Boiga Irregularis (Brown Treesnake)

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Journal Article




Wostl, E., T.J. Hinkle, B. Lardner, and R.N. Reed

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Wostl, E., T.J. Hinkle, B. Lardner, and R.N. Reed. 2011. Boiga Irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Herpetological Review. 42(2): 282.

Introduced Boiga irregularis on the Western Pacific island of Guam feed on a wide variety of vertebrate prey. Stomach contents of juvenile B. irregularis specimens include a large proportion of lizards, especially geckos and skinks (Savidge 1988. J. Herpetol. 22:275–282). Guam is also home to Varanus indicus (Mangrove Monitor), which reach an adult size of ca. 560 mm SVL (Wikramanayake and Dryden 1988. Herpetologica 44:338–344). Varanus indicus are opportunists that feed primarily on arthropods (Dryden 1965. Micronesica 2:72–76), but they may prey on B. irregularis (Fritts and Rodda 1998. Annu. Rev. Ecol. Sys. 29:113–140; McCoid and Witteman 1993. Herpetol. Rev. 24:105). Occasionally the roles are reversed and the snakes prey on monitor eggs (Savidge 1988, op. cit.), but in general, interactions between V. indicus and B. irregularis remain poorly documented…

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