Data used to estimate and project the effects of climate and land use change on wetland densities in the Prairie Pothole Region

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Data Release




Sofaer, H.R.

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Sofaer, H.R. 2016. Dataset used to estimate the effects of climate and land cover on wetland densities in the Prairie Pothole Region. U.S. Geological Survey Data Release.

These data were used to estimate models relating climate and land cover to wetland densities and develop projections under climate and land use change. Data for model estimation were derived from historical climate data, estimates of hydrological processes based on the Variable Infiltration Capacity model, National Wetlands Inventory, and the National Land Cover Database. Wetland densities were based on observations from the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey. Projected climate conditions were derived from ten Global Climate Models, and projected changes in land use were based on an economic model of the effects of climate on land use transitions.

These data support the following publication:

  • Sofaer, H. R., Skagen, S. K., Barsugli, J. J., Rashford, B. S., Reese, G. C., Hoeting, J. A., Wood, A. W. and Noon, B. R. 2016. Projected wetland densities under climate change: habitat loss but little geographic shift in conservation strategy. Ecological Applications doi:10.1890/15-0750.1.

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