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2010 Chapter 32: Diatoms as non-native species Book, Pages in
2010 Characterization of small microsatellite loci for use in non invasive sampling studies of Gunnison Sage-grouse (Centrocercus minimus) Journal Article
2010 Characterization of ten microsatellite loci in midget faded rattlesnake (Crotalus oreganus concolor) Journal Article
2010 Climate-Induced Tree Mortality: Earth System Consequences Journal Article
2010 Comparison of Dasymetric Mapping Techniques for Small-Area Population Estimates Journal Article
2010 Comparison of dasymetric mapping techniques for small-area population estimates Journal Article
2010 Description and ultrastructure of araphid diatom species (Bacillariophyceae) morphologically similar to Pseudostaurosira elliptica (Schumann) Edlund et al Journal Article
2010 Development of a new toxic-unit model for the bioassessment of metals in streams Journal Article
2010 Diet shift of lentic dragonfly larvae in response to reduced terrestrial prey subsidies Journal Article
2010 Drought-induced vegetation stress in southwestern North America Journal Article
2010 Ecosystem effects of environmental flows: Modelling and experimental floods in a dryland river Journal Article
2010 Effects of amphibian chytrid fungus on individual survival probability in wild boreal toads Journal Article
2010 Ensemble habitat mapping of invasive plant species Journal Article
2010 Environmental Impacts of Roads Book, Pages in
2010 Environmental tolerance of an invasive riparian tree and its potential for continued spread in the southwestern US Journal Article
2010 Enzootic plague reduces black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) survival in Montana Journal Article
2010 Estimating length of avian incubation and nesting stages in afrotropical forest birds from interval-censored nest records Journal Article
2010 Evidence for a temperature acclimation mechanism in bacteria: an empirical test of a membrane-mediated trade-off Journal Article
2010 Feedbacks between community assembly and habitat selection shape variation in local colonization Journal Article
2010 Field evaluation of a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model near boulders for habitat calculation Journal Article
2010 Forecasting weed distributions using climate data: A GIS early warning tool Journal Article
2010 Forest responses to increasing aridity and warmth in the southwestern United States Journal Article
2010 Freshwater bacteria are stoichiometrically flexible with a nutrient composition similar to seston Journal Article
2010 From points to forecasts: predicting invasive species habitat suitability in the near term Journal Article
2010 Growth, carbon-isotope discrimination, and drought-associated mortality across a Pinus ponderosa elevational transect Journal Article
2010 Improving and integrating data on invasive species collected by citizen scientists Journal Article
2010 Influence of hummocks and emergent vegetation on hydraulic performance in a surface flow wastewater treatment wetland Journal Article
2010 Influences of immunocontraception on time budgets, social behavior, and body condition in feral horses Journal Article
2010 Invasive reptiles and amphibians: global perspectives and local solutions Journal Article
2010 Is the Northern African Python (Python sebae) Established in Southern Florida? Journal Article
2010 Isotopic characterization of flight feathers in two Pelagic seabirds: Sampling strategies for ecological studies Journal Article
2010 Land use and small mammal predation effects on shortgrass prairie birds Journal Article
2010 Measuring Bulrush culm relationships to estimate plant biomass within a Southern California treatment wetland Journal Article
2010 Modeling the human invader in the United States Journal Article
2010 Modelling detection probabilities to evaluate management and control tools for an invasive species Journal Article
2010 Morning ambush attacks by black-footed ferrets on emerging prairie dogs Journal Article
2010 Nighttime aboveground movements by prairie dogs on colonies inhabited by black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2010 Occurrence of West Nile virus infection in raptors at the Salton Sea, California Journal Article
2010 Persistent organic pollutants in fish tissue in the mid-continental great rivers of the United States Journal Article
2010 Rapid evolution in lekking grouse: Implications for taxonomic definitions Journal Article
2010 Recruitment in a Colorado population of big brown bats: breeding probabilities, litter size, and first-year survival Journal Article
2010 Regional Variation in mtDNA of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Journal Article
2010 Reproductive isolation and the expansion of an invasive hybrid swarm Journal Article
2010 Revisions of rump fat and body scoring indices for deer, elk, and moose Journal Article
2010 Significance of dredging on sediment denitrification in Meiliang Bay, China: A year long simulation study Journal Article
2010 Species within the genus Encyonema Kützing, including two new species Encyonema reimeri sp. nov. and E. nickcafei sp. nov. and E. stoermeri nom. nov., stat. nov Journal Article
2010 Spider-mediated flux of PCBs from contaminated sediments to terrestrial ecosystems and potential risks to arachnivorous birds Journal Article
2010 Stable isotopes differentiate bottlenose dolphins off west-central Florida Journal Article
2010 Symposium on the ecology of plague and its effects on wildlife: A model for translational research Journal Article
2010 Symposium on the ecology of Plague and its effects on wildlife: special issue of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases Proceedings
2010 Teaching citizen science skills online: Implications for invasive species training programs Journal Article
2010 The effect of resource quantity and resource stoichiometry on microbial carbon-use-efficiency Journal Article
2010 The World Congress of herpetology and animal conservation: excerpts from the 6th World Congress Journal Article
2010 Theory, methods and tools for determining environmental flows for riparian vegetation: riparian vegetation-flow response guilds Journal Article
2010 Toward a standard nomenclature for imagery spatial resolution Journal Article
2010 Transformation of chiral polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in a stream food web Journal Article
2010 Unbiased survival estimates and evidence for skipped breeding opportunities in females Journal Article
2010 Vector control improves survival of three species of prairie dogs (Cynomys) in areas considered enzootic for plague Journal Article
2010 Weathering rates in alpine catchments of central Colorado, USA Proceedings, Pages in
2010 White-Nose Syndrome Fungus (Geomyces destructans) in bats, Europe Journal Article
2010 White-nose syndrome in bats: A primer for resource managers Journal Article
2010 Wing pathology of white-nose syndrome in bats suggests life-threatening disruption of physiology Journal Article
2009 A conceptual framework for dryland aeolian sediment transport along the grassland–forest continuum: Effects of woody plant canopy cover and disturbance Journal Article
2009 A review of plague persistence with special emphasis on fleas Journal Article
2009 Adoption in Rock and White-tailed Ptarmigan Journal Article
2009 Allen's big-eared bat (Idionycteris phyllotis) documented in Colorado based on recordings of its distinctive echolocation call Journal Article
2009 Analyzing Bat Migration Book, Pages in
2009 Assessing the extent and diversity of riparian ecosystems in Sonora, Mexico Journal Article
2009 Atmospheric Correction at AERONET Locations: A New Science and Validation Data Set Journal Article
2009 Bark beetle outbreaks in Western North America: Causes and consequences Proceedings
2009 Broadening the focus of bat conservation and research in the USA for the 21st century Journal Article
2009 Causes of bat fatalities at wind turbines: Hypotheses and predictions Journal Article
2009 Chapter 2: Total economic valuation of endangered species: A summary and comparison of United States and rest of the world estimates Journal Article
2009 Climate-induced changes in high elevation stream nitrate dynamics Journal Article
2009 Climate-induced forest dieback: An escalating global phenomenon? Journal Article
2009 Detection and early warning of invasive species Book, Pages in
2009 Distribution and postbreeding environmental relationships of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana Lithobates] Pipiens) in Washington Journal Article
2009 Distribution limits of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis a case study in the Rocky Mountains, USA Journal Article
2009 Distribution of Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae) in North Carolina, with new state records for three species Journal Article
2009 Distribution, density, and biomass of introduced small mammals in the southern Mariana Islands Journal Article
2009 Does a lack of design and repeatability compromise scientific criticism? A response to Smith et al. (2009) Journal Article
2009 Does variation in cranial morphology of Myotis occultus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) reflect a greater reliance on certain prey types? Journal Article
2009 Ectoparasites of the occult bat, Myotis occultus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) Journal Article
2009 Effects of hypolimnetic hypoxia on foraging and distributions of Lake Erie yellow perch Journal Article
2009 Effects of past logging and grazing on understory plant communities in a montane Colorado forest Journal Article
2009 Effects of spatial heterogeneity on butterfly species richness in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, USA Journal Article
2009 Environmental contaminants and bats: Investigating exposure and effects Book, Pages in
2009 Environmental indicators of macroinvertebrate and fish assemblage integrity in urbanizing watersheds Journal Article
2009 Erosional consequence of saltcedar control Journal Article
2009 Evaluating abundance estimate precision and the assumptions of a count-based index for small mammals Journal Article
2009 Evaluation of trap capture in a geographically closed population of brown treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2009 Food habits of the hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) during spring migration through New Mexico Journal Article
2009 Foodweb modeling for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the Twelvemile Creek Arm of Lake Hartwell, South Carolina, USA Journal Article
2009 Geochemistry of surface water in alpine catchments in central Colorado, USA: Resolving host-rock effects at different spatial scales Journal Article
2009 Historical abundance and morphology of Didymosphenia species in Naknek Lake, Alaska Journal Article
2009 Historical and Modern Disturbance Regimes, Stand Structures, and Landscape Dynamics in Piñon–Juniper Vegetation of the Western United States Journal Article
2009 How relevant is opportunistic Bd sampling: Are we ready for the big picture? Journal Article
2009 Influence of flow variability on floodplain formation and destruction, Little Missouri River, North Dakota Journal Article
2009 Into the field: Naturalistic education and the future of conservation Journal Article
2009 Invasive species information networks: Collaboration at multiple scales for prevention, early detection, and rapid response to invasive species Journal Article