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2009 Landbird migration in the American West: Recent progress and future research directions Journal Article
2009 Larval salamanders and channel geomorphology are indicators of hydrologic permanence in forested headwater streams Journal Article
2009 Male songbirds provide indirect parental care by guarding females during incubation Journal Article
2009 Mapping invasive tamarisk (Tamarix): a comparison of single-scene and time-series analyses of remotely sensed data Journal Article
2009 Marianas, Biology Book, Pages in
2009 Maxent modeling for predicting suitable habitat for threatened and endangered tree Canacomyrica monticola in New Caledonia Journal Article
2009 NASA and USGS invest in invasive species modeling to evaluate habitat for Africanized Honey Bees Journal Article
2009 Near term climate projections for invasive species distributions Journal Article
2009 Non-native plant invasions of United States National Parks Journal Article
2009 Nutrient availability and phytoplankton nutrient limitation across a gradient of atmospheric nitrogen deposition Journal Article
2009 Options for National Parks and Reserves for adapting to climate change Journal Article
2009 Partners in Flight research needs assessment summary Proceedings, Pages in
2009 Pesticide alters habitat selection and aquatic community composition Journal Article
2009 Population variation in isotopic composition of shorebird feathers: Implications for determining molting grounds Journal Article
2009 Potential habitat distribution for the freshwater diatom Didymosphenia geminata in the continental US Journal Article
2009 Predator effects on aquatic community assembly: disentangling the roles of habitat selection and post-colonization processes Journal Article
2009 Prey preferences and prey acceptance in juvenile Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) Journal Article
2009 Protecting, Restoring and Conserving Renewable Resources: The Role of the Social Sciences Book, Pages in
2009 Race, Space, and Riots in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles [Book Review] Journal Article
2009 Remote sensing and mapping of Tamarisk along the Colorado River, USA: A comparative use of summer-acquired hyperion, Thematic Mapper and QuickBird Data Journal Article
2009 Research in Thermal Biology: Burning Questions for Coldwater Stream Fishes Journal Article
2009 Reshaping the annual hydrograph at Iron Gate Dam to benefit anadromous fish populations in the Klamath River, CA Journal Article
2009 Risk assessment of invasive species Book, Pages in
2009 Salinity tolerance and mycorrhizal responsiveness of native xeroriparian plants in semi-arid western USA Journal Article
2009 Shifts in lake N:P stoichiometry and nutrient limitation driven by atmospheric nitrogen deposition Journal Article
2009 Simulation modeling to understand how selective foraging by beaver can drive the structure and function of a willow community Journal Article
2009 Snakes Book, Pages in
2009 Social, political, and institutional setting: Water management problems of the Rio Grande Journal Article
2009 Spatial and temporal variation in climate change: a bird’s eye view Journal Article
2009 Spectral distance decay: Assessing species beta-diversity by quantile regression Journal Article
2009 Spring and winter records of the eastern pipistrelle (Perimyotis subflavus) in southeastern New Mexico Journal Article
2009 Temporal management of invasive species Book, Pages in
2009 Temporally smoothed and gap-filled MODIS land products for carbon modelling: application of the fPAR product Journal Article
2009 The Cost and Benefits of Developing Sustainable Use Strategies and Restoration Activities for Corals and Coral Reefs Book, Pages in
2009 The effect of temperature on the coupling between phosphorus and growth in lacustrine bacterioplankton communities Journal Article
2009 The results of nocturnal visual surveys are influenced by lamp properties Journal Article
2009 The total economic value of threatened, endangered and rare species: An updated meta-analysis Journal Article
2009 Tracking the rhythm of the seasons in the face of global change: phenological research in the 21st century Journal Article
2009 Tree die-off in response to global-change-type drought: Mortality insights from a decade of plant water potential measurements Journal Article
2009 Using LiDAR and Quickbird Data to model plant production and quantify uncertainties associated with wetland detection and land cover generalizations Journal Article
2009 Validating aerial photographic mark–recapture for naturally marked feral horses Journal Article
2009 What parts of the US mainland are climatically suitable for invasive alien pythons spreading from Everglades National Park? Journal Article
2008 A quantile count model of water depth constraints on Cape Sable seaside sparrows Journal Article
2008 Aboveground predation by an American badger (Taxidea taxus) on black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) Journal Article
2008 Accounting for fitness: Combining survival and selection when assessing wildlife-habitat relationships Journal Article
2008 Active fire detection and characterization with the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER) Journal Article
2008 American three-toed woodpecker response to burn severity and prey availability at multiple spatial scales Journal Article
2008 An algorithm to produce temporally and spatially continuous MODIS-LAI time series Journal Article
2008 Application of models to conservation planning for terrestrial birds in North America Book, Pages in
2008 Aquatic macroinvertebrates associated with Schoenoplectus litter in a constructed wetland in California (USA) Journal Article
2008 Assessing conservation status of poorly monitored birds Journal Article
2008 Bats prove to be rich reservoirs for emerging viruses Journal Article
2008 Benefit transfer toolkit for fish, wildlife, wetlands, and open space Journal Article
2008 Birds of the US-Mexico borderlands: distribution, ecology and conservation Journal Article
2008 Bringing back the bonytail and the razorback Journal Article
2008 Changes in dissolved organic material determine exposure of stream benthic communities to UV-B radiation and heavy metals: Implications for climate change Journal Article
2008 Comparing trophic position of stream fishes using stable isotope and gut contents analyses Journal Article
2008 Compound-specific stable isotopes of organic compounds from lake sediments track recent environmental changes in an alpine ecosystem, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Journal Article
2008 Detecting biological responses to flow management: Missed opportunities; future directions Journal Article
2008 Detecting biological responses to flow management: Missed opportunities; future directions Journal Article
2008 Detection of wood frog egg masses and implications for monitoring amphibian populations Journal Article
2008 Developing regional invasive species watch lists: Colorado as a case study Journal Article
2008 Development and evaluation of geochemical methods for the sourcing of archaeological maize Journal Article
2008 Development of the mixed conifer forest in northern New Mexico and its relationship to Holocene environmental change Journal Article
2008 Discrimination of carbon and nitrogen isotopes from milk to serum and vibrissae in Alaska Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) Journal Article
2008 Distribution and environmental limitations of an amphibian pathogen in the Rocky Mountains, USA Journal Article
2008 Distribution of breeding Arizona Grasshopper Sparrow (ammodramus savannarum ammolegus) in the southwestern United States: Past, present, and future Journal Article
2008 Effects of a natural dam-break flood on geomorphology and vegetation on the Elwha River, Washington, U.S.A Journal Article
2008 Effects of weather on survival in populations of Boreal Toads in Colorado Journal Article
2008 Estimating fish body condition with quantile regression Journal Article
2008 Evaluation of morphological indices and total body electrical conductivity to assess body composition in big brown bats Journal Article
2008 Fundamental limits to the accuracy of deuterium isotopes for identifying the spatial origin of migratory animals Journal Article
2008 Genetic and ecological data provide incongruent interpretations of population structure and dispersal in naturally subdivided populations of white-tailed ptarmigan (Lagopus leucura) Journal Article
2008 Geographic patterns of ground-dwelling arthropods across an ecoregional transition in the North American Southwest Journal Article
2008 Global potential net primary production predicted from vegetation class, precipitation, and temperature Journal Article
2008 Habitat alteration increases invasive fire ant abundance to the detriment of amphibians and reptiles Journal Article
2008 Holocene depositional environments and surface-level changes at Lake Fryxell, Antarctica Journal Article
2008 Holocene vegetation and fire regimes in subalpine and mixed conifer forests, southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2008 Incorporating classification uncertainty in competing-risks nest-failure analysis Journal Article
2008 Influence of Trophic Position and Spatial Location on Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Bioaccumulation in a Stream Food Web Journal Article
2008 Inland diatoms from the McMurdo Dry Valleys and James Ross Island, Antarctica Journal Article
2008 Integrative healing: The importance of community collaboration in postfire recovery and prefire planning Book, Pages in
2008 Intercomparison and sensitivity analysis of Leaf Area Index retrievals from LAI-2000, AccuPAR, and digital hemispherical photography over croplands Journal Article
2008 Introduced species that invade and species that thrive in town: are these two groups cut from the same cloth? Book, Pages in
2008 Irrigation canals as sink habitat for trout and other fishes in a Wyoming drainage Journal Article
2008 Large-scale marine ecosystem change and the conservation of marine mammals Journal Article
2008 Late-seasonal activity and diet of the evening bat (Nycticeius humeralis) in Nebraska Journal Article
2008 Latitudinal variation in cold hardiness in introduced Tamarix and native Populus Journal Article
2008 Literature Cited [Birds of the US-Mexico borderlands: Distribution, ecology, and conservation] Journal Article
2008 Macrophyte decomposition in a surface-flow ammonia-dominated constructed wetland: Rates associated with environmental and biotic variables Journal Article
2008 Mapping "old" versus "young" pinon-juniper stands with a predictive topo-climatic model Journal Article
2008 Mathematical models frame environmental dispute [Review of the article Useless arithmetic: Ten points to ponder when using mathematical models in environmental decision making] Journal Article
2008 Mating behavior as a possible cause of bat fatalities at wind turbines Journal Article
2008 Mechanisms of plant survival and mortality during drought: Why do some plants survive while others succumb to drought? Journal Article
2008 Modeling potential habitats for alien species Dreissena polymorpha in Continental USA Journal Article
2008 Modelling invasion for a habitat generalist and a specialist plant species Journal Article
2008 Monitoring programs to assess reintroduction efforts: A critical component in recovery Journal Article
2008 Morelia spilota spilota (Diamond python). Reproduction Journal Article
2008 Multivariate quantification of landscape spatial heterogeneity using variogram models Journal Article
2008 Natural variation in diversity and invasion patterns of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, UT [Chapter] Book, Pages in