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1978 Quantitative wildlife habitat evaluation using high-altitude color infrared aerial photographs Proceedings, Pages in
1978 Stream classification 1977 Proceedings, Pages in
1978 The habitat evaluation procedures: Their application in project planning and impact evaluation Journal Article
1978 The incremental method of assessing habitat potential for coolwater species, with management implications Journal Article
1978 The stochastic variation of instream values in rivers Proceedings, Pages in
1978 The transfer of water resources management information, the cases of the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Cooperative Instream Flow Group Proceedings, Pages in
1977 Distributional notes on Notiosorex and Megasorex in western Mexico Journal Article
1977 Nocturnal and seasonal activities of the pallid bat, Antrozous pallidus Journal Article
1977 On competition and variable environments Journal Article
1977 Water supply versus recreation and the fishery - minimum stream flows Proceedings, Pages in
1977 Wildlife and western mining: where do our priorities lie Proceedings, Pages in
1977 Winter bird populations in pine and pine-hardwood forest stands in East Texas Proceedings, Pages in
1976 A reward band study of mallards to estimate band reporting rates Journal Article
1976 Abstraction, appropriation, and instream flow needs Journal Article
1976 Fat content in migratory central Arizona Brazilian free-tailed bats, Tadarida brasiliensis (Molossidae) Journal Article
1976 Home range, social behavior, and dominance relationships in the African unstriped ground squirrel, Xerus rutilus Journal Article
1976 Mathematical models for nonparametric inferences from line transect data Journal Article
1976 Proceedings of the National Wetland Classification and Inventory Workshop Proceedings
1976 Roosting ecology of the pallid bat, Antrozous pallidus Journal Article
1976 Thermal effects on fish ecology Book, Pages in
1975 Freshwater macroinvertebrates Journal Article
1975 Further comments on punch-marking bats Journal Article
1975 Neotoma micropus in Chihuahua Journal Article
1975 Observations on Lepus callotis in New Mexico Proceedings, Pages in
1975 The mammals of Britain [Book Review] Journal Article
1974 Identification of Myotis californicus and M. leibii in southwestern North America Proceedings, Pages in
1973 Multivariate geometry as an approach to algal community analysis Journal Article
1972 Observations on parturition and development in the Hoary Bat, Lasiurus cinereus Journal Article
1970 Additional records of some Chihuahuan bats Journal Article
1970 Movements and behavior of bighorn sheep on summer ranges in Yellowstone National Park Journal Article
1970 Nutrient balance relationships for watersheds of the Fraser Experimental Forest Proceedings, Pages in
1969 Wind training in some prairie trees Journal Article
1968 Two bighorn sheep-coyote encounters Journal Article
1966 Food and space as regulators of salmonid populations in streams Journal Article