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2012 A collaborative approach for estimating terrestrial wildlife abundance Journal Article
2012 A synthesis of the ecological effects of air pollution from nitrogen and sulfur in the U.S Journal Article
2012 A tale of two land uses in the American West: rural residential growth and energy development Journal Article
2012 A trait-based framework for predicting when and where microbial adaptation to climate change will affect ecosystem functioning Journal Article
2012 Assessing long-term variations in sagebrush habitat – characterization of spatial extents and distribution patterns using multi-temporal satellite remote-sensing data Journal Article
2012 Bats, mines, and citizen science in the Rockies: volunteers make a difference in Colorado Journal Article
2012 Black-footed ferret digging activity in summer Journal Article
2012 Black-footed ferrets and recreational shooting influence the attributes of black-tailed prairie dog burrows Journal Article
2012 Carbon and sediment accumulation in the Everglades (USA) during the past 4000 years: Rates, drivers, and sources of error Journal Article
2012 Characterizing invertebrate traits in wadeable streams of the contiguous US: Differences among ecoregions and land uses Journal Article
2012 Competition favors elk over beaver in a riparian willow ecosystem Journal Article
2012 Consumption of bird eggs by invasive Burmese pythons in Florida Journal Article
2012 Contribution of arctic PRISM to monitoring western hemispheric shorebirds [foreword] Book, Pages in
2012 Crucial nesting habitat for Gunnison sage-grouse: A spatially explicit hierarchical approach Journal Article
2012 Detection probability in aerial surveys of feral horses Journal Article
2012 Digging behaviors of radio-tagged black-footed ferrets near Meeteetse, Wyoming, 1981-1984 Journal Article
2012 Divergence in morphology, but not habitat use, despite low genetic differentiation among insular populations of the lizard Anolis lemurinus in Honduras Journal Article
2012 Do predators control prey species abundance? An experimental test with Brown Treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2012 Drought and cooler temperatures are associated with higher nest survival in Mountain Plovers Journal Article
2012 Ecological correlates of invasion impact for Burmese pythons in Florida Journal Article
2012 Ecology of zoonotic infectious diseases in bats: Current knowledge and future directions Journal Article
2012 Edaphic, salinity, and stand structural trends in chronosequences of native and non-native dominated riparian forests along the Colorado River, USA Journal Article
2012 Effects of hydroperiod duration on survival, developmental rate, and size at metamorphosis in Boreal Chorus Frog tadpoles (Pseudacris maculata) Journal Article
2012 Effects of resource chemistry on the composition and function of stream hyporheic biofilms Journal Article
2012 Effects of roads on survival of San Clemente Island foxes Journal Article
2012 Effects of sample size, number of markers, and allelic richness on landscape genetic inference Journal Article
2012 Effects of trophic level and metamorphosis on discrimination of hydrogen isotopes in a plant-herbivore system Journal Article
2012 Environmental conditions associated with bat White-Nose Syndrome mortality in the north-eastern United States Journal Article
2012 Estimating risks to aquatic life using quantile regression Journal Article
2012 Evidence of cryptic individual specialization in an opportunistic insectivorous bat Journal Article
2012 Evidence of hypoxic foraging forays by yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and potential consequences for prey consumption Journal Article
2012 Evidence of late-summer mating readiness and early sexual maturation in migratory tree-roosting bats found dead at wind turbines Journal Article
2012 Fine-scale habitat use of reintroduced black-footed ferrets on prairie dog colonies in New Mexico Journal Article
2012 Foraging segregation and genetic divergence between geographically proximate colonies of a highly mobile seabird Journal Article
2012 Forty years of vegetation change on the Missouri River floodplain Journal Article
2012 Genetic and environmental influences on cold hardiness of native and introduced riparian trees Proceedings, Pages in
2012 Genetic diversity and species diversity of stream fishes covary across a land-use gradient Journal Article
2012 Geologic processes influence the effects of mining on aquatic ecosystems Journal Article
2012 Global change and the world’s mountains: research needs and emerging themes for sustainable development Journal Article
2012 Importance of lunar and temporal conditions for spotlight surveys of adult black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2012 Indirect consequences of hypolimnetic hypoxia on zooplankton growth in a large eutrophic lake Journal Article
2012 Information on black-footed ferret biology collected within the framework of ferret conservation Journal Article
2012 Inoculation of bats with European Geomyces destructans supports the novel pathogen hypothesis for the origin of white-nose syndrome Journal Article
2012 Interseasonal movements of Greater Sage-Grouse, migratory behavior, and an assessment of the core regions concept in Wyoming Journal Article
2012 Legacies of flood reduction on a dryland river Journal Article
2012 Migrating birds’ use of stopover habitat in the southwestern United States Journal Article
2012 Multi-scale remote sensing sagebrush characterization with regression trees over Wyoming, USA: Laying a foundation for monitoring Journal Article
2012 Novel plant communities limit the effects of a managed flood to restore riparian forests along a large regulated river Journal Article
2012 Patterns of surface burrow plugging in a colony of black-tailed prairie dogs occupied by black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2012 Population size of island loggerhead shrikes on Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands Journal Article
2012 Prevalence and effects of West Nile virus on wild American kestrel (Falco sparverius) populations in Colorado [Chapter 4] Journal Article
2012 Public participation GIS: A method for identifying ecosystem services Journal Article
2012 Rapid microsatellite identification from Illumina paired-end genomic sequencing in two birds and a snake Journal Article
2012 Resource selection models are useful in predicting fine-scale distributions of black-footed ferrets in prairie dog colonies Journal Article
2012 Severe mammal declines coincide with proliferation of invasive Burmese pythons in Everglades National Park Journal Article
2012 Spawning salmon and the fitness of stream-dwelling fishes: Marine-derived nutrients show saturating effects on growth and energy storage in juvenile salmonids Journal Article
2012 The genetic structure of a relict population of Wood Frogs Journal Article
2012 The Geomyces fungi: ecology and distribution Journal Article
2012 The hidden cost of wildfires: Economic valuation of health effects of wildfire smoke exposure in Southern California Journal Article
2012 The importance of local and landscape-scale processes to the occupancy of wetlands by pond-breeding amphibians Journal Article
2012 The influence of chilling requirement on the southern distribution limit of exotic Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) in western North America Journal Article
2012 The macroecology of sustainability Journal Article
2012 The past as prelude to the future for understanding 21st-century climate effects on rocky mountain trout Journal Article
2012 Use of multi-opening burrow systems by black-footed ferrets Journal Article
2012 Variance partitioning of stream diatom, fish, and invertebrate indicators of biological condition Journal Article
2012 Vulnerability of riparian ecosystems to elevated CO2 and climate change in arid and semiarid western North America Journal Article
2012 Weather effects on avian breeding performance and implications of climate change Journal Article
2012 Will a changing climate increase interaction between rare and non-native plant species in Alaska? Proceedings, Pages in
2011 A field test of attractant traps for invasive Burmese pythons (Python molurus bivittatus) in southern Florida Journal Article
2011 A habitat overlap analysis derived from Maxent for Tamarisk and the South-western Willow Flycatcher Journal Article
2011 A new species of Perlesta (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from North Carolina with additional records for North Carolina and Virginia Journal Article
2011 A sampling and analytical approach to develop spatial distribution models for sagebrush-associated species [Chapter 4] Book, Pages in
2011 Adult survival and population growth rate in Colorado big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) Journal Article
2011 Alien reptiles and amphibians: a scientific compendium and analysis, by Fred Kraus [Book Review] Journal Article
2011 Allelopathic cover crop prior to seeding is more important than subsequent grazing/mowing in grassland establishment Journal Article
2011 Alphacoronaviruses in New World bats: Prevalence, persistence, phylogeny, and potential for interaction with humans Journal Article
2011 An assessment of stressor extent and biological condition in the North American mid-continent great rivers (USA) Journal Article
2011 An enhanced TIMESAT algorithm for estimating vegetation phenology metrics from MODIS data Journal Article
2011 Appropriate uses and considerations for online surveying in human dimensions research Journal Article
2011 Assessing forest vulnerability and the potential distribution of pine beetles under current and future climate scenarios in the Interior West of the US Journal Article
2011 Assessment of tannin variation in Tamarisk foliage across a latitudinal gradient Journal Article
2011 Balancing energy development and conservation: A method utilizing species distribution models Journal Article
2011 Bat ecology and public health surveillance for rabies in an urbanizing region of Colorado Journal Article
2011 Bat White-Nose Syndrome in North America Journal Article
2011 Bats of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado: composition, reproduction, and roosting habits Journal Article
2011 Beaver assisted river valley formation Journal Article
2011 Benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities in Lake Huron are linked to submerged groundwater vents Journal Article
2011 Birds of Wyoming [Book Review] Journal Article
2011 Black-footed ferret areas of activity during late summer and fall at Meeteetse, Wyoming Journal Article
2011 Black-footed ferrets and Siberian polecats as ecological surrogates and ecological equivalents Journal Article
2011 Boa constrictor (Boa constrictor) Journal Article
2011 Boiga Irregularis (Brown Treesnake) Journal Article
2011 Boiga irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Predation attempt by crab Journal Article
2011 Boiga irregularis (Brown Treesnake). Predation attempt by praying mantis Journal Article
2011 Bounding species distribution models Journal Article
2011 Breeding chorus intensity is weakly related to estimated abundance of Boreal Chorus Frogs Journal Article
2011 Brown Treesnake Book, Pages in
2011 Burmese Pythons and other giant constrictors Book, Pages in
2011 Canine detection of free-ranging brown treesnakes on Guam Journal Article
2011 Challenges in identifying sites climatically matched to the native ranges of animal invaders Journal Article