Highlights from the Ashton-St. Anthony Project Case Study

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Sexton, N., and N. Burkardt

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Sexton, N., and N. Burkardt. 1993. Highlights from the Ashton-St. Anthony Project Case Study. 01/14/2005

The Ashton-St. Anthony hydroelectric project is comprised of two developments: a reservoir, dam, and powerhouse near the City of Ashton, Idaho; and a diversion and electric power generation facility in St. Anthony, Idaho. Construction of the project began in 1903 and was first licensed in 1977 with an effective date of 1938. We interviewed participants in the relicensing process that began in 1984. A new license was issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in late 1987. Ashton-St. Anthony is one of four hydropower projects we studied to identify the factors leading to successful negotiation of articles to be included in hydropower licenses issued by the FERC. We concluded that some aspects of the Ashton-St. Anthony negotiations worked well and could be considered successful. Other parts of the negotiations were problematic and not as successful...

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