PHABSIM for Windows user's manual and exercises

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Open-file Report




Waddle, T.J. (ed.)

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Waddle, T.J. (ed.). 2012. PHABSIM for Windows user's manual and exercises. Open-File Report 2001-340. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Geological Survey. 288 p.

This document is a combined self-study textbook and reference manual. The material is presented in the general order of a PHABSIM study placed within the context of an IFIM application. The document may also be used as reading material for a lecture-based course. This manual provides documentation of the various PHABSIM programs so every option of each program is treated.

This text is not a guidebook for organization and implementation of a PHABSIM study. Use of PHABSIM should take place in the context of an IFIM application. See Bovee et al. (1998) for guidance in designing and performing a PHABSIM study as part of a larger IFIM application.

The document concludes with a set of 12 laboratory exercises. Users are strongly encouraged to work through the laboratory exercises prior to applying the software to a study. Working through the exercises will enhance familiarity with the programs and answer many questions that may arise during a PHABSIM analysis.

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