Riparian groundwater and baseflow studies in the Upper Colorado River Basin

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Reynolds, Lindsay; Shafroth, Patrick B.

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Reynolds, Lindsay and Patrick B. Shafroth. 2016. Riparian groundwater and baseflow studies in the Upper Colorado River Basin. Ruth Powell Hutchins Water Center at Colorado Mesa University Scientific and Technical Report No. 2. 8 pp.

Executive summary

As part of an ongoing effort to understand baseflow in the Upper Colorado River Basin (UCRB) and implications for stream-dependent ecosystems, we conducted a brief review of literature related to groundwater and baseflow in the UCRB. We included primary literature, federal and state resources, databases and gray literature studies on groundwater, baseflow, and springs in the UCRB region. This review provides examples of the types of groundwater and baseflow studies published for the UCRB with sections on whole-basin studies, catchment and reach studies and their locations, water quality studies, studies adjacent to the UCRB, state and federal groundwater resources, and finally a discussion of potential further directions. Despite the limited nature of the review, we summarize numerous studies related to groundwater in the UCRB which will be valuable to researchers interested in groundwater and baseflow dynamics in the region.

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