Buffelgrass—Integrated modeling of an invasive plant

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Fact Sheet




Holcombe, T.R

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Holcombe, T.R. 2011. Buffelgrass—Integrated modeling of an invasive plant. Fact Sheet 2011–3022. U.S. Geological Survey. 2 p.

Buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) poses a problem in the deserts of the United States, growing in dense stands and introducing a wildfire risk in an ecosystem not adapted to fire. The Invasive Species Science Branch of the Fort Collins Science Center has worked with many partners to develop a decision support model and a data management system to address the problem. The decision support model evaluates potential strategies for resource use and allocation. The data management system is a portal where users can submit, view, and download buffelgrass data. These tools provide a case study showcasing how the FORT is working to address the urgent issue of invasive species in the United States.

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