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2000 An overview of mining-related environmental and human health issues, Marinduque Island, Philippines: observations from a joint U.S. Geological Survey - Armed Forces Institute of Pathology reconnaissance field evaluation, May 12-19, 2000 Open-file Report
2000 Ground Geophysical Study of the Buckeye Mine Tailings, Boulder Watershed, Montana Open-file Report
2000 The stream segment and stream network temperature models; a self-study course (Version 2.0) Open-file Report
2000 Water quality modeling in the systems impact assessment model for the Klamath River basin - Keno, Oregon to Seiad Valley, California Open-file Report
1999 A case for site acclimation in the reintroduction of the endangered razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) Open-file Report
1999 Aquatic survey of the lower Escalante River, Glen Canyon National Park, Utah, June 22-26, 1998 Open-file Report
1999 Biogeographical profiles of shorebird migration in midcontinental North America USGS Series
1999 Description of the pelagic zooplankton and fish communities of Lakes Powell and Mead Open-file Report
1999 Experiments in in situ fish recognition systems using fish spectral and spatial signatures Open-file Report
1999 Loch Vale Watershed project quality assurance report: 1995-1998 Open-file Report
1999 Movement patterns, behavior, and habitat use of razorback sucker stocked into the Green River at Canyonlands National Park, Utah Open-file Report
1999 Restoration of bighorn sheep metapopulations in and near 15 national parks; conservation of a severely fragmented species; Volume I, Planning, problem definition, findings, and restoration Open-file Report
1999 Restoration of bighorn sheep metapopulations in and near 15 national parks; conservation of severely fragmented species; Volume II, Synopsis of research findings Open-file Report
1999 Spring-summer movements of Bonytail in a Colorado River reservoir, Lake Mohave, Arizona and Nevada Open-file Report
1999 Vegetation responses to natural regulation of elk in Rocky Mountain National Park USGS Series
1998 A toxicological reconnaissance of the Upper Animas River watershed near Silverton, Colorado Open-file Report
1998 Aquatic physical habitat and sediment analysis in evaluating mined land remediation measures: a 1998 review Open-file Report
1998 Distribution, migratory behavior, and habitat use of razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) in Lake Mohave, Arizona-Nevada Open-file Report
1998 Front Range Infrastructure Resources Project: Biological Resources Fact Sheet
1998 Post-Stocking dispersal, Habitat Use, and Behavioral Acclimation of Juvenile Razorback Suckers (Xyrauchen texanus) in two Colorado River Reservoirs Open-file Report
1998 Pre- and post-operational effects of a temperature control device on physical, chemical, and biological attributes of Shasta Lake, California: Phase 1, Spring 1995 thru Fall 1997 Open-file Report
1998 Testing of golf course ponds at Page, Arizona for suitability as grow-out facility for razorback sucker using surplus fish from Ouray National Fish Hatchery Open-file Report
1998 Using geostatistical methods to estimate snow water equivalence distribution in a mountain watershed USGS Series
1995 Influence of metal concentrations and pH on the toxicity of contaminated floodplain soils, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, Montana NBS Information Bulletin
1995 Manatee individual photo-identification system Open-file Report
1995 Plains cottonwood regenerates from natural seedfall on disturbed, irrigated sites NBS Information Bulletin
1995 Seasonal impacts of the McLaren tailings on Soda Butte Creek and Yellowstone National Park, Montana. NBS Information Bulletin
1995 Turtle, tortoise, and terrapin: myriad monikers USGS Series
1994 Geomorphic processes determine instream flow effects on cottonwood regeneration NBS Information Bulletin
1994 River salinity has little influence on establishment of cottonwood and saltcedar. Research Information Bulletin 94-95 NBS Information Bulletin
1993 River margin habitat critical for nesting smallmouth bass (Micropterous dolomieui) in rivers NBS Information Bulletin
1992 'Do Your Part' Activities Guide Brochure
1992 Habitat framework for assessing effect of streamflow regulation on fish populations NBS Information Bulletin
1992 Proposed exclusion of dry years in wetland delineation would be too restrictive NBS Information Bulletin
1992 Regeneration of Plains Cottonwood under Experimental Conditions NBS Information Bulletin
1992 Testing transferability of habitat suitability criteria used in Instream Flow Incremental Methodology NBS Information Bulletin
1992 Two pre-positioned area shocker designs for sampling stream fishes NBS Information Bulletin
1991 Of mice and cows: a small mammal monitoring system NBS Information Bulletin
1991 Wintering stream basses in Michigan are vulnerable to water level fluctuation NBS Information Bulletin
1982 FWS/MANAGE: The key to your data base management problems Brochure
1980 Bridging the water barrier Brochure
1980 Habitat Evaluation Procedures implementation strategy Brochure
1980 Habitat Evaluation Procedures training course Brochure
1980 Rapid Assessment Methods - for wildlife and land use planning Brochure
1979 Water law short course Brochure
1978 The Plant Information Network brochure Brochure
1977 IFG incremental methodology Brochure
1976 WELUT Western Energy and Land Use Team Brochure