GSAnswers Administrative Interface [Website]

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Web Application




Swanjord, K., H.K. Fuller, and A. Ahmed

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Swanjord, K., H.K. Fuller, and A. Ahmed. 2012. GSAnswers Administrative Interface [Website]. Fort Collins, CO: USGS Fort Collins Science Center. 1 p.

GSAnswers Administrative Interface is an USGS internal application that allows assigned USGS users to interact with the GSAnswers Perl Script to modify parameters such as blacklist users, add and edit bad-words filter, and train the spam filter. Users can view reports for each email address or dropbox that participates in the program to answer questions.

In addition webforms were developed that integrate with USGS FAQs, social media, and chat to facilitate discovery without sending in a question via email.

The GSAnswers Administrative Interface is designed in Drupal with the OMEGA theme and is a content management system. OMEGA allows the site to be adaptive at different screen sizes and is developed on the 960 grid.

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