Analyzing Bat Migration

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Cryan, P.M. and R.H. Diehl

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Cryan, P.M. and R.H. Diehl. 2009. Analyzing Bat Migration. In: Ecological and behavioral methods for the study of bats. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 476-488.

The migratory movements of bats have proven extremely difficult to determine. Despite extensive efforts during the past century to track the movements of bats across landscapes, efficient methods of following small- to medium-size Volant animals (<240 g) for extended periods (>8 Weeks) over long distances (>100 km) have not been developed. Important questions about bat migration remain unanswered: Which bats migrate? Where do they go? How far do they fly? How high and fast do they fly? What are their habitat needs during migration/ how do bats orient and navigate during migration? Addressing these apparently simple questions will be a considerable challenge to anyone interested in advancing the study of bat migration…

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