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2007 Migration of bats past a remote island offers clues towards the problem of bat fatalities at wind turbines Journal Article
2007 Modeling aboveground biomass of Tamarix ramosissima in the Arkansas River basin of southeastern Colorado, USA Journal Article
2007 Molecular ecology of the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus): Genetic and natural history variation in a hybrid zone Journal Article
2007 Multiple pathways for invasion of anurans on a Pacific island Journal Article
2007 New developments in snake barrier technology: Fly-ash covered wall offers a feasible alternative for permanent barriers to Brown Treesnake (Boiga irregularis) Journal Article
2007 New ecological knowledge and practices for society and sustainability Journal Article
2007 Organizing and integrating the valuation process Book, Pages in
2007 Outdoor recreation management: Today’s actions and tomorrow’s expectations Journal Article
2007 Population-specific demographic estimates provide insights into declines of Lark Buntings (Calamospiza melanocorys) Journal Article
2007 Predicting Yellow Toadflax infestations in the Flat Tops Wilderness of Colorado Journal Article
2007 Q Methodology: A Tool for Facilitating Public Discourse in Natural Resources Decision-making. Workshop Summary Proceedings
2007 Rapid assessment of postfire plant invasions in coniferous forests of the western United States Journal Article
2007 Rapid plant diversity assessment using a pixel nested plot design: A case study in Beaver Meadows, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA Journal Article
2007 Reach-scale geomorphology affects organic matter and consumer δ13C in a forested Piedmont stream Journal Article
2007 Realistic expectations of timing between conservation and restoration actions and ecological responses Book, Pages in
2007 Recent records of alien anurans on the Pacific island of Guam Journal Article
2007 Reproductive biology of the brown tree snake, Boiga irregularis (Reptilia: Colubridae), during colonization of Guam and comparison with that in their native range Journal Article
2007 Response of brown treesnakes to reduction of their rodent prey Journal Article
2007 Size bias in visual searches and trapping of Brown Treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2007 Size-based trends and management implications of microhabitat utilization by Brown Treesnakes, with an emphasis on juvenile snakes Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Spatial nonlinearities: Cascading effects in the earth system Book, Pages in
2007 Species-area curves indicate the importance of habitats' contributions to regional biodiversity Journal Article
2007 Spotting cryptic animals in the dark: What light properties should a good headlamp have? Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Stories about wildlife—Developing an instrument for identifying wildlife value orientations cross-culturally Journal Article
2007 Symposium Introduction Journal Article
2007 Taking charge of the wild: Keep an eye on ‘unmanaged’ trails Journal Article
2007 The art and science of weed mapping Journal Article
2007 The Brown Treesnake Rapid Response Team Proceedings, Pages in
2007 The cost of tolerance: Sensitivity of stream benthic communities to UV-B and metals Journal Article
2007 The influence of river regulation and land use on floodplain forest regeneration in the semi-arid Upper Colorado River Basin, USA Journal Article
2007 The invasion paradox: reconciling pattern and process in species invasion Journal Article
2007 The invasion paradox: Reconciling pattern and process in species invasions Journal Article
2007 The need and theoretical basis for exploring wildlife value orientations cross-culturally Journal Article
2007 Two Middle Pleistocene Glacial-Interglacial Cycles from the Valle Grande, Jemez Mountains, northern New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
2007 Urban maternity-roost selection by big brown bats in Colorado Journal Article
2007 Utilizing Remote Sensing and GIS to Detect Prairie Dog Colonies Journal Article
2007 Variable role of aquatic macroinvertebrates in initial breakdown of seasonal leaf litter inputs to a cold-desert river Journal Article
2007 Visitors' perception of recreation and wildlife observation opportunities at McInnis National Wildlife Conservation Area Journal Article
2007 Volker Grimm and Steven F. Railsback, Individual-Based Modeling and Ecology, Princeton University Press (2005) [Book Review] Journal Article
2006 "Silver sagebrush community associations in southeastern Alberta, Canada." Rangeland Ecology & Management 58:400-405 [Comment] Journal Article
2006 A 21st century perspective on postfire seeding Journal Article
2006 A permutation test for quantile regression Journal Article
2006 A system to evaluate the scientific quality of biological and restoration objectives using National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plans as a case study Journal Article
2006 A tamarisk habitat suitability map for the continental United States Journal Article
2006 Additions to the stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, U.S.A Journal Article
2006 An annotated list of aquatic insects of Fort Sill, Oklahoma, excluding Diptera with notes on several new state records Journal Article
2006 Antarctic climate cooling and response of diatoms in glacial meltwater streams Journal Article
2006 Application of a coupled ecosystem-chemical equilibrium model, DayCent-Chem, to stream and soil chemistry in an alpine watershed Journal Article
2006 Application of GSTAR-1D Sediment Transport Model on the Middle Rio Grande, NM – San Acacia Diversion Dam to Elephant Butte Reservoir Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Application of random effects to the study of resource selection by animals Journal Article
2006 Applying radar technology to migratory bird conservationand management: Strengthening and expanding a collaborative effort. Workshop participant notebook for USGS-USFWS workshop held 24-25 October 2006 Proceedings
2006 Aspects of underwater sound communication in Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) Journal Article
2006 Assessing exotic plant species invasions and associated soil characteristics: a case study in eastern Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, using the pixel nested plot design Journal Article
2006 Attitudes and perceptions about prairie dogs Book, Pages in
2006 Autumn migration and selection of rock crevices as hibernacula by big brown bats in Colorado Journal Article
2006 Beaver dams and overbank floods influence groundwater-surface water interactions of a Rocky Mountain riparian area Journal Article
2006 Bobcat attack on a cottontail rabbit Journal Article
2006 Book Review of: Rewilding North America: A vision for conservation in the 21st Century, by Dave Forman Journal Article
2006 Book review: The singing life of birds: the art and science of listening to birdsong by Donald Kroodsma, 2005 Journal Article
2006 Bullfrog tadpole (Rana catesbeiana) and red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) predation on early life stages of endangered razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus) Journal Article
2006 Bureau of Reclamation Automated Modified Einstein Procedure (BORAMEP) Program for Computing Total Sediment Load Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Characterization of microsatellite loci isolated in trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) Journal Article
2006 Comprehensive genetic analyses reveal evolutionary distinction of a mouse (Zapus hudsonius preblei) proposed for delisting from the U.S. Endangered Species Act Journal Article
2006 Conservation of prairie dogs in areas with plague Book, Pages in
2006 Coping with stress resulting from social value conflict: Non-hunter's response to social interaction with hunters Journal Article
2006 Cropland expansion changes deforestation dynamics in the southern Brazilian Amazon Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Description of the adults of Maccaffertium lenati (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae), notes on its ecology and distribution, and a new North Carolina record for Isonychia arida (Ephemeroptera: Isonychiidae) Journal Article
2006 Ecological thresholds: the key to successful environmental management or an important concept with no practical application? Journal Article
2006 Effect of reduced winter precipitation and increased temperature on watershed solute flux, 1988-2002, Northern Michigan Journal Article
2006 Environmental contaminants and biomarker responses in fish from the Columbia River and its tributaries: Spatial and temporal trends Journal Article
2006 Estimating shorebird numbers at a migration stopover site Journal Article
2006 Estimating the abundance of prairie dogs Book, Pages in
2006 Estimation of temporary emigration in male toads Journal Article
2006 Evaluating dominance as a component of non-native species invasions Journal Article
2006 Evaluating plant invasions from both habitat and species perspectives Journal Article
2006 Evaluating redband trout habitat in sagebrush desert basins in southwestern Idaho Journal Article
2006 Evaluation of the consistency of long-term NDVI time series derived from AVHRR, SPOT-vegetation, SeaWiFS, MODIS, and Landsat ETM+ sensors Journal Article
2006 Evaluation of the representativeness of networks of sites for the global validation and intercomparison of land biophysical products: Proposition of the CEOS-BELMANIP Journal Article
2006 Extreme plasticity in thermoregulatory behaviors of free-ranging black-tailed prairie dogs Journal Article
2006 Flood pattern and weather determine Populus leaf litter breakdown and nitrogen dynamics on a cold desert floodplain Journal Article
2006 Forage preferences in two species of prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens and Cynomus ludovicianus): Implications for hibernation and facultative heterothermy Journal Article
2006 Forest stand characteristics altered by restoration affect western bluebird habitat quality Journal Article
2006 Foreword Book, Pages in
2006 Green-tailed Towhee response to prescribed fire in mountain shrubland Journal Article
2006 Hindcasting nitrogen deposition to determine an ecological critical load Journal Article
2006 Hydrologic interations between an alluvial fan and a slope wetland in the central Rocky Mountains, USA Journal Article
2006 Impacts on Water Quality and Biota from Natural Acid Rock Drainage in Colorado’s Lake Creek Watershed Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Introduced rodent and shrew densities and distributions in the Mariana Islands: implications for Brown Treesnake control and management Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Migration stopovers and the conservation of arctic-breeding Calidridine sandpipers Journal Article
2006 Modeling post-fledging survival of lark buntings in response to ecological and biological factors Journal Article
2006 Monitoring low density avian populations: an example using Mountain Plovers Journal Article
2006 Nest success of Mountain Plovers relative to anthropogenic edges in eastern Colorado Journal Article
2006 Nonlinear dynamics in manatee vocalizations Journal Article
2006 Novel ecosystems: theoretical and management aspects of the new ecological world order Journal Article
2006 Observations on the fate of fine sediment in modified rivers Proceedings, Pages in
2006 Once upon a time in American ornithology Journal Article
2006 Pigs on the plains: institutional analysis of a Colorado water quality initiative Journal Article
2006 Plant species invasions along the latitudinal gradient in the United States: Reply Journal Article
2006 Population estimates of North American shorebirds, 2006 Journal Article
2006 Public expectations about access fees and road closures on public lands Journal Article