: The central role of iron Abstract
2010 Vibrissae growth rates: a tool for determining the timing of ecologically important events Abstract
2010 The social and economic dynamics of water demand and climate change Presentation
2010 Influence of hummocks and emergent vegetation on hydraulic performance in a surface flow wastewater treatment wetland Journal Article
2010 Development of a new toxic-unit model for the bioassessment of metals in streams Journal Article
2010 Valuing ecosystem and economic services across land-use scenarios in the prairie potholes Abstract
2010 Land-use analysis and simulated effects of land-use change and aggregate mining on groundwater flow in the South Platte River valley, Brighton to Fort Lupton, Colorado Scientific Investigations Report
2010 Effects of amphibian chytrid fungus on individual survival probability in wild boreal toads Journal Article
2010 Climate-Induced Tree Mortality: Earth System Consequences Journal Article
2010 ARCTOS: A relational database relating specimens, specimen-based science, and archival documentation Abstract
2010 Evidence of mating readiness in certain bats killed by wind turbines Abstract
2010 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2009 science accomplishments Open-file Report
2010 Resources for Understanding the Effects of Wind Energy Development Science Feature
2010 Practical Methods for using vegetation patterns to estimate avalanche frequency and magnitude Report
2010 Tailor made: Web applications for natural resources science and management Science Feature
2010 Evaluating the use of stable isotope analyses to infer sex-specific seasonal movements of silver-haired bats in northwestern California Abstract
2010 Inter-annual variation in the foraging ecology of a brown bear population in southwest Alaska Abstract
2010 Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site -- Reptile/Amphibian Inventory -- 2007-2008 Administrative Report
2010 Assessing the Accuracy of Landscape-Scale Phenology Products: An International Workshop on the Validation of Satellite-Based Phenology Products; Dublin, Ireland, 18 June 2010 Journal Article
2010 A Map of the Big Brown Bat Wing: "Typical" Damage and Scarring in an Urban Maternity Population Prior to White-Nose Syndrome Abstract
2010 Occurrence of West Nile Virus in raptors at the Salton Sea, California Abstract
2010 UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology Annual Report for calendar year 2009 Report
2010 Macroinvertebrate-based assessment of biological condition at selected sites in the Eagle River watershed, Colorado, 2000–07 Scientific Investigations Report
2010 Use of wildlife webcams—Literature review and annotated bibliography Open-file Report
2010 Weathering rates in alpine catchments of central Colorado, USA Proceedings, Pages in
2010 Revisions of rump fat and body scoring indices for deer, elk, and moose Journal Article
2010 Bird migration patterns in the arid southwest—Final report Open-file Report
2010 Spatial mapping and attribution of Wyoming wind turbines Data Series
2010 Adult survival and population growth in Colorado big brown bats Abstract
2010 Environmental Impacts of Roads Book, Pages in
2010 Saving our shared birds: partners in flight tri-national vision for landbird conservation Report
2010 Diatoms of the United States [website update] Web Site/Page
2010 Demography of the Pryor Mountain wild horses, 1993-2007 Scientific Investigations Report
2010 Wing pathology of white-nose syndrome in bats suggests life-threatening disruption of physiology Journal Article
2010 Teaching citizen science skills online: Implications for invasive species training programs Journal Article
2010 Temporal change in biological community structure in the Fountain Creek basin, Colorado, 2001–2008 Scientific Investigations Report
2010 Macroinvertebrate and algal community sample collection methods and data collected at selected sites in the Eagle River watershed, Colorado, 2000–07 Data Series
2010 Diets of the sympatric Pacific sheath-tailed bat (Emballonura semicaudata rotensis) and Mariana swiftlet (Aerodramus bartschi) on Aguiguan, Mariana Islands Abstract
2010 Predicting climate change impacts on Great Basin wetlands, migratory birds, and their prey: Workshop Abstract
2010 Bat ecology as it relates to white-nose syndrome Abstract
2010 Current white-nose syndrome (WNS) research Abstract
2010 Evaluation of streamflow gain-loss characteristics of Hubbard Creek, in the vicinity of a mine-permit area, Delta County, Colorado, 2007 Scientific Investigations Report
2010 Influence of hummocks and emergent vegetation on hydraulic performance in a surface-flow wastewater-treatment wetland Abstract
2010 Amphibian declines: promising directions in understanding the role of disease Journal Article
2010 Estimating the population size of island loggerhead shrikes on Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands, USA Abstract
2010 Saltcedar and Russian Olive control demonstration act science assessment [Executive Summary] Report, Pages In
2010 Widespread Plant Species: Natives vs. Aliens in our Changing World Abstract
2010 Demonstration projects and long-term considerations associated with saltcedar and Russian olive control and riparian restoration [Chapter 8] Report, Pages In
2010 Restoration and revegetation associated with control of saltcedar and Russian olive [Chapter 7] Report, Pages In
2010 Suitability modeling and the location of utility-scale solar power plants in the southwestern United States Thesis & Dissertation
2010 Comparison of dasymetric mapping techniques for small-area population estimates Journal Article
2010 Reconnaissance of weathering rates in alpine catchments of central Colorado, USA Abstract
2010 Modeling Human Population Growth using Dasymetric Mapping: Scenario Building for Wildlife Management Abstract
2010 White-Nose Syndrome Fungus (Geomyces destructans) in bats, Europe Journal Article
2010 Species within the genus Encyonema Kützing, including two new species Encyonema reimeri sp. nov. and E. nickcafei sp. nov. and E. stoermeri nom. nov., stat. nov Journal Article
2010 White-nose Syndrome in North America Abstract
2010 Identifying limits on aquatic insect density exposed to metals in the presence of co-limiting factors Abstract
2010 Update on WNS Research and Response Activities at the USGS Fort Collins Science Center Abstract
2010 Methylmercury cycling, bioaccumulation, and export from agricultural and non-agricultural wetlands in the Yolo Bypass Report
2010 Relationships among spawning salmon abundance, stable isotope measures of marine-derived nutrient assimilation, and the fitness of stream-dwelling fishes Abstract
2010 The World Congress of herpetology and animal conservation: excerpts from the 6th World Congress Journal Article
2010 Development of assessment methodologies in support of USGS integrated science-Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative Abstract
2010 The potential for water savings through the control of saltcedar and Russian olive Report, Pages In
2010 Evaluation of the extent of contamination caused by historical mining in catchments of central Colorado Abstract
2010 A Natural Resource Condition Assessment for Rocky Mountain National Park Report
2010 Persistent organic pollutants in fish tissue in the mid-continental great rivers of the United States Journal Article
2010 Bill Williams River environmental flow program: lessons learned and future challenges Presentation
2010 Developing an on-line taxonomic guide to the freshwater diatoms of the United States: Scope, process and initial steps Abstract
2010 Transformation of chiral polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in a stream food web Journal Article
2010 Spider-mediated flux of PCBs from contaminated sediments to terrestrial ecosystems and potential risks to arachnivorous birds Journal Article
2010 Environmental tolerance of an invasive riparian tree and its potential for continued spread in the southwestern US Journal Article
2010 Predicting risks to aquatic life based on lithologic specific geochemical baselines Abstract
2010 Mercury bioaccumulation and trophic transfer in Ozark stream ecosystems Abstract
2010 Balancing energy development and conservation: a method utilizing species distribution models Abstract
2010 Background and introduction [Chapter 1] Report, Pages In
2010 Saltcedar and Russian Olive control demonstration act science assessment Scientific Investigations Report
2010 Reproductive isolation and the expansion of an invasive hybrid swarm Journal Article
2010 Distribution and abundance of saltcedar and Russian olive in the western United States [Chapter 2] Report, Pages In
2009 Validating aerial photographic mark–recapture for naturally marked feral horses Journal Article
2009 Bat migration and wind turbines Abstract
2009 Evaluation of Ensemble Habitat Mapping to support National Park Service decisions on the fire management and invasive plant species control Abstract
2009 Protecting, Restoring and Conserving Renewable Resources: The Role of the Social Sciences Book, Pages in
2009 Following Sirenia’s song: The meritorious journey of research zoologist Thomas J. O’Shea Science Feature
2009 Landbird migration in the American West: Recent progress and future research directions Journal Article
2009 Social and economic considerations for coastal and watershed restoration in the Puget Sound, Washington: A literature review Open-file Report
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1995 GIS
2009 Distribution, density, and biomass of introduced small mammals in the southern Mariana Islands Journal Article
2009 Thresholds of climate change in Ecosystems: Final Report, Synthesis and Assessment Product 4.2 Report
2009 Race, Space, and Riots in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles [Book Review] Journal Article
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River shape files GIS
2009 Assessment for Pacific sheath-tailed bats (Emballonura semicaudata rotensis) on Aguiguan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Report
2009 FORT scientist’s name in NEON: Helping to light the way for understanding ecological change Science Feature
2009 An exploratory analysis of coping schemes used by paddlers who camped in the St. Regis Canoe Area, New York Report, Pages In
2009 Using destination image to predict visitors' intention to revisit three Hudson River Valley, New York, communities Report, Pages In
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1949 GIS
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1966 GIS
2009 Spectral distance decay: Assessing species beta-diversity by quantile regression Journal Article
2009 Bark beetle outbreaks in Western North America: Causes and consequences Proceedings
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1982 GIS
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1974 GIS
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1958 GIS
2009 Ectoparasites of the occult bat, Myotis occultus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) Journal Article
2009 Aerial photographs and shape files for GIS analysis along the Little Missouri River: Little Missouri River aerial photographs, 1939 GIS
2009 Spatial and temporal variation in climate change: a bird’s eye view Journal Article
2009 Shifts in lake N:P stoichiometry and nutrient limitation driven by atmospheric nitrogen deposition Journal Article
2009 DayCent-Chem simulations of ecological and biogeochemical processes of eight mountain ecosystems in the United States Scientific Investigations Report
2009 Adverse effects to Northern Shovelers from exposure to treated wastewater from Central Front Range, Colorado, wastewater treatment plants Administrative Report