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2017 Community for Data Integration 2016 Annual Report Open-file Report
2017 Landsat and agriculture—Case studies on the uses and benefits of Landsat imagery in agricultural monitoring and production Open-file Report
2017 Management of plains cottonwood at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota Open-file Report
2016 2015 National Park visitor spending effects: Economic contributions to local communities, states, and the nation Open-file Report
2016 Community for Data Integration 2015 Annual Report Open-file Report
2016 Development of a decision support tool for water and resource management using biotic, abiotic, and hydrological assessments of Topock Marsh, Arizona Open-file Report
2016 Estimated historical distribution of grassland communities of the Southern Great Plains Open-file Report
2016 Estimating the economic impacts of ecosystem restoration—Methods and case studies Open-file Report
2016 Facilitating the inclusion of nonmarket values in Bureau of Land Management planning and project assessments—Final report Open-file Report
2016 Improve wildlife species tracking—Implementing an enhanced global positioning system data management system for California condors Open-file Report
2016 Modeled streamflow metrics on small, ungaged stream reaches in the Upper Colorado River Basin Data Series
2016 U.S. Geological Survey science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2015 annual report Open-file Report
2016 Users and uses of Landsat 8 satellite imagery—2014 survey results Open-file Report
2015 A survey of Bureau of Land Management employees on collaboration and alternative dispute resolution Open-file Report
2015 Aquatic Systems Branch: Transdisciplinary research to address water-related environmental problems Fact Sheet
2015 Broad-scale assessments of ecological landscapes—Developing methods and applications Fact Sheet
2015 Community for Data Integration 2014 annual report Open-file Report
2015 Estimated abundance of wild burros surveyed on Bureau of Land Management lands in 2014 Open-file Report
2015 Invasive Species Science Branch: Research and management tools for controlling invasive species Fact Sheet
2015 Management of Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands to Meet Wildlife Habitat Objectives Scientific Investigations Report
2015 Modeling elk and bison carrying capacity for Great Sand Dunes National Park, Baca National Wildlife Refuge, and The Nature Conservancy's Medano Ranch, Colorado Open-file Report
2015 Monitoring of vegetation response to elk population and habitat management in Rocky Mountain National Park, 2008–14 Open-file Report
2015 Social and Economic Analysis Branch Fact Sheet Fact Sheet
2015 Southern Great Plains rapid ecoregional assessment—pre-assessment report Open-file Report
2015 Trust Species and Habitats Branch: Using the innovative approaches of today to conserve biodiversity for tomorrow Fact Sheet
2015 U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2014 Annual Report Open-file Report
2015 Wyoming greater sage-grouse habitat prioritization—A collection of multi-scale seasonal models and geographic information systems land management tools Data Series
2015 ​Potential demographic and genetic effects of a sterilant applied to wild horse mares Open-file Report
2014 Conservation buffer distance estimates for Greater Sage-grouse: a review Open-file Report
2014 Evaluation of the National Gap Analysis Program (GAP): A survey of users of GAP data—report to respondents Open-file Report
2014 Evaluation of the Raven sUAS to detect and monitor Greater Sage-Grouse leks within the Middle Park population Open-file Report
2014 Fort Collins Science Center Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Science Accomplishments Open-file Report
2014 Gunnison sage-grouse lek site suitability modeling Open-file Report
2014 Landsat and Water—Case Studies of the Uses and Benefits of Landsat Imagery in Water Resources Open-file Report
2014 Large scale Wyoming transportation data: A resource planning tool Data Series
2014 Metadata Wizard: An Easy-to-Use Tool for Creating FGDC-CSDGM Metadata for Geospatial Datasets in ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Open-file Report
2014 Rancher and Farmer Quality of Life in the Midst of Energy Development in Southwest Wyoming Fact Sheet
2014 Review and Bibliometric Analysis of Published Literature Citing Data Produced by the Gap Analysis Program (GAP) Open-file Report
2014 Spatial mapping and attribution of Wyoming wind turbines, 2012 Data Series
2014 Two decision-support tools for assessing the potential effects of energy development on hydrologic resources as part of the energy and environment in the Rocky Mountain area interactive energy atlas Open-file Report
2014 U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2012 Annual Report Open-file Report
2014 U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2013 Annual Report Open-file Report
2014 User’s manual for the Upper Delaware River Riverine Environmental Flow Decision Support System (REFDSS) Open-file Report
2014 VisTrails: Software for Assissted Habitat Modeling (SAHM) training Fact Sheet
2013 Bison grazing ecology at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado Open-file Report
2013 Dynamics of land-use change and conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region of the U.S.- environmental and economic implications with linkages to rural community well-being USGS Series
2013 Ecosystems Dynamics Branch: interdisciplinary research for addressing complex natural resource issues across landscapes and time Fact Sheet
2013 Fort Collins Science Center, Policy Analysis and Science Assistance Branch Fact Sheet
2013 Greater Sage-Grouse national research strategy Scientific Investigations Report
2013 Interactive energy atlas for Colorado and New Mexico: an online resource for decisionmakers Fact Sheet
2013 Land-Use Change, Economics, and Rural Well-Being in the Prairie Pothole Region of the United States Fact Sheet
2013 Locations and attributes of wind turbines in Colorado, 2011 Data Series
2013 Locations and attributes of wind turbines in New Mexico, 2011 Data Series
2013 MODIS Phenology Image Service ArcMap Toolbox Open-file Report
2013 Multiscale sagebrush rangeland habitat modeling in the Gunnison Basin of Colorado Open-file Report
2013 National wildlife refuge visitor survey 2012 - Individual refuge results Data Series
2013 Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2013 Summary of science, activities, programs and policies that influence the rangewide conservation of Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocerus urophasianus) Open-file Report
2013 The users, uses, and value of Landsat satellite imagery—Results from the 2012 survey of users Open-file Report
2013 U.S. Geological Survey science for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative—2011 annual report Open-file Report
2013 User manual for Blossom statistical package for R Open-file Report
2013 Wyoming Basin Rapid Ecoregional Assessment Fact Sheet
2013 Wyoming Basin Rapid Ecoregional Assessment: Work Plan Open-file Report
2012 A multi-metric assessment of environmental contaminant exposure and effects in an urbanized reach of the Charles River near Watertown, Massachusetts Open-file Report
2012 Bats and wind energy-A literature synthesis and annotated bibliography Open-file Report
2012 Bioclimatic predictors for supporting ecological applications in the conterminous United States Data Series
2012 Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contributions to wildlife habitat, management issues, challenges and policy choices- an annotated bibliography Scientific Investigations Report
2012 Data resources for range-wide assessment of livestock grazing across the Sagebrush Biome Data Series
2012 Data resources for the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) Integrated Assessment (IA) Data Series
2012 Disputes over science and dispute resolution approaches: a survey of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation employees Open-file Report
2012 Diversity and distribution of mayflies (Ephemeroptera), stoneflies (Plecoptera), and caddisflies (Trichoptera) of the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, 1873-2010 USGS Series
2012 Fort Collins Science Center FY2011 Accomplishments Report Open-file Report
2012 Geospatial database for regional environmental assessment of central Colorado USGS Series
2012 Locations and attributes of utility-scale solar power facilities in Colorado and New Mexico, 2011 Data Series
2012 Mapping surface disturbance of energy-related infrastructure in southwest Wyoming - an assessment of methods Scientific Investigations Report
2012 National wildlife refuge visitor survey results: 2010/2011 Data Series
2012 National wildlife refuge visitor survey: individual refuge results Data Series
2012 PHABSIM for Windows user's manual and exercises Open-file Report
2012 Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge Open-file Report
2012 Science strategy for Core Science Systems in the U.S. Geological Survey, 2013–2023—public review release Open-file Report
2012 Socioeconomic Issues for the Bear River Watershed Conservation Area Land Protection Plan USGS Series
2012 Surveillance for White-Nose Syndrome in the bat community at El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico, 2011 Open-file Report
2012 The state of amphibians in the United States Fact Sheet
2012 The U.S. Geological Survey Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative—2011 annual update Fact Sheet
2012 U.S. Geological Survey Community for Data Integration: data upload, registry, and access tool Fact Sheet
2012 Water Quality Studied in Areas of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development, Including Areas Where Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques are Used, in the United States Fact Sheet
2012 Woody riparian vegetation near selected stream gages in the Western United States Data Series
2011 A bibliography of literature pertaining to plague (Yersinia pestis) Open-file Report
2011 A study of topics for distance education—A survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees Open-file Report
2011 A survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees regarding constraints to connecting children with nature—Summary report to respondents Open-file Report
2011 A Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Employees Regarding Topics for Distance Education—Summary Report to Respondents Open-file Report
2011 Abbreviated bibliography on energy development—A focus on the Rocky Mountain Region Open-file Report
2011 Applying remote sensing to invasive species science—A tamarisk example Fact Sheet
2011 Assessing effects of energy development in Colorado and New Mexico Fact Sheet
2011 Avian conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region, Northern Great Plains—Understanding the links between climate, ecosystem processes, wetland management, and bird communities Fact Sheet
2011 Bats of Ouray National Wildlife Refuge, Utah Open-file Report
2011 Buffelgrass—Integrated modeling of an invasive plant Fact Sheet
2011 Constraints to connecting children with nature—Survey of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees sponsored by the National Conservation Training Center, Division of Education Outreach Open-file Report
2011 Data for giant constrictors—Biological management profiles and an establishment risk assessment for nine large species of pythons, anacondas, and the boa constrictor Data Series
2011 Evaluation of the genetic distinctiveness of Greater Sage-grouse in the Bi-State Planning Area Open-file Report