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2012 Leetown Science Center [Website] Web Application
2012 John Wesley Powell Center Working Group on global croplands and water use for food security in the 21st century [Website] Web Application
2012 Environmental conditions associated with bat White-Nose Syndrome mortality in the north-eastern United States Journal Article
2012 The hidden cost of wildfires: Economic valuation of health effects of wildfire smoke exposure in Southern California Journal Article
2012 National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center [Website] Web Application
2012 Ecology of zoonotic infectious diseases in bats: Current knowledge and future directions Journal Article
2012 Inoculation of bats with European Geomyces destructans supports the novel pathogen hypothesis for the origin of white-nose syndrome Journal Article
2012 Forty years of vegetation change on the Missouri River floodplain Journal Article
2012 Software for Assisted Habitat Modeling Package for VisTrails (SAHM: VisTrails) v.1 Software
2012 White-nose Syndrome Disease Tracking System (v.1) Web Application
2012 User Manual for SAHM package for VisTrails Software Documentation
2012 Global change and the world’s mountains: research needs and emerging themes for sustainable development Journal Article
2012 Public participation GIS: A method for identifying ecosystem services Journal Article
2012 Relationships among resident participation in nature and heritage tourism activities, place attachment, and sustainability in three Hudson River valley communities Abstract
2012 Interdisciplinary research: Navigating the pitfalls, processes, and potential of integrating social and natural science Abstract
2012 Variance partitioning of stream diatom, fish, and invertebrate indicators of biological condition Journal Article
2012 Effects of acid deposition on ecosystems: advances in the state of the science [Chapter 3] Report, Pages In
2012 Diversity and distribution of mayflies (Ephemeroptera), stoneflies (Plecoptera), and caddisflies (Trichoptera) of the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, 1873-2010 USGS Series
2012 Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contributions to wildlife habitat, management issues, challenges and policy choices- an annotated bibliography Scientific Investigations Report
2012 Woodrat survival is influenced by plague in the absence of an epizootic: a preliminary study Abstract
2012 Investigating temporal and spatial patterns of genetic diversity in White-tailed Ptarmigan in and around Rocky Mountain National Park Abstract
2012 Socioeconomic Issues for the Bear River Watershed Conservation Area Land Protection Plan USGS Series
2012 Ecological subsidies: a conceptual framework for integrating ecosystem and exposure studies in linked aquatic-terrestrial systems Abstract
2012 Western Energy Citation Clearinghouse (WECC) Abstract
2012 Collaborative Mapping and Social Learning: Interactive GIS for Natural Resource Management Abstract
2012 User documentation for the Software for Assisted Habitat Modeling (SAHM) package in VisTrails Software Documentation
2012 Tutorial for the Software for Assisted Habitat Modeling (SAHM) package in VisTrails Software Documentation
2012 The big squeeze: pythons and mammals in Everglades National Park [Audio podcast] Podcast
2012 Water Quality Studied in Areas of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development, Including Areas Where Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques are Used, in the United States Fact Sheet
2012 Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2012 Projecting climate change effects on cottonwood and willow seed dispersal phenology, flood timing, and seedling recruitment in western riparian forests Abstract
2012 U.S. Geological Survey Community for Data Integration: data upload, registry, and access tool Fact Sheet
2012 Detection probability in aerial surveys of feral horses Journal Article
2012 Lights, camera, action: behaviors of hibernating bats before and after WNS revealed by surveillance video Abstract
2012 Bats and wind energy: State of knowledge and research priorities for USFWS and USGS Abstract
2012 Surveillance for White-Nose Syndrome in the bat community at El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico, 2011 Open-file Report
2012 Ecological correlates of invasion impact for Burmese pythons in Florida Journal Article
2012 Data resources for range-wide assessment of livestock grazing across the Sagebrush Biome Data Series
2012 Annual Report for 2011 Wild Horse Research and Field Activities Administrative Report
2012 A collaborative approach for estimating terrestrial wildlife abundance Journal Article
2012 The macroecology of sustainability Journal Article
2012 Woody riparian vegetation near selected stream gages in the Western United States Data Series
2012 Breeding ecology of the Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow Abstract
2012 Locations and attributes of utility-scale solar power facilities in Colorado and New Mexico, 2011 Data Series
2012 Will a changing climate increase interaction between rare and non-native plant species in Alaska? Proceedings, Pages in
2012 Bats and wind energy-A literature synthesis and annotated bibliography Open-file Report
2012 Climate Change Effects on Western Riparian Forests: Flood Timing, Tree Seed Dispersal Timing, and Seeding Establishment Presentation
2012 Feathers [Website] Web Application
2012 Geologic processes influence the effects of mining on aquatic ecosystems Journal Article
2012 Carbon and nitrogen isotope discrimination factors for Steller sea lion vibrissae on milk and fish/squid diets Abstract
2012 Discrimination factors for 13C and 15N profiles of vibrissae from adult Steller sea lion females and their pups in utero and post parturition Abstract
2012 Spatial variation in the diets of female Steller sea lions inferred from 13C and 15N values of vibrissae from pups Abstract
2012 The WLCI Interagency Monitoring Team: Efforts and Accomplishments Abstract
2012 The Distribution of Invasive Plants Measured and Modeled Across the WLCI Area Abstract
2012 State-wide seasonal habitat selection in Wyoming greater sage-grouse Abstract
2012 Mapping surface disturbance of energy-related infrastructure in southwest Wyoming - an assessment of methods Scientific Investigations Report
2012 Drought and cooler temperatures are associated with higher nest survival in Mountain Plovers Journal Article
2012 Innovation, information, and technology transfer [Chapter 6] Report, Pages In
2012 National wildlife refuge visitor survey results: 2010/2011 Data Series
2012 A brief primer on molecular genetic techniques and their use in wildlife studies Abstract
2012 From individuals to families to populations: Using molecular techniques to help guide wildlife management Abstract
2012 Digging behaviors of radio-tagged black-footed ferrets near Meeteetse, Wyoming, 1981-1984 Journal Article
2012 Patterns of surface burrow plugging in a colony of black-tailed prairie dogs occupied by black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2012 Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge: Lake Lowell Visitor Use Data Summary Report
2012 Geospatial database for regional environmental assessment of central Colorado USGS Series
2012 Science strategy for Core Science Systems in the U.S. Geological Survey, 2013–2023—public review release Open-file Report
2012 Snakes in the wrong places: Gordon Rodda’s career in invasive species research Science Feature
2012 Identifying the relationship between natural gas energy development and Pygmy Rabbit (Brachylagus Idahoensis) site occupancy Abstract
2012 Development of a North American Bat Population Monitoring and Modeling Program Abstract
2012 Bioclimatic predictors for supporting ecological applications in the conterminous United States Data Series
2012 Using the web to gather and disseminate human dimensions data: Examples from the 2010/2011 national wildlife refuge visitor survey Abstract
2012 The U.S. Geological Survey Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative—2011 annual update Fact Sheet
2012 Characterizing invertebrate traits in wadeable streams of the contiguous US: Differences among ecoregions and land uses Journal Article
2012 John Wesley Powell Center Working Group on mercury cycling, bioaccumulation, and risk across North America [Website] Web Application
2012 Fine-scale habitat use of reintroduced black-footed ferrets on prairie dog colonies in New Mexico Journal Article
2012 Consumption of bird eggs by invasive Burmese pythons in Florida Journal Article
2012 Importance of lunar and temporal conditions for spotlight surveys of adult black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2012 Spawning salmon and the fitness of stream-dwelling fishes: Marine-derived nutrients show saturating effects on growth and energy storage in juvenile salmonids Journal Article
2012 Fort Collins Science Center FY2011 Accomplishments Report Open-file Report
2012 2010 monitoring and tracking wet nitrogen deposition at Rocky Mountain National Park Report
2012 Weather effects on avian breeding performance and implications of climate change Journal Article
2012 The State of Human Dimensions Capacity: Current Needs and Training Opportunities Abstract
2012 Population ecology of feral horses in an era of fertility control management Thesis & Dissertation
2012 Estimating risks to aquatic life using quantile regression Journal Article
2012 The importance of local and landscape-scale processes to the occupancy of wetlands by pond-breeding amphibians Journal Article
2012 National wildlife refuge visitor survey: individual refuge results Data Series
2012 Web, Hosting, & Application Registry, Version 1.0 [Internal Web Application] Web Application
2012 Plague disrupts ecosystems and creates challenges for wildlife conservation Abstract
2012 Cottonwood tree rings and climate in western North America Abstract
2012 Multi-scale remote sensing sagebrush characterization with regression trees over Wyoming, USA: Laying a foundation for monitoring Journal Article
2012 The Fort Collins Science Center [Brochure] Report
2012 Alternative statistical models for small counts of California spotted owl fledglings Abstract
2012 Physical Habitat Simulation (PHABSIM) Software for Windows (v.1.5.1) Software
2012 Assessing long-term variations in sagebrush habitat – characterization of spatial extents and distribution patterns using multi-temporal satellite remote-sensing data Journal Article
2012 Disputes over science and dispute resolution approaches: a survey of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation employees Open-file Report
2011 Allelopathic cover crop prior to seeding is more important than subsequent grazing/mowing in grassland establishment Journal Article
2011 Federated or cached searches: providing expected performance from multiple invasive species databases Journal Article
2011 Assessment of tannin variation in Tamarisk foliage across a latitudinal gradient Journal Article
2011 Synthesis [Chapter 19] Report, Pages In
2011 Northwestern forested mountains [Chapter 8] Report, Pages In
2011 Postbreeding resource selection by adult black-footed ferrets in the Conata Basin, South Dakota Journal Article
2011 Movements and survival of black-footed ferrets associated with an experimental translocation in South Dakota Journal Article
2011 Managed flood effects on beaver pond habitat in a desert riverine ecosystem, Bill Williams River, Arizona USA Journal Article
2011 Boiga Irregularis (Brown Treesnake) Journal Article
2011 Challenges in identifying sites climatically matched to the native ranges of animal invaders Journal Article
2011 Landscape features influence postrelease predation on endangered black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2011 Burmese Pythons and other giant constrictors Book, Pages in
2011 Phenology Book, Pages in
2011 Host and viral ecology determine bat rabies seasonality and maintenance Journal Article
2011 Wind turbines as landscape impediments to the migratory connectivity of bats Journal Article
2011 Herding Sparrows for Science: They're Not Just "LBJs" Science Feature
2011 Potential misuse of avian density as a conservation metric Journal Article
2011 Bat ecology and public health surveillance for rabies in an urbanizing region of Colorado Journal Article
2011 Invasive species and climate change Proceedings, Pages in
2011 Adult survival and population growth rate in Colorado big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) Journal Article
2011 Floristic composition, beta diversity, and nestedness of reference sites for restoration of xeroriparian areas Journal Article
2011 Beaver assisted river valley formation Journal Article
2011 Modelling detectability of kiore (Rattus exulans) on Aguiguan, Mariana Islands, to inform possible eradication and monitoring efforts Journal Article
2011 Cold-induced mortality of invasive Burmese pythons in south Florida Journal Article
2011 Estimating geographic variation on allometric growth and body condition of Blue Suckers with quantile regression Journal Article
2011 Estimating equivalence with quantile regression Journal Article
2011 Population cycles are highly correlated over long time series and large spatial scales in two unrelated species: greater sage-grouse and cottontail rabbits Journal Article
2011 Economic importance of bats in agriculture Journal Article
2011 Brown Treesnake Book, Pages in
2011 Seasonal and interannual effects of hypoxia on fish habitat quality in central Lake Erie Journal Article
2011 Ungulate Herbivory on Alpine Willow in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado Journal Article
2011 Marine west coast forests [Chapter 9] Report, Pages In
2011 Nonrandom patterns of roost emergence in big brown bats, Eptesicus fuscus Journal Article
2011 Mortality of Siberian polecats and black-footed ferrets released onto prairie dog colonies Journal Article
2011 Characterization of small microsatellite loci isolated in endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) for use in non-invasive sampling Journal Article
2011 Canine detection of free-ranging brown treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2011 Habitat suitability of patch types: A case study of the Yosemite toad Journal Article
2011 Stratigraphic, sedimentologic, and dendrogeomorphic analyses of rapid floodplain formation along the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, TX Journal Article
2011 Empirical critical loads of atmospheric nitrogen deposition for nutrient enrichment and acidification of sensitive US lakes Journal Article
2011 Balancing energy development and conservation: A method utilizing species distribution models Journal Article
2011 Distributional changes and range predictions of downy brome (Bromus tectorum) in Rocky Mountain National Park Journal Article
2011 Trophic magnification of PCBs and its relationship to the octanol--water partition coefficient Journal Article
2011 Habitat fragmentation reduces nest survival in an Afrotropical bird community in a biodiversity hotspot Journal Article
2011 Improving national-scale invasion maps: Tamarisk in the western United States Journal Article
2011 Bounding species distribution models Journal Article
2011 A field test of attractant traps for invasive Burmese pythons (Python molurus bivittatus) in southern Florida Journal Article
2011 Customizing a rangefinder for community-based large animal surveys Journal Article
2011 Foaling rates in feral horses treated with the immunocontraceptive porcine zona pellucida Journal Article
2011 Diets of the Sympatric Pacific Sheath-Tailed Bat (Emballonura semicaudata rotensis) and Mariana Swiftlet (Aerodramus bartschi) on Aguiguan, Mariana Islands Journal Article
2011 Compensatory effects of recruitment and survival when amphibian populations are perturbed by disease Journal Article
2011 Challenges of predicting the potential distribution of a slow-spreading invader: a habitat suitability map for an invasive riparian tree Journal Article
2011 Widespread plant species: Natives versus aliens in our changing world Journal Article
2011 Bats of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado: composition, reproduction, and roosting habits
2011 Scented guide ropes as a method to enhance brown treesnake (Boiga irregularis) trap capture success on Guam Journal Article
2011 Effects of hypoxia on consumption, growth, and RNA:DNA ratios of young Yellow Perch Journal Article
2011 Python sebae (Northern African Python or African Rock Python) Journal Article
2011 Investigating and managing the rapid emergence of White-Nose Syndrome, a novel, fatal, infectious disease of hibernating bats Journal Article
2011 Alphacoronaviruses in New World bats: Prevalence, persistence, phylogeny, and potential for interaction with humans Journal Article
2011 Mitigating amphibian disease: strategies to maintain wild populations and control chytridiomycosis Journal Article
2011 Salvage logging versus the use of burnt wood as a nurse object to promote post-fire tree seedling establishment Journal Article
2011 Positional accuracy of TIGER 2000 and 2009 road networks Journal Article
2011 Characterization of ten microsatellite loci in the Broad-tailed Hummingbird (Selasphorus platycercus) Journal Article
2011 Boiga irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Predation attempt by crab Journal Article
2011 Bats of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado: composition, reproduction, and roosting habits Journal Article
2011 Status and natural history of Emballonura semicaudata rotensis on Aguiguan, Mariana Islands Journal Article
2011 An enhanced TIMESAT algorithm for estimating vegetation phenology metrics from MODIS data Journal Article
2011 Black-footed ferrets and Siberian polecats as ecological surrogates and ecological equivalents Journal Article
2011 Using maximum entropy modeling for optimal selection of sampling sites for monitoring networks Journal Article
2011 Boiga irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Predation attempt by praying mantis Journal Article
2011 Environmental enrichment affects adrenocortical stress responses in the endangered black-footed ferret Journal Article
2011 Breeding chorus intensity is weakly related to estimated abundance of Boreal Chorus Frogs Journal Article
2011 Inland surface water [Chapter 18] Report, Pages In
2011 Macroinvertebrate response to flow changes in a subalpine stream: Predictions from two-dimensional hydrodynamic models Journal Article
2011 Linking microbial and ecosystem ecology using ecological stoichiometry: A synthesis of conceptual and empirical approaches Journal Article
2011 A quantitative food web approach for estimating selenium flux in the Colorado River in Grand Canyon Abstract
2011 High throughput computing: A solution for scientific analysis Science Feature
2011 U.S. Geological Survey science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2010 annual report Open-file Report
2011 Effects of climate change on nutrition and genetics of White-tailed Ptarmigan [chapter 21] Book, Pages in
2011 Applying remote sensing to invasive species science—A tamarisk example Fact Sheet
2011 Long-term change in perennial vegetation along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park (1889-2010) Journal Article
2011 Black-footed ferret areas of activity during late summer and fall at Meeteetse, Wyoming Journal Article
2011 Molecular genetic insights into the biology of Trumpeter Swans Abstract
2011 Assessment of bats for white-nose syndrome at El Malpais National Monument and adjacent lands Abstract
2011 USGS Twitter Earthquake Dispatch (@USGSted) Web Application
2011 A sampling and analytical approach to develop spatial distribution models for sagebrush-associated species [Chapter 4] Book, Pages in
2011 Critical Tissue Residue Approach Linking Accumulated Metals in Aquatic Insects to Population and Community-Level Effects Journal Article
2011 Baseline Hydrologic Studies in the Lower Elwha River Prior to Dam Removal [Chapter 4] Report, Pages In
2011 The distance that contaminated aquatic subsidies extend into lake riparian zones Journal Article
2011 An assessment of stressor extent and biological condition in the North American mid-continent great rivers (USA) Journal Article
2011 Molecular genetics at the Fort Collins Science Center Fact Sheet
2011 FORT Molecular Ecology Laboratory [website] Web Site/Page
2011 Bat White-Nose Syndrome in North America Journal Article
2011 Optimization of biomass composition explains microbial growth-stoichiometry relationships Journal Article
2011 Landsat imagery: A unique resource Science Feature
2011 UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology Annual Report for calendar year 2010 Report
2011 Comment on “A bacterium that can grow by using arsenic instead of phosphorus” Journal Article
2011 Looking inside the box: using Raman microspectroscopy to deconstruct microbial biomass stoichiometry one cell at a time Journal Article
2011 CloseTest Software
2011 Assessing forest vulnerability and the potential distribution of pine beetles under current and future climate scenarios in the Interior West of the US Journal Article
2011 Fort Collins Science Center: Fiscal year 2010 science accomplishments Open-file Report
2011 Using stable isotopes in primary feathers to classify dunlin species Abstract
2011 Abbreviated bibliography on energy development—A focus on the Rocky Mountain Region Open-file Report
2011 The importance of within-year repeated counts and the influence of scale on long-term monitoring of sage-grouse Journal Article
2011 Landscape patterns of plant invasions Book, Pages in
2011 Extended megadroughts in the southwestern United States during Pleistocene interglacials Journal Article
2011 Constraints to connecting children with nature—Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees sponsored by the National Conservation Training Center, Division of Education Outreach Open-file Report
2011 John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Education Stakeholder Analysis - Phase I Report Administrative Report
2011 Detectability adjusted count models of songbird abundance [Chapter 6] Book, Pages in
2011 Ecosystem response to removal of exotic riparian shrubs and a transition to upland vegetation Journal Article
2011 A critical tissue residue approach linking accumulated metals in aquatic insects to population and community-level effects Abstract
2011 Scaling of critical zone processes in the Prairie Pothole region, USA Abstract
2011 Environmental and health-hazards characteristic of airfall ash, residual ash, and soils from areas burned by fifteen 2007-2010 California and Colorado wildfires at the wildland-urban interface Abstract
2011 Effect of fire on soil carbon and nitrogen Abstract
2011 The role of critical zone processes in the origin of the Prairie Pothole Region wetlands Abstract
2011 Using stable isotopes to understand hydrochemical processes in and around a Prairie Pothole wetland Abstract
2011 The “Peer” in “Peer Review” Journal Article
2011 Emergent vegetation responses and influences on methylmercury production, export and bioaccumulation from rice-agriculture and managed wetlands of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, California, U.S.A Abstract
2011 An evidence-based approach to demonstrate causal relationships between anthropogenic stressors and macroinvertebrate community responses Abstract
2011 An evidence-based approach to demonstrate causal relationships between anthropogenic stressors and macroinvertebrate community responses Presentation
2011 Monitoring and researching bat activity at wind turbines with near infrared videography Abstract
2011 Monitoring behaviors and activity of bats at wind turbines with near infrared videography Abstract
2011 Genetic and environmental influences on leaf phenology and cold hardiness of native and introduced riparian trees Journal Article
2011 Effects of nitrogen deposition and empirical nitrogen critical loads for ecoregions of the United States Journal Article
2011 Molecular insights into the biology of Greater Sage-Grouse Book, Pages in
2011 Predicting long-range impact of gas extraction in an Upper Colorado headwater catchment Abstract
2011 Positional Accuracy of TIGER 2000 and 2009 Road Networks Journal Article
2011 Mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification in Ozarkstream ecosystems Journal Article
2011 Long-Term Observations of Boreal Toads at an ARMI Apex Site Proceedings, Pages in
2011 Using stable isotopes to understand hydrochemical processes in and around a Prairie Pothole wetland in the Northern Great Plains, USA Journal Article
2011 The role of critical zone processes in the evolution of the Prairie Pothole Region wetlands Journal Article
2011 Contaminants limit ecosystem potential, not average potential of ecosystems Abstract
2011 Transfer of trace metals from streams to terrestrial food webs by emerging aquatic insects in mineralized alpine ecosystems Abstract
2011 Biologically-mediated flux of trace metals from streams to riparian spiders: a large scale survey in mineralized alpine ecosystems Abstract
2011 Sagebrush ecosystem conservation and management: Ecoregional assessment tools and models for the Wyoming Basins Book
2011 Species accounts for the Alamosa/Monte Vista/Baca National Wildlife Refuge Complex Open-file Report
2011 Effects of climate change on nutrition and genetics of White-tailed Ptarmigan [chapter 21] Book, Pages in
2011 Response of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: A collaborative research approach [Chapter 8] Book, Pages in
2011 Experimental infection of bats with Geomyces destructans causes white-nose syndrome Journal Article
2011 A bibliography of literature pertaining to plague (Yersinia pestis) Open-file Report
2011 Update on video surveillance, electrolyte imbalance, and development of an online interactive database for tracking WNS Abstract
2011 A new species of Perlesta (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from North Carolina with additional records for North Carolina and Virginia Journal Article
2011 Proof of concept for using habitat suitability models to prioritize invasive species modeling Abstract
2011 Identifying limits on stream insect density exposed to metals in the presence of co-limiting factors Abstract
2011 Valuation of rangeland ecosystem services Abstract
2011 Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor) Journal Article
2011 New Developments in Instream Flow Science and Tools at the Fort Collins Science Center [Poster] Presentation
2011 A habitat overlap analysis derived from Maxent for Tamarisk and the South-western Willow Flycatcher Journal Article
2011 Variation in active and passive resource inputs to experimental pools: mechanisms and possible consequences for food webs Journal Article
2011 Valuing Ecosystem and Economic Services across Land-use Scenarios in the Prairie Pothole Region of the Dakotas, USA Journal Article
2011 Locations and attributes of wind turbines in New Mexico, 2009 Data Series
2011 Predicting kudzu in the US and Canada in response to climate change and other factors Abstract
2011 Buffelgrass—Integrated modeling of an invasive plant Fact Sheet
2011 Interface between black-footed ferret research and operational conservation Journal Article
2011 Appropriate uses and considerations for online surveying in human dimensions research Journal Article
2011 Avian conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region, Northern Great Plains—Understanding the links between climate, ecosystem processes, wetland management, and bird communities Fact Sheet